Monday, June 30

30 Weeks

Craving - Fresh fruit! Nectarines, peaches and strawberries.  My mama will be here Wednesday and there are already plans for fresh peach and strawberry pie and oodles of strawberry jam to be made.
Sleep - I feel like I am going to the bathroom every other hour.  However, I fall back asleep instantly.  I crave/need a nap every day.  We are living in a construction zone, so I am trying to figure out how to make a nap possible.
Movement - She's moving constantly.  She loves my right side and I love filling her chubby little bum.  The movements are getting a little uncomfortable, but I love the reassurance that she is okay. She has also been pushing on my sciatic nerve, leaving me stopped dead in my tracks.  It's such a crazy feeling.
Missing - I'm feeling pretty good overall.
Belly Button - Still hanging in there.
Maternity Clothes - I'm wearing a lot of Ty's shirts and shorts.  It is so HOT here.  I would walk around naked if I could.
Stretch Marks - Nothing yet, but I can feel my muscles starting to stretch.
Swelling - Moving this past weekend has definitely brought on a little swelling.  It goes away by the morning, which is nice.  It will be interesting to see how my body survives this heat wave.
Symptoms - My back has started hurting a little bit, but nothing I can't handle.  
Overall Mood - Feeling great, just a little anxious.  I still wonder how P is going to react to the new baby and how I am going to share the love.  I question my capabilities to handling two......
Looking forward to - My lady getting here this week.  I haven't seen her since Christmas time.  I cannot wait!!!! Having her help will be extremely amazing!
Highlight of the week - We moved into our new house.  It feels so good to finally be in the new home.  It was the most exhausting week of my life, but totally worth it.  There is still a lot of work to be done, but at least it is livable. 

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Sunday, June 22

19 Months

Dear Penelope -

You are growing up to be so big and strong!  You have taken off in the growth department.  It has been so much fun to watch you learn and grow over this past month.  You mimic everything I do.  It is sometimes scary.  I can only hope and pray I am teaching you the good things of life.  You are such a great helper.  Each time I change your diaper, you can't wait to take it to the trash can.  Wiping and cleaning the floor has become your new obsession.... I wonder where you get that from.  You are a total ham when it comes to meeting new people.  You put on that most adorable smile and make sure to show off your monkey sound and that big belly of yours, by sucking it in and out, as fast as you can.  You have discovered the new found freedom of feeding yourself.  Each morning you want to be left alone to watch a show, while you eat your yogurt or oatmeal.  Books and baby dolls are your favorite toys.  You bring me book after book and how can I refuse to read them to you.  You know each and everyone and have a special dance and sound for each one.  You are always wiping your baby or trying to feed her your food.  I seriously cannot wait to watch you with your new baby sister.  Each time I ask you where your baby is, you point to my belly blow on it and give it the best kisses.  Having a bow on your head at all times has become a necessity.  You pat your head over and over again if yours has gone missing.  I have tried clipping a bow in, but you prefer the headband.  Swimming lessons have become the highlight of your week.  As soon as we pull up you scream, because you know what's coming.  You have absolutely no fear of the water whatsoever.  I'm pretty sure you will be swimming in no time.  You love your Peek A Boo apps on daddy's iPad.  It's so fun hearing you repeat the words that are said.  Your favorite animal sounds to make currently are moo and oink.  Each time we pass the cows on Shepherd, you give them a moo and quick wave. 

Over the past few months you have become much more clingy to me and your papa.  Nursery is getting more and more difficult.  I'm not really sure what to do.  Hopefully time will work in our favor and you will be running to nursery.  You still enjoy going to the gym and your My Gym classes.  You are an active little girl who keeps us on going.  You test our patience and push our limits, but in the end leave us feeling more love than we ever thought possible.  Your determination and strong will are going to take you far in this life.  We are  your biggest fans and love watching you learn and grow.  You brighten our lives and add so much joy.  


Mama & Papa

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29 Weeks

^^^ 26 weeks ^^^

^^^ 28 1/2 weeks ^^^

Craving - I have finally kicked the bucket on my fast food cravings.  It sounded so good for so long, but now all I crave are salads and fresh fruit.  I still crave chocolate like crazy.  Luckily we went to Cheesecake Factory this weekend and I got my S'mores cheesecake fix.  I have been munching on it for days now.  I also can't get enough water.  I usually struggle to drink any water, but recently I'm guzzling a bottle every chance I can get.
Sleep - has surprisingly been great.  I remember being so much more uncomfortable with P.  I am still only sleeping with one pillow and as long as I take my heart burn medication, I get a solid nights rest.
Movement - It has been fun over the past few weeks to notice the movement increase.  I am reminded often that I have a strong little girl growing inside of me.  I love being able to distinguish her little feet and hands.
Missing - Shaving, painting my toes and buckling my shoes has become much more difficult.  I have been trying to convince Tyson that it's time to get me another pair of Birkenstocks so I don't have to bend over to buckle my shoes.  Please Babe?!
Belly Button - Still hanging in there.  The Linea Nigra line has yet to make an appearance.  I swear I had it by now with P, but maybe this pregnancy it will remain a no go.  No complaints about that here.
Maternity Clothes - I feel like I have been wearing the same clothes day in and day out, so I decided to make a little trip to Destination Maternity.  It always feels so good to pick up a few new items.  I also purchased the Belly Bandit.  Will see if it works the miracles people swear by.
Stretch Marks - Skin is staying in tact so far.  My belly feels like it is getting huge though, so I'm not sure how much more it can take.
Swelling - I have only noticed swelling in my legs and ankles after sitting for a long period of time or getting over heated.  Usually I'm blasting my A/C or chasing my toddler around, so it doesn't happen often.  I strongly believe working out has made ALL the difference.
Symptoms - For some reason I get extreme anxiety my third trimester of pregnancy.  It's not very fun, but I have an amazing husband who helps ease the anxiety and a mom and sister who let me vent whenever needed.  Hopefully with moving into the new home this weekend a big weight will be lifted.
Overall Mood - Physically my body is holding up strong.  I am so grateful that this pregnancy has been sooo much easier.  My back has stayed in tact 100% and I couldn't be more thankful.  I remain in the same size of shoes and I can type without my hands cramping.  I can even eat chocolate before bed and not get woken up with severe acid reflux.
Looking forward to - Moving into our new house this weekend and having my mom come visit next week!
Highlight of the week - Thursday afternoon my mother-in-law took P to her My Gym class and the put her down for her nap, at her house.  This allowed me to make a Target run, grab some lunch, mop my floors, shower and straighten my hair.  I felt like a new woman.  I'm not sure she will ever know how much I needed that break and how much it meant to me.  

I can't believe I am almost in the single digits!
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Wednesday, June 18

The BIG 3-0

Today we celebrated our favorite guy!  I have been waiting for this day to arrive for what feels like months.  I wanted to do something extra special for Tyson.  He does so much for our little family day in and day out.  I decided a few months back that I would get in contact with thirty of his closest friends and family and ask them to say a few words about him.  As each letter came trickling into my email, I became more and more overwhelmed with emotion.  Each letter was perfect, describing all of the wonderful memories and characteristics that have touched so many peoples lives.  I felt humbled just reading each one.  I could hardly sleep last night, knowing he would finally be able to read them for himself.

With the help of Cara and my mother-in-law, we were able to sneak in and decorate his office last night.  We had so much fun!

This morning, Tyson of all days decided to wake up super early.  I was trying to stall time all morning long, so that he wouldn't beat me to his office.  I went about my morning dressed as if I was going to teach Zumba.  He had no idea I was freaking out inside.  Luckily I was able to beat him out the door and arrive at his office just in time, to witness the surprise.

Seeing the expression on his face made all the stressing worth it!

 ^^^ P was of course, obsessed with the balloons. ^^^

^^^ Grandma Betty even made it for the surprise. ^^^

Tyson's mom was sweet enough to wake up at 5:00 AM to make Tyson and his co-workers his favorite blueberry scones.  They were delish!

 ^^^ P loved being able to go visit her daddy at work. ^^^

^^^ Added bonus is seeing grandpa each time we go visit. ^^^

It ended up being the perfect morning.  I loved seeing Tyson open each letter from past coaches, parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, friends, and teammates.  He really is so special to me and everyone he comes in contact with.  

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Father's Day Weekend

Shaver Lake is quickly becoming my favorite getaway.  It's a swift drive up the mountain and has all the amenities I could ask for.  Tyson's aunt and uncle are always so gracious to offer their cabin.  It's beautiful and has the comfiest beds, not to mention the killer surroundings.  I am a girl that loves nature and Shaver does not disappoint.  My favorite part is when the camp fire smell comes bursting through my car windows.  I love rolling the windows down, turning up the music and letting nature grab ahold of me.  

Friday night we went out for pizza as a family.  This pizza has a ridiculous crust and oodles of cheese, my favorite!  Us girls stayed up painting our nails, while the boys watched some good old television. 

Saturday morning we took advantage of the beauty and went for a nature walk.  It felt so great to get away from all of the distractions of the world.  GiGi was in heaven, being off her leash, free to roam.  

^^^ Gosh I'm LUCKY!!!! ^^^

^^^ P was all tuckered out and fell asleep on Ty's shoulder.  It was beyond sweet. ^^^

Later that afternoon we hit the lake.  Our friends Shaun, Brooke and sweet little Cash were kind enough to come up and bring their wave runners.  P took her first ride.  She wasn't real sure about the experience, but at least no tears were shed. 

^^^ We share the same respect for our Diet Coke. ^^^

^^^ Again, GiGi couldn't get enough of being FREE! ^^^^

That night our other friends the Brown's made the trip up, with their triplets.  We enjoyed a delicious BBQ and each others company.  We are truly blessed to have such incredible friends and family.  This weekend was just what I needed.
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