Friday, April 29

Fairy Tale Wedding

No, I did not set my alarm at the crack of dawn to watch live footage of the Royal Wedding, however, the first thing I did this morning was turn on the tube to see what Kate's wedding dress looked like.  I was in awe, starring at her gorgeous dress.  Her and the dress were exquisite!  I got chills when I saw William and Kate together for the first time as a married couple.  I LOVE weddings!  I know that many wonder what the hype is about the Royal Wedding, but what is there not to love?  

Tyson cracked me up the other day.  It finally dawned on him that Prince William is the son of the late Princess Diana.  Oh how I love my Prince Charming.

I am going to dedicate my entire week to The Royal Wedding and London. So today I drove my car to work on the wrong side of the road. -Ellen Degeneres

And they lived happily ever after!

Monday, April 25

Easter Sunday

This was our first Easter being married.  I woke up searching for my Easter basket (the one my mom made me years ago).  Tyson was so cute, he put a can of Armor All wipes in the basket and told me it was good for one detail on my car.... he knows my car needs help.  He also had some fun gift cards in there for us to enjoy!  I LOVE gift cards. 

Our Easter started off with making enough hash browns to feed the entire Parker side of the family.  You should have seen me and Tyson in the kitchen.  We had two skillets and two frying pans going, all at the same time.  It was hilarious trying to keep an eye on all the different things going on in the kitchen.  We then proceeded to Nana and Grandpa Parker's home to enjoy the most delicious brunch.  It gave the Grand America a run for their money.  Might I add it was my first time trying eggs benedict.  As a ham hater, I actually enjoyed it.  

The weather was fantastic and the flowers were in full bloom!

(PS I am obsessed with my new muumuu)

Without having kiddos of our own, we had a blast watching the grandkids hunt for Easter eggs.  It took me back to the good old days of hunting for eggs filled with candy and money.  

These kids crack me up.

We enjoyed a lovely day at church and then came home to collapse into a complete food coma.  That evening we went to Tyson's aunt and uncle's house to enjoy yet another fabulous meal.  We had fun jumping on the tramp and searching for our See's Chocolate egg from Grandma Betty.  

I really enjoyed being surrounded by family and of course the food.  Most of all, I enjoyed reflecting on our Savior Jesus Christ.  I am ever grateful for his Atoning sacrifice and for the opportunity I will have to be reunited with my dad and other loved ones again someday. 


Monday, April 18

That's What Friends Are For

Lately I have been whining to Tyson about how much I miss my friends.  Jessie and Megs must have sensed this and planned a surprise vacation to see me.  Friday morning Tyson was acting slightly funny.  I couldn't seem to pin point what he had up his sleeve.  He called me around noon and told me to walk outside....  I stepped onto the pavement and MUCH to my surprise I see two of my best friends speeding by me in their rental car.  I got a little teary eyed and ran as fast as I could to give them a hug.  I was so excited to show them my house and my new stomping grounds.  

Friday night we all went to Dog House Grill......... YUM!!!!  They have the best chicken salad and fries!

Saturday we took a day trip to San Francisco.  We had a blast walking around Fisherman's Wharf, stopping by my favorite candy store to load up on some salt water taffy, walking out on the pier, eating the most divine peanut butter, chocolate sundae from Ghirardelli Square, chowing down some fried calamari, walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, and shopping.   The weather couldn't have been more perfect!

Sunday afternoon we drove to Yosemite National Park.  It felt so great to be out in nature.  There is seriously nothing like FRESH air.  It takes me back to Utah.  The trees were enormous and baffling.    

I cannot thank my friends and husband enough for this past weekend.  We ate more than anyone can imagine but it was well worth every pound gained.  We laughed until we cried, talked and talked and talked!  I love these girls and wouldn't be the same without them. I appreciate the many, many miles they drove for me!  

What would a girl do without her bosom buddies? 

Monday, April 4


My life used to revolve around basketball.....

So did his....

When I married Tyson I didn't realize just how much he LOVED basketball....

My life has become all too familiar being revolved around basketball....

All I can say is between Fresno State games, church ball, refereeing, city league games, Saturday morning pick up ball and March Madness, I am spent!

 I guess it's all for the love of the game.

Sunday, April 3

Out With The Old, In With The New

If any of you knew me prior to marriage you may have used the term shopaholic or materialistic to describe myself as a shopper.  

I am proud to say post marriage, I am a changed woman!  

Tyson and a few other friends of mine have opened my eyes to a whole new world.  
Yard Sales
Home Goods
Nordstrom Rack

I love what these options have to offer and how much further my dollar goes. 

Previously the only stores I would even look to buy clothes were from my favorite stores Anthropologie and Nordstrom.  I'm not saying I don't still LOVE these stores, but now I find myself heading straight to the sales rack. 

Purchasing a new house hasn't left much in the decorating department.  When I was younger I imagined having my house covered top to bottom in Pottery Barn decor, however that is not the case.  It is so much more fun to buy cheap things and make them my own.  I have found myself at yard sales and searching the net on Craigslist.  There are some real gems out there.  
This desk was found on Craigslist for $20.
It still needs to be painted, but I love it!

This mirror was found at a Garage Sale yesterday for $3.
It was a hideous brassy color so Tyson and I spray painted it Ivory. 

It has taken longer to decorate, but I am thoroughly enjoying myself and so is Tyson's wallet!
I have learned a valuable lesson to "Never Say Never" (thanks JB)