Friday, October 29

Nerd Alert

When pondering what Tyson and I could be for Halloween I couldn't help but want to be nerds.  My hubby's go-to Halloween costume has been a nerd since way back when.

And like they say, "Once a nerd, always a nerd!"

We had a blast at Tyson's cousins Halloween Party.  There were delicious Halloween treats and dancing.  Two of my favorite things!

Here are a few of the gals that attended the party.

And a few of the fellas.  Don't they look smashing?

What can I say, I LOVE Halloween!

Friday, October 22

Big Step

Things have been a little crazy/exciting/stressful as of late.  Tyson and I are in the approval process for purchasing our first home.  If all goes well we will move in on November 10th.  In the mean time my mind will continue to spin with decorating ideas.  Here is a sneak peek at what I hope to have in our home.

I finally got Tyson to agree on a bedspread.  He said the last one I picked was too girly.  So I made a deal with him that he would get to pick out our next one.  Great choice babe!  

I am in love with these curtains!

These books will look perfect on the book shelf. 

The guest bathroom will be a dainty delight. 

I have always said that I wanted my house to have that special feeling.  I couldn't think of a more perfect way than through these paintings of Christ.  

We will continue to keep our fingers crossed and keep you posted.

Monday, October 4

Conference Weekend

I look forward to General Conference weekend all year long.  This year was no exception.  While watching the Saturday morning session I made crepes for Tyson and our friends Shaun and Brooke.  I may struggle with the desire to cook dinner, but baking breakfast and desserts is another story.  

Every year during the Sunday morning session Tyson's uncle John and aunt Kristie bake up a storm.  This was my first experience encountering the most delicious breakfast I have ever had.  Let's just say it put my crepes to shame.  One of the wedding gifts that we registered for was a ebelskiver pan from Williams-Sonoma.   Tyson's aunt and uncle got it for us.  We were thrilled.  They made these for the breakfast and even taught us how to make them, considering we had no idea what to do with the pan.

If you have never had ebelskiver's you are missing out!  I couldn't stop eating them.  

Along with a scrumptious breakfast it was wonderful to be filled with the words of our Prophet and his Apostles.  I always find myself so rejuvenated after hearing their talks.  In particular, I loved President Monson's talk on Gratitude.  I find myself often dwelling on the negative and forget how many wonderful things I have been blessed with.  He gave me that boost that I needed. 

"We can lift ourselves, and others as well, when we refuse to remain in the realm of negative thought and cultivate within our hearts an attitude of gratitude,"

"My brothers and sisters, to express gratitude is gracious and honorable; to enact gratitude is generous and noble; but to live with gratitude ever in our hearts is to touch heaven,"
President Thomas S. Monson

In addition it was exciting to hear from Elder Lawrence.  We had the privilege of being sealed by him. 

And last but not least we were blessed with a new baby nephew this weekend!  Hoyt Easton Brown.  He is absolutely adorable.  I agree with Cortney when she said, "Just have to say that grandpa brown did another amazing job picking us out a beautiful baby from heaven!"  I can't wait to hold this little piece of heaven.  

All in all it was the most excellent weekend!  I am already on the countdown for the next General Conference.