Friday, May 23

24 Weeks

Craving - protein shakes in the morning, cheeseburgers in the late afternoon and cookies in the evening.  If I continue to eat like I have been, I am definitely going to surpass Tyson's weight this time. 
Sleep - I have thankfully only been waking up at 5:00 am to go to the bathroom.  During the day, now that is a different story.
Movement - This little girls movements feel like popcorn.  I wish I could see what she was doing inside of there.  She feels so low.  I'm still waiting for her to make her way up to my ribs.  Tyson without a doubt can feel each movement.  There is a dance party in my belly every night at 10:00 pm.
Missing - having a wide variety of options on what to wear.  My movement is also getting limited, especially while teaching Zumba.
Belly Button - still in place, but making it's way to the top.
Maternity Clothes - I went out and bought myself a couple new dresses for my anniversary and church.  For the most part of the pregnancy, I have been living in leggings and comfy shirts.  It felt good to have a couple of options, that make me feel a little more dressed up.
Stretch Marks - belly, so far so good.  My skin hasn't started itching yet, but am fully anticipating the stretching to start soon.
Swelling - It's a true miracle that I haven't started to swell.  I pray every night that it will stay that way.  I have fully prepared for the worst, but have been lucky thus far.
Symptoms - I can now say that I know what braxton hicks feel like.  I never got them with P and didn't really know what to expect.  A couple have been pretty bad, but overall its just a slight tightening of my abdomen.  A bonus to this pregnancy, is having my hair grow like a weed.  I finally am starting to get that long hair I have always lusted over.  The only bummer, is my brows don't feel the same.  I have to get those things waxed every three weeks.
Overall Mood - Things have been great this week.  I am fully embracing these last couple of weeks in my second trimester.  
Looking forward to - a prenatal massage that Tyson got me for Mother's Day and a facial from my in-laws.  I have never experienced either.  Just trying to decide the best time to go.
Highlight of the week - celebrating mine and Tyson's four year anniversary.  Dinner and a movie was just what we needed.  It was the perfect night! 

* My doctors appt. went great last week.  Hearing that heartbeat never gets old.  Baby is measuring ahead of schedule.  I am so interested to see when she is going to make her appearance.
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