Friday, May 15

Lucy 8 Months

Dear Lucy,
You have made it to the eight month mark.  This is one of my all time favorite stages.  You are just so perfect in every way, all the way from the top of that wispy hair of yours, down to your chubby little feet.  Your top two teeth have really started to come in and oh my goodness you couldn't be cuter.  Every time you smile I have to grit my teeth.  They have the biggest gap between them, that only adds to the cuteness.  Your hair is really starting to fill in.  Just the other day, I went to get you out of bed and couldn't believe all that dark hair on top of your head.  The front is still longer than ever and I debate whether or not to give you a little trim.  You continue to have rolls for days, that just get more luscious by the minute, yet you are still very petite.  You are the perfect little butter ball with the smoothest skin ever.  
You love to eat!  You smack your lips together anytime you see me with your baby food.  My milk supply isn't in full force, but you still love nursing any chance you can get.  I've tried giving you the yogurt melts, but you are not a fan.  Hopefully next month you will discover their deliciousness.  
You have such a sweet demeanor about you.  Your little personality is really starting to shine through.  You are determined and grip onto the things you want with full force, including my hair and face.  This past month you have totally turned into a mama's girl.  Anytime someone holds you, you cry and look right at me.  I'm not gonna lie, I love that you want and need me.  Just recently, you have started reaching for me.  It's my favorite thing and sure makes me melt. 
I love getting you out of your bed in the mornings and after nap time, because you kick your legs and squeal with so much excitement.  You sure are a happy little thing.  You were the best little traveler, as you took your first ride on a plane.  I couldn't believe how well you did, especially because you don't like the car.  Water bottles, remotes and my phone are your favorite things to play with.  You love being outside and going on walks with your big sis.  Taking you grocery shopping is great now because you can sit up in the cart all by yourself.  I still find myself wearing you most of the time, when running errands.  You love that Ergo and so do I.
You are currently wearing 6-12 month clothes and size 4 diapers.  I can't wait to find out what your stats are next month.
We love you so much sweet girl and feel so beyond blessed to get to be your parents.  Your big sis loves you immeasurably.  She has started calling you LuLu and it's pretty sweet.  She gets mad if I get you out of bed, before she can come in and greet you first.  The two of you have really started to interact and I couldn't be more happy.  
I hope you always remember how special you are!


Mama & Papa
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Thursday, May 14

Picnic At The Park: JJ Cole Product Review

I was more than stoked when JJ Cole reached out to me to review their Spring product collection.  I am a total baby product junkie and couldn't wait to get my hands on some new gear, that not only looks cute but makes outings with my kiddos, more fun and enjoyable #jjcolestyle. 

The weather has been spot on, these past few days.  It's made the transition coming back home from Florida not so bad.  Tyson and I decided it was time to take advantage of the sunshine and park that is within walking distance from our house.  You would think we would be their daily, but sadly don't make it their often enough.  We decided to change that after our fun evening together.

I loaded up my Blue Iris backpack with all the fixings for a picnic and just enjoyed an evening out with my little family.  I love all of the space that this diaper bag offers.  I have had a couple of different diaper bags in the past and this one far surpasses the others with the amount of items, that can be fit on the inside.  It also has deep pockets on the outside that fit more than just one bottle.  This is always a plus, especially now that I have more than one baby.  I really enjoyed the way I could carry the bag on my shoulder as a messenger back or as a backpack, which allows me to have both hands available.  It even comes with straps that can click onto my stroller.  It's a win win for me.  The material is great for wiping off any smudges or sticky spots, which I can appreciate from all the spills we have happening around here. And as an added bonus, it has a changing pad, which always seems to come in handy.  The only downside I found was the button on the front didn't seem to hold very well for me.  It keptpopping open, when I wore it as a backpack.  Overall, I think this is a great bag and look forward to using it in the future. 
I end up carrying Lucy around in a baby carrier anytime I go out of the house.  She loves being close to her mama and I love having her tucked up close to me.  I have tried a couple of different soft carriers and really enjoyed the Agility Carrier.  It folds up nicely, which is always convenient.  I like the fact that I can wear Lucy a variety of different ways.  She prefers facing outward and this one allows just that.  I really liked that all I had to do was slip the carrier over my head.  There was no dropping the fabric everywhere and worrying about getting it all dirty.  It fits me well and Lucy seemed happy as a clam all tucked in.  The thing that I enjoyed most was the fact that Lucy felt so secure on me.  In the past when I have used fabric carriers, I have had to end up using my hands for extra support. And you know this girl loves anything that comes in the color black.
Lucy girl got her first taste of the swings.  She smiled and giggled the entire time.  I loved watched her chubby feet and legs dangle from the swing.  I think P liked have a buddy by her side as well. 
I don't know about you, but I have so many fond memories on the swings from my childhood.  I can't get enough of watching my girls enjoy the same things, that I once did. 
After getting some time in on the swings it was time to whip out our picnic.  P had so much fun laying out our new Outdoor Blanket.  This is my favorite item.  It is the perfect size.  It fit the four of us on it perfectly and with room to spare.  I really liked not having to be worried about my kiddos and my skin.  I always get rashes from the grass, as do my girls.  We were able to just sit back and enjoy our salami and cheese crackers, strawberries and Nutella and the juiciest green grapes.  It unfolded and folded up so easily and even has a convenient strap for carrying.  I loved that I didn't have to worry about taking it home and throwing it in the wash.  It wiped clean and is super durable.  I can't wait to use it again at the beach this summer and many more picnics in the future.  
When it was finally time to leave the park, P was begging for more.  I can always gage the enjoyment P has at any given activity, by her begging for more afterwards.  Thank you JJ Cole for making our evening out so enjoyable!
These JJ Cole products can be found at the following retailers...
buy buy BABY
Babies R Us
Target (Agility Carrier)
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Wednesday, May 13

LuLaRoe: Incredible Business Opportunity

I am so excited to introduce all of you to my newest and most favorite clothing line LuLaRoe, along with an incredible business opportunity for you stay at home mama's or anyone looking for the perfect side job.  

I just recently started wearing their clothes and have been hooked ever since trying on my first piece of clothing.  I'm either in LuLaRoe's buttery soft leggings, comfortable but flattering Julia dress or pretty much living in my Irma tops.

  When purchasing clothes I first look for comfort, second fun prints and bright colors and above all else they must be able to be worn while chasing around my two girls.  LuLaRoe's clothing offers all of the above and so much more.  I also can't emphasize how much I love that their dresses are long enough for me to wear and I don't have to worry when bending over.
I currently have a couple of friends that are independent business owners for LuLaRoe and have loved watching them grow and develop personally.  They are always wearing the cutest clothes and looked put together without even trying.  
I support this company 100% for so many reasons.  Not only are all of their products manufactured in the USA, but they help support so many women in a variety of different ways.  They offer the opportunity for their consultants to be in charge of their own schedules, which allows them to be at all of the different activities that this busy life entails.  

You too could have the chance to not only make a few hundred dollars a month, but be able to make your mortgage payment, car payment and so much more.  LuLaRoe business owners that do one pop-up boutique per week, make an average of $1400/month.  Those that do 3-4 boutiques per week average $5600 a month.  It's crazy to think of the endless possibilities.   
Think how amazing it would be to be able to have a girls night out every week and have the chance to help women of all different shapes and sizes feel confident and beautiful.  

The pop up shop that I hosted a couple months back was seriously so much fun.  It made me want to spread the word about this awesome company even more!
^^^ These are just a taste of my favorite LuLaRoe items! ^^^ 
If you would like to receive more information about owning your own LuLaRoe company please contact Sadi Thompson at and let her know that I sent you her way! You can also follow her on Instagram @lulagirlsblog.
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Tuesday, May 12

Pool Time

We pulled P out her of swim lessons, a few months back, because life was just too crazy at the time.  She has since watched her drawer fill with new swim suits, but hasn't been able to get much use out of them.  They have been nothing but a tease.  I may have let her wear them a time or two, just to ease the void.  I have been telling her for a few months now, that once we get to Florida we can go to the pool.  

From the second we got on the plane, P had only one thing on her mind.  I can't begin to count how many times she said pool.  Once we landed in Florida, I was getting a little worried that I wasn't going to be able to keep my end of the deal.  We pulled up to the hotel and I immediately looked at the time, only to find out that the pool was closed.  I had to take matters into my own hands and let the poor girl get in the pool.  She was ecstatic.  Luckily no one seemed to mind and P got her first dip of the season.

Every morning she would wake up and want to put her swim suit on.  We were able to spend a lot of time swimming and drinking our favorite Lava Flows by the pool.  I can't wait to get P re-enrolled into her swim lessons.  That little fish has no fear and scares the living day lights out of me.  The second we took our eyes off of her she would be heading straight for the deep end.  She thought it was a game, to see how far she could get before she went under the water.  Even when going under the water, she didn't seemed too phased.  Will see if she still enjoys the pool as much after her Jan Thomas swim lessons.  I'm still a little nervous...
^^^ If only this picture did justice for the way this little doll runs. ^^^
 ^^^ Lucy loved the water just as much as P. ^^^
^^^ P couldn't get enough of this little blow up frog.  It surprisingly did a good job holding her up. ^^^
 ^^^ It's been so fun seeing Lucy in the same things her sister wore a couple years ago. That hat has very fond memories. ^^^
 ^^^ I could munch on those cheeks all day long. ^^^
^^^ I seriously can't get enough of these girls. ^^^
 ^^^ Just chillen with big sis. ^^^
^^^ You can just see the love this little one has for her uncle Buzz.  To say she is obsessed, is a total understatement. ^^^
Aside from the amazing tan lines in between the rolls on my girls, the pool makes for the best naps.  I'm pretty sure we will be doing our fair share of swimming this summer.  Now if only I could convince Ty, we need our own pool. 
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