Tuesday, August 24

There Is No Place Like Home

With the help of our mom Kiersten was able to say goodbye to the hospital to continue her journey back in Heber. What tremendous progress she has made. I love this girl and am ever grateful for the lessons she has taught me. No matter how hard life gets and no matter what gets thrown my way I will do my best to push through to the end. I will try my best as she has done to have a smile on my face.

My mom's room has turned into the living room. Kiersten loves it!

I can't say thank you enough to all of you that have reached out to my family. You have made such an impact on me. We love you!

Sister girl you teach me daily. THANK YOU!


The week following Newport Tyson and I decided to make a surprise visit to Utah. I don't think I have ever seen my mom more ecstatic. We came unknowingly at the perfect time. We arrived for the week of Heber Fair Days. This is my ultimate favorite week of summer. The first night we stopped by the park for free hot dogs, watermelon, and soda pop.

We walked over to the skate park to watch Josh and Tate show us their mad skills on their bikes. I have to say they were very impressive.

We were able to see all of my friends. Ben and Maggie joined us for dinner at Trio. This is one of our all time favorite restaurants, not to mention the location where Tyson took me on our first date.

Nick and Cortney's dog had the cutest puppy. I couldn't wait to see him in person. They named him hot chocolate and how fitting it is. Madison and hot chocolate entered the puppy contest. She ended up placing first. We were so happy we got to be there.

I couldn't stop laughing at this pair that entered the look a like contest.

We enjoyed the parade. It was fun to see Josh on the Wasatch High School Football team float. I can't believe he is going to be a sophomore. Watching the parade sure brought back my cheerleading days. I loved marching in the parade in my new cheer uniform.

Later that evening Tyson was able to attend his first rodeo! We had the best time eating corn on the cob and watching the fireworks. Earlier that night my mom made me a delicious birthday dinner and not mention a fantastic cheesecake. We had such a great time visiting friends and family. It was more difficult than I thought it would be to leave. Nothing beats summer nights in Utah. I am glad that Tyson was able to take part in just a few reasons why I LOVE UTAH!

When we arrived back in California it was time for Tyson to start work at James G. Parker Insurance. His sweet dad surprised him with a brief case. Since we don't have any kids starting school and being the cheesy wife that I am, I had to take a picture of his first day of work.

We celebrated my 25th Birthday. I can't believe how old I am. Tyson spoiled me and made my day oh so special. He made me a coupon book, gave me a gym bag full of new shoes and workout clothes, and surprised me with my favorite flowers.

He took me to my favorite restaurant in Fresno called Sukanya. We were completely stuffed but it was worth every bite. Thanks babe for the best birthday yet.

This past weekend Tyson's cousin Katie Cleveland, now Kenington was married in the Fresno Temple. It was neat to be there for Jake and Katie's sealing. It was wonderful to be reminded of the amazing promises.

They too had their reception at Fort Washington Country Club. It was nice this time to actually be able to eat the food. Her reception was beautiful and her cake was divine. We danced the night away with all of the cousins and grandpa Cleveland.

This month has been a crazy one but we feel so blessed to have been able to spend the time we did with my family.

Sunday, August 22

Last Night

Kiersten has been getting the rest that she needs to allow her body to heal. She has had many amazing people come to visit her. She had some special visitors come recently. The Thackers and Clarks came by to visit. Emmy Clark brought with her a homemade card. It brightened Kiersten's day.

Kiersten has been blessed with the most outstanding doctors and nurses. They have made all of the difference throughout her stay at the hospital.

She calls this her scary eye.

Her face has healed perfectly. Our mom surprised Kiersten with these earrings, as she lost hers in the accident. She was thrilled and said, "I feel like a real girl."

KB and Kirsten Clark.

Brittany stopped by on her way down to school. She brought with her a piece of glass from the windshield of the truck. She made it so that Kiersten can hang it from her mirror to remind her to always wear her seat-belt and how lucky she is. Brittany has one as well. They have been by each others side through this entire experience. They are so blessed to have one another. Thank you Brittany!

Kiersten's pediatrician and my mom's boss Dr. Dave Larsen and his family stopped by to visit. They brought delicious treats and two get well cards. It made Kiersten so happy.

Thank you to all of the visitors who helped uplift Kiersten. You helped make her stay as comfortable as possible. She couldn't have done it without you. We have been so blessed with wonderful friends and family. We love you all. Kiersten you have taught me to make sure to say I love you more, not worry about the little things, to become more charitable, to look for the good in others, to rely on our Savior, and that there is a lesson to be learned through every trial. Thank you baby girl!

Home Stretch

Kiersten continues her progress in an upward spiral. The boss said she could have gone home on Saturday, but Kiersten wanted this weekend to relax before heading home. She had her bandage removed off her incision. Here is a nice shot of her staples. Ouch! She has been walking laps around the hospital. It is crazy to think just a few days ago she could barely stand. She sure has taught me how a little determination can take you a long way.

It is still a little difficult for Kiersten to see completely clear when both of her eyes are open, so Landon bought her this eye patch so she would not get dizzy when she walks.

I can't believe how much the swelling has gone down. Kiersten you look terrific. Remember when you get home how much you have taught me and so many others. It will be a tough six months as you continue to wear your neck and back brace, but know that you continually stay in our prayers and that the Lord is mindful of you. You are beautiful daughter of God and have so much to offer. I love you sister girl!

“When our wagon gets stuck in the mud, God is much more likely to assist the man who gets out to push than the man who merely raises his voice in prayer—no matter how eloquent the oration.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Thursday, August 19

You Go Girl

Kiersten has had her best day yet. She continues to climb with her impeccable amount of faith. Her staples were removed from her head, afterwards her nurse gave her a darling french braid.

She continues to enjoy getting her back scratched. If you look close you can see her awesome back scratcher. She just can't get enough.
Today Kiersten was remarkable she got up to walk eleven times. I am astonished at her tremendous progress. It is crazy to think only a week ago she was in a roll over accident.

"You did not come into the world to fail. You came into the world to succeed. You have accomplished much so far. It is only the beginning. As you move forward on the trail of life, keep the banner of faith in self ever before you. You may not be a genius. You may not be exceptionally smart. But you can be good, and you can try. And you will be amazed at what might happen when in faith you take a step forward."
President Gordon B. Hinckley
Today the hospital gave her some pajama bottoms. She couldn't have been more thrilled.
Kiersten has become the queen of thumbs up. It's amazing how contagious a positive attitude can be.

"I am responsible. Although I may not be able to prevent the worst from happening, I am responsible for my attitude toward the inevitable misfortunes that darken life. Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have - life itself."
Walter Anderson
Here she is showing off one of her battle wounds.
Kiersten has the greatest support. None of this would be possible without the help and love of others.
Landan has been wonderful to Kiersten through this experience. Who would have known how much love this pig would get.

Below are few more pictures of Kiersten's stunning flowers. They have brightened her room and her day.

Sister girl thank you for your positive attitude and your eternal perspective on life. You have made it possible for me to witness the countless tender mercies of our Heavenly Father. I love you!

Wednesday, August 18

Road To Recovery

Today I called my mom and to my surprise Kiersten answered the phone. She sounded amazing. Her voice was back to normal. She also slept through the night again. Thank you family and friends for your prayers and for putting Kiersten's name in the Temple. It has made all of the difference. The boss (Dr. Reichman) told Kiersten she can go home as soon as she can get up and walk 15x in a 24 hour period. If all goes as planned that could be as early as Saturday. He told her she has been doing everything he has asked her to do, so he would allow her take off her brace while she showers. He originally was not going to allow it. He also told her he would take her skiing to Snowbird when she is fully healed. Here are a few pictures from last nights concert.

I love seeing the support from Kiersten's friends. It is so inspiring and has truly taught me what is really important. My cousin Abbey put this line from Toy Story 3 on her Facebook and all I could think about was Kiersten's support crew. "Andy: Now Woody, he's been my pal for as long as I can remember. He's brave, like a cowboy should be. And kind, and smart. But the thing that makes Woody special, is he'll never give up on you... ever. He'll be there for you, no matter what."

Kiersten has had great nurses today. I think it is so wonderful what these nurses and doctors do. They make a difference every day.

It is so funny to watch Kiersten get her back scratched because of how much she enjoys it. She always says, "OH YEAH." But I guess who wouldn't.

My mom is a rock. We are so blessed to have such an incredible mother.

Kiersten and Brittany had a contest today to see who could reach the highest number on their breathing contraption. This helps clear their lungs and prevents pneumonia.

Here is a picture of some of Kiersten's staples.

Sweet Dougie surprised Kiersten today by telling her that he would love to take her to Mexico with Brittany for Thanksgiving, as long as the boss says it is okay. He has been so great to check on Kiersten's progress.

Our cousin Sam brought fry bread for Kiersten and the support crew. If you have never had Navajo fry bread you are missing out, it is delicious.

I miss you little brown bear, but you sound and look amazing. You continue to teach me what really matters. I know that the gospel, family, and friends are the most important and that I shouldn't allow the little things in life to get to me.