Wednesday, May 21

Essentials For Baby #2

My pregnancy/nesting brain is starting to stir like crazy.  With only three months left until baby #2 gets here, I have started to make lists.  List tend to calm my nerves and help put into perspective what actually needs to be done and what things I actually have control over.  Lucky for Tyson's paycheck we are having another girl.  This has really helped in the spending department.  I will be able to reuse almost all of Penelope's baby items entirely.  There are a couple of things however, that I am going to need to repurchase, due to P still using them, as well as some new items I have fell in love with since having my first.
Baby #2 Essentials

1. Sound Machine - We recently started using one in P's nursery and it has helped her sleep so much better.  She is such a light sleeper and this tends to drowned out anything that might potentially wake her.  I need her to take her naps, just as much as she needs them.

2. Storksak Diaper Bag - I am going to need some more space, seeing as I will have two in diapers.  I have read great reviews on this one.  I particularly like that it looks more like a purse and has lots of different compartments.  This will come in handy to keep things organized.

3. Jenny Lind Changing Table - With P I didn't need a changing table, because I used the top of her dresser as one.  Baby #2's bedroom is shaped differently and will not fit a low dresser, but it will fit this adorable changing table, that matches her crib.  I can't wait to find some cute baskets to go underneath and fill them with diapers, wipes, etc.  

4. Aden and Anais Bamboo Swaddles - I have a good amount of the classic cotton swaddles from Aden and Anais, but didn't realize how utterly soft the bamboo swaddles were.  P still uses hers, so this is the perfect excuse to get the new little one, some of her own.

5. Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller - We sold our single Bob and purchased this bad boy.  I am still going through withdrawals, but know that this one will be awesome for two babes.  I have also heard great things about this stroller.  I love the color we found that was made exclusivly for Buy Buy baby. 

6. Freshly Picked Moccasins - I have decided that I want each one of my kids to have their very own pair of moccasins, to keep and pass down to their own children.  I went so gender neutral with all of P's things, thinking we would have a boy next, that this time around I am embracing the pink and going all girl. 

7. Little Crane Headbands - One of my favorite things about having a little girl, is putting a bow on her head.  I love the size of these bows, especially on a tiny new born.  The only problem is, I want one of every kind.

8. BlaBla Doll - I have been told by countless people, how fun it was for their child/children to take a present to the hospital, for the new baby.  They said it helped with the transition and acceptance of the new baby.  I am also planning on having the baby get a little something for miss P.  I don't want her feeling left out at all.

9. Covered Goods - I am not the classiest of nursers out there and a pro by no means.  For the first while with P, I had to strip down to almost nothing to be able to nurse.  The nursing cover I used for P, just didn't do the trick.  With one swoop of her arm, I was all sorts of exposed.  I love the practicality of this one and the fact that I don't have to worry about my back being exposed.

I hope some of these items help you new mamas out there, especially if you are welcoming baby #2.  I am anxious to move into our new house, so I can start putting the new nursery together and working on transitioning P into her big girl room.  Until then, I will continue to makes lists to help ease the slight anxiety I am feeling.

I would love to hear what your go-to baby essentials are!

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