Tuesday, August 24

There Is No Place Like Home

With the help of our mom Kiersten was able to say goodbye to the hospital to continue her journey back in Heber. What tremendous progress she has made. I love this girl and am ever grateful for the lessons she has taught me. No matter how hard life gets and no matter what gets thrown my way I will do my best to push through to the end. I will try my best as she has done to have a smile on my face.

My mom's room has turned into the living room. Kiersten loves it!

I can't say thank you enough to all of you that have reached out to my family. You have made such an impact on me. We love you!

Sister girl you teach me daily. THANK YOU!

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  1. Thanks for letting us follow Kiersten's progress through you. It reminds me of Nie Nie's blog. Brittany gave us it a few days ago but I hadn't seen her staples in her back. I sobbed. For some reason it wasn't real until then. What a trooper. She will always have that red badge of courage to remind her how very precious life is. We have a quote on our wall that says, "Our life is a gift from God, What we do with it is our gift to Him." She is giving such a wonderful gift to so many of us to show triumph against adversity. What an example she has been. So many of our family wishes like heck we could turn back time and make that decision so different. What a long road she has ahead of her. Thank goodness for faith prayers and fasting. We will surely keep miss Kiersten and your entire family in our prayers. You are darling. It looks like you live such a beautiful life. Thanks for letting us peep in at a distance and track her progress. Much Love!!