Thursday, May 8

Florida Take Three

We had such an incredibly fun filled day yesterday!  We all piled into our rental vans and made our way to Lion Country Safari.  This place was amazing.  We started off our day with a drive through safari.  It was crazy awesome, admiring all of the beautiful animals, all from the comfort of our own car.  There were lions, ostriches, water buffalo, zebras, hippos, wildebeests, rhinos and our favorite giraffes.  At one point we literally thought the giraffes were going to walk right over our van.   P was in dream land, being out of her car seat and riding on all of our laps.  I am always awe struck, when looking at God's creations.  Animals are beyond incredible to me.  

After our drive through safari, we went to check out the other attractions.  I couldn't get over all of the activities that were included in the overall cost.  We seriously could have stayed there all day long. 

^^^ I die over her ears. ^^^

^^^ P's first carousel ride. ^^^

^^^ So happy I get this babe forever. ^^^

^^^ This girl and her rosy cheeks.  The poor girl was getting so overheated.  Luckily she had her all time favorite treat in hand, thanks to her aunt Jana. ^^^

We fed some of the birds with sweet nectar.  The anticipation of how many birds were going to land on you, was killer.  I had a little panic attack, but seriously it was so much fun.

^^^ My cute father-in-law. ^^^

^^^ Why not ride a camel. ^^^

By this point of the day we were all sweating, luckily for us they had a splash bad.  I couldn't get my bathing suit on quick enough! 

^^^ These two make my world spin. ^^^

We headed back to our hotel and went straight for the pool.

^^^ I wish she would wear her googles all day long. ^^^

The days are going by too fast.  What is it about vacations?  I'm looking forward to making the most out of our last few days here.
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