Friday, May 30

Happy Weekend

My friend Stephanie Ryan captured these awesome photos of P, while teaching me a thing or two about photography.  I am so grateful for people who are willing to share their talents and abilities with me.  I have already learned so much from her.

I hope you all have an incredible weekend!
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Thursday, May 29

Splash Park

I am beyond ecstatic that the water has finally been turned on, at the splash park.  It felt like ages waiting for those perfectly crushed snow cones.  I have fully anticipated being there practically every day this summer.  It's a nice switch up from the pool and I love the enormous area of shade it has to offer.  From the moment we pulled up, P couldn't stop screaming with excitement.  I couldn't get her out of her car seat quick enough.  It seems we share a conjoined love for the splash park.  

First stop was the snow cones.  Cotton candy, blue raspberry and pink lemonade were the flavors of choice, to kick off our afternoon.  It did not disappoint.  They were just as good as I had remembered, if no better.

^^^ Watching P savor each bite and say mmmmm, was oh too cute! ^^^

After the snow cone, it was time to check out the pad.  It was fun to watch her waddle around in the water. 

After only a few short minutes she was off to the playground.  Crawling up the playground and sliding down the slide could have kept her entertained for hours.  If only my six month pregnant self, could keep up with her energy.

If you need to find us this summer, you know where to find us.
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Wednesday, May 28

25 Weeks

Craving - it is getting a bit ridiculous, but honestly I am craving fast food like no ones business.  My friend Kim has me hooked on the churros at Jack In The Box.  Oreo cookies and milk seem to top off each evening, ever so nicely.  I'm trying to find balance, but the baby's cravings win out every time. (I keep telling myself it's the baby).
Sleep - my acid reflux is making it a little difficult to fall asleep and I have been waking up more often, to use the bathroom.  Overall I seem to be much more comfortable this pregnancy.
Movement - this baby feels so low, sometimes I feel like she is going to fall out, so when she does move, it is a bit uncomfortable.  I can only imagine how powerful her kicks are going to become.
Missing - working out the way I used to.  I am still teaching, but cannot move the way I once did.  I have been trying to incorporate walks into my days off from teaching to make up for my fast food addiction. 
Belly Button - still in, but wonder how much more it can stretch.  P has fun playing with it.  She loves kissing my belly, but insists my shirt is up, otherwise she won't kiss it.  It makes for a good laugh, when we are in public and she tries to lift my shirt up.
Maternity Clothes - I am basically 100% in maternity clothes, but am still trying to squeeze into my old workout clothes.  I'm thinking I only have a few more weeks left, till I'm going to have to invest in some mew attire.
Stretch Marks - nope, hoping the slathering of lotion on a daily basis, will keep them from showing up.
Swelling - so far so good.  I thank my lucky stars every day.  At this point last pregnancy, I was sitting any chance I could get and was already in larger shoes.  Tyson bought me a pair of size 8 shoes, just in case my feet do swell.  I love that boy for always looking out for me.
Symptoms - the leg cramps in the middle of the night are wretched.  I notice I get them more when I have done too much throughout the day.  Tyson is a champ and wakes up to rub the pain away.  I am really starting to feel sleepy throughout the day again.  I'm really going to miss that second trimester, burst of energy.  My lower back is also starting to feel the extra weight of my uterus, but as long as I give myself little breaks, I'm good to go.
Overall Mood - feeling great!  I am so grateful my body is handling this pregnancy so much better.  I was really nervous, I was going to be in the same situation as last time.  People aren't lying when they say every pregnancy is different.
Looking forward to - my prenatal massage tomorrow!  Eeek I couldn't be more excited.  It's also an hour and a half, which I have never experienced. 
Highlight of the week - not pregnancy related at all, but our cabinets are installed in the new house and the tile is going in as I write.  Our house is one month out from the closing date!
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Tuesday, May 27

Summer Reads

My mother instilled an infectious love for reading deep inside my bones.  Although, I do not read as often as I would like, I still try to squeeze in a good read here and there.  Summer time happens to be the season, where I get the most reading in.  Vacations and pool time, equal getting lost in words.

Below are just a few of my favorite summer time reads!
Summer Reads
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

I'm looking for a couple good books to sink my teeth into, before baby #2 comes.  Any suggestions would be FANTASTIC! 

Also, THANK YOU so much for all of your entry's for the Freshly Picked Giveaway.  I honestly wish I had a pair to give to each and every one of you!!!!

Angie Cleveland was the lucky winner!
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Saturday, May 24

28 Years

Tyson's sweet grandma Betty taught her last seminary lesson this week.  Family and friends gathered to thank her for all of her hard work and dedication, on Friday.  She woke up year after year to teach early morning seminary, all out of the goodness of her heart.  She was even able to teach almost all of her grandchildren.  I know this meant to much to her and even more to them.

I remember Tyson telling me how neat it was to have her as his seminary teacher.  He would reminisce about the delicious sugar cookies she would make, her handwritten testimony with a candy bar attached each Thursday, and the doughnuts she brought every Friday.  Above all else, he would talk about her burning testimony that she was never afraid to share.

Tears instantly filled all of our eyes, as we surprised grandma Betty and saw the gratitude on her face.  Tyson's mom did an excellent job orchestrating the whole event.  There were 28 balloons, a poster and roses to celebrate.

The essence of Christ like love is evident through her smile and hugs.  She is an angel on earth and has blessed so many people's lives through her example and dedication to the Lord.  She radiates happiness and optimism.  The moment you meet her, you can instantly feel of her kind and loving spirit.  She is a valiant servent of Christ and is one of my greatest examples.  I feel so blessed to have her in my life and I know that so many others feel the same.

  Words can't express the love and admiration I have for her.  I admire the lasting legacy she has left behind.

-Sister Cleveland
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