Friday, May 9

18 Months

Dear Penelope,

Today you are 18 months old.  We really can't believe how the time is flying by.  You are blossoming into a beautiful little toddler.   Every day with you, gets more and more fun.  Your dad and I are constantly calling one another, to tell each other the funny things you do throughout the day.  You have grown up so much over this past month.  You have gotten so tall, all of your teeth are mostly in, you walk everywhere you go, and you can even attend nursery at church now.

Some of our favorite things you do lately are rubbing your belly and chest to say please.  It is so hard to not give you everything you want, when you do this.  You rub it extra fast when there is something in particular you want.  You dance anytime you hear music or I sing to you.  If you really like something, you scrunch your nose up real tight and squint your eyes, all while letting out the biggest grin we've ever seen.

You have started to eat so much better.  Your favorite things to snack on, have become jerky, rice krispy treats, ranch and doritos.  Ice cream cones trump them all.  Luckily you love your veggies, but they have to be steamed, in order for you to eat them.  Your dislike for meat, has finally turned a new leaf, which has been very nice.  You'll down chicken, hot dogs and steak in two seconds flat.  

Your current obsession is watching yourself on our phones.  Watching you slide your little fingers across the phone is pretty cute.  You know each video and definitely have your favorites.  You love when we tell you we are going to grandma and grandpas and you especially love it when we can Facetime grandma and your aunt Kiersten.  Reading books and going on walks will put a smile on your face immediately.  You love feeding or should I say, teasing GiGi with treats.  You point at her treats over and over again, throughout the day.

We love hearing you learn how to talk.  You are currently saying mama, dada, nana, yellow, gigi, hello, and baby.  Watching your tongue try to pronunciate is absolutely adorable.

Whenever you hear others laughing, you join right in.  All of the attention, is of course turned to you.  You love being the center of attention and the light in the room.

You are still as flexible as ever.  We are really hoping you maintain this and become a little dancer like your mama.  If you want to climb on anything, you'll lift your leg right up over your shoulder and pull yourself up.  You continue to climb on everything.  We can't take our eyes off of you, for fear you will end up hurting yourself.

Taking you to swim lessons and the pool, have become the highlight of our week.  You do such a great job and show no fear.  I was terrified to have you go under water for the first time, but like most things, you surprised me.  You smiled and were so proud of yourself.  You have even figured out how to plug your nose.  It's incredibly cute.  

We noticed you would point at your diaper when you would need to go to the bathroom, so we decided we would try taking you to the potty and see what happened.  You have gone potty every day now, since we have tried.  We aren't making a huge push, but if your willing, we can't complain.  

While you still strongly dislike your car seat, you blew us away with how well you traveled on a plane.  As long as you have some room to move around you are happy as a clam.

Words can't express how much we love being your parents.  Your personality is so much fun.  You are constantly brightening our days and continually making us laugh.  Your going to be such a great big sister in only a few short months.  I can't wait to watch the two of you together.

We love you more than you could possibly comprehend!


Mama & Papa

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