Friday, May 9

22 Weeks

Craving - chocolate chip cookies, Chipotle, chips & salsa
Sleep - thankfully still sleeping great.  If only I could sleep in, a few days of the week.
Movement - I am starting to distinguish a pattern.  I don't feel her much during the day.  I imagine that is because I am constantly chasing P around.  Baby girl loves to wiggle and move around all night long.
Missing - this seafood thing is seriously killing me, especially being here in Florida. Limiting myself to one portion of seafood a week is a real challenge. 
Belly Button - in, but I'm thinking it may make an appearance this time around.
Maternity Clothes - I am still living in my maternity leggings and some new shirts I found from Target.  Poor Tyson doesn't get much of a variety from me.  It has been amazing wearing a swimsuit all week.  I got lucky finding some cute ones.
Stretch Marks - nothing on the tummy, but noticed some old ones reappearing from P on my booty, thankfully they are in unseen territory. 
Swelling - I was incredibly nervous to come to Florida, for fear that my swelling would begin.  My feet started to swell on the plane ride and I instantly began to freak.  Luckily the swelling went away and my feet have remained the same size.  I'm a little worried about going home to the 100 degree weather.  I plan on pumping the a/c and doing whatever I can to keep the swelling to a minimum.  
Symptoms - The dreaded heart burn has made its comeback.  A fellow prego, informed me that Zantac will do the trick over Pepcid.  It has worked miracles for the past few days.  I also had a little scare after I decided to run a 5k right before we headed to Florida.  I figured it wouldn't be a big deal since I have remained active this pregnancy.  After about a mile in a started to feel my stomach cramping.  Tyson and I decided it would be best to walk the remainder of the race.  The cramping continued through the day and continued to get worse on the flight.  We landed late Sunday night here in Florida and it became very painful.  I was a little worried but decided to just sleep it off.  I woke up the next morning feeling good as new, so I decided I must have just overdone it the day before with the run and travel.  That night the cramping started again and a few sharp pains in my abdomen hit like a ton of bricks.  I decided to call my doctor just to be safe.  The doctor on call told me he would feel best if I went to the ER.  The last thing I wanted to do was take a trip to the ER.  I knew it would be a long night ahead.  Upon arrival they informed me that this particular ER was not equipped for maternity.  We asked if we could leave, but they said it would be best to stay and they would call someone in.  We waited a long time for an ultrasound tech to take a look.  After the ultrasound they informed us that the baby looked great.  The doctor thought I may have done some ligament damage and wants me to follow up with my OB when I get back home.  It felt good to get some reassurance and see my little nugget on the big screen.  I was so grateful everything was okay.
Overall Mood - I have been a lot more emotional these past couple of weeks.  The most minuscule thing can instantly bring me to tears.  Thankfully I have Tyson who is such a comfort and is there to listen to my worries and fears.  He gives the best massages and puts my mind at ease. 
Looking forward to - Mother's Day, even though we will be celebrating it a week later, because we will be traveling on that day.
Highlight of the week - being in Florida with my sweet little family and making lasting memories.  

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