Monday, August 16

Why We Love Kiersten

Today has been one of the more rough days. But like John Clarke said, "Go back a little to leap further." Kiersten has been in a lot of pain, but continues to show her strength. Through the pain she was able to walk four times today. This girl is beyond impressive. Our cousin Amelia stopped by today. She gave Kiersten the best foot and hand rub. It helped put her at ease. She was so thankful for Amelia's healing hands.

Kiersten loves all of her visitors. She can't see very well right now because of the swelling around her eyes, so she has everyone in the room give her a roll call, so she can know who is there. It's amazing how she knows who everyone is, just by hearing their voice. Her room has turned into a floral shop. She has received the most beautiful flowers. She has us show them to her daily.

I saw this sweet little pig in the gift shop today. I thought Kiersten might like it, little did I know she would want to kiss it.

Kiersten truly has the best friends. They have been so wonderful to come sit with her and help in any way possible.

Her swelling has decreased, and did I mention how fantastic she looks.

Towards the end of the afternoon Kiersten's pain really started to increase. It was very difficult for us to watch. I know how much my mom wanted to take the pain away for her. My cousin Abbey, did something very touching tonight in her 6:00 spin class that I know helped Kiersten get through the pain she was feeling. She posted on Facebook, "Kiersten we are riding for you tonight in my cycle class. You are a rock star! Get ready to feel some good healthy vibes tonight, because my 6pm cycle class is powerful! I love you Kiersten, you will get better every day! Know it!" To Abbey's surprise she showed up to her spin class to find the sweetest lady named Coy Barret, who had made something for everyone to wear during the class. She pinned this saying on all of those who attended the class, "Today We Ride For Kiersten." Abbey said it was the most powerful class she has ever taught. It touched Kiersten and many others deeply. Thank you Abbey and Coy for giving Kiersten the boost that she needed. You never know much you can change someone's life by one simple act of kindness.

Tonight is the last night that I get to spend with my sister girl before I fly back to California to be with my hubby. I cannot express how grateful I am for having been able to spend this time with her. She has built me up and made me want to be better. She has taught me that with determination I can get through any obstacle that I am faced with. I stand taller today for having Kiersten in my life. My testimony has been strengthened by her example. I have witnessed the power of the Priesthood exercised in her behalf. I know that it is real and through it we can be healed. Thank you Uncle Ryan for the beautiful blessing you gave Kiersten today and for all of you that have been there for my family. Tandra and Mags your help was so appreciated. I thought I would let Kiersten know a few reason why I love her.
You are the most positive person I know.
You have a smile on your face, even when you are in pain.
You make everyone laugh.
You are wonderful with children.
You are going to make the best mom.
You are the most amazing daughter, sister, friend, cousin, niece, and granddaughter anyone could ask for.
You have a powerful testimony that radiates.
You are a strength to everyone around you.
You never talks bad about others.
You have the cutest style around.
You have the best taste in music.
You are a fantastic cook.
You are very independent.
You are talented in so many things: golfing, skiing, long boarding,and so much more.
You are strong and have more will-power than anyone I know.
You are determined.
You love everyone around you.
You are the best company.
You are a great listener.
You are beautiful inside and out.
You have gorgeous hair.
You are dependable and loyal.
You express your gratitude and appreciation.
You are real and are happy being you.
You are honest.
You are trustworthy.
You make others feel comfortable no matter the situation.
You love Pocahontas.


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  2. Hi Janessa!!! I randomly came across your blog on Marianne's blog. This is Rachel Kunz (Remund). I keep getting on to check on your sister. I am SOOO glad she is ok and continues to improve. What a gift to have you by her side. Anyway...I'm thinking about you and your family and wanted to let you know!:) Take care!!!