Tuesday, April 29

Up Up Up & Away

Our house is moving right along and looking more and more like a home every day.  I may or may not, drive by daily to see the progress.  Luckily, it's only a mile down the road, from where we live currently.  It should be complete by the end of June, first of July.  I'm slightly freaking out on how it's all going to come together, selling our current house and getting everything ready for baby #2.  Everything always seems to work out though.  I wonder at times, why I stress myself out so much.  

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the colors we picked out, will all come together.  It's hard when they only give you a 2x2 swatch......

I'm looking forward to this new adventure that awaits, just praying I can get it all put together and organized before the babe arrives!
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Just a warning, that this post is going to a ramble of sorts.  My thoughts and emotions have been all over the place these past couple of days.  Maybe it's because Tyson was out of town or maybe it's because P has been sick off and on for what feels like months, or it could quite possibly be the pregnancy hormones.  Sometimes as a mother I feel so inadequate, before I lay my head down at night I wonder if I am enough for Penelope.  I try so so hard.  

Toddlers are not my cup of tea.  There is this communication barrier that is rather difficult to overcome.  There is no reasoning with a toddler or explaining why they can't have something.  They can't tell you what they want to eat.  I struggle with what to feed P everyday.  I want to make sure she is getting all of her fruits, veggies, etc., but sometimes it's impossible.  One day she loves something, the next day it's her worst enemy.  I try to think of fun activities for her to do throughout the day.  We go on walks, the park, her MyGym class, swim lessons, bubbles and the pool.  For some reason she still seems bored or needy for me at all times.  I can't even use the bathroom without her clingy to me and wanting me to hold her.  Yes, she is great for other people, but for me she is difficult.  

My mom can testify to this!  She has been nothing but amazing.  She is always at the other end of the phone giving me uplifting and encouraging words, reminding me that I can do it and that I am a good mom.  She understands and gets it.  I honestly don't know what I would do without her.  She never makes me feel bad for complaining or almost breaking down in tears.  She laughs and cries along with me. 

Don't get me wrong, the good times definitely out weigh the bad.  Watching P develop this bursting personality and a love for us as her parents is nothing short of amazing.  Her fake laughs and dance moves get me through those days that sometimes seem so monotonous.  Her kisses and the moments where she lays her head on my shoulder give me that boost that she needs me.  Watching her fold her arms for her prayers remind me that I am doing something right.  Hearing her say mama is music to my ears.  I love this little girl of mine more than anything.  Loving her just comes easy!

I've been thinking about motherhood a lot lately.  Almost laughing at what I thought it would be like.  I had imagined in my head that I would be the perfect mom.  I am guilty of saying I would "never" have a messy car, my child would "always" be dressed perfectly and my house would remain spotless.  Boy was I wrong.  I totally get it now and admire so many woman around me seem to do it all, but honestly I really look up to those that let you know feel like you aren't alone.  They let you know that their kids bite and hit other kids too, they struggle to keep up with the laundry, making dinner is not their most favorite part of the day either.  I'm learning that everyone is honestly doing their very best.  I may not know the circumstances behind all things and everything isn't always as perfect as it seems and that's okay.

Penelope and this new baby on the way are some of my biggest blessings.  I wonder sometimes why I got so lucky to be their mom and why Heavenly Father trusted me with them.  I am realizing that with prayer and gratitude in my heart, everyday can be that much better.  As I wonder around my house aimlessly picking up the same items over and over again, I am reminded how lucky I am to have this job.  It means that I have people who need me and what a blessing that is.   

So to all of you mothers out there, I look up to you and you are doing a great job.  Thank you for being such great examples to me.  And mostly thank you to my mom, you will never know how much I love and appreciate all you do for me.
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Tuesday, April 22

Love At First Bite

In the past when we had tried to offer Penelope ice cream, she  would turn her head and shake it no.  However, the other night we had a turn of events.  Tyson decided to give it another go.  P instantly fell in love with her daddy's ice cream cone and the rest is history!

The video speaks for itself!

^^^ Excuse the awful cackle coming from my mouth. ^^^
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Penelope's First Swim Lesson

After only taking Penelope to the pool one time, it become quickly apparent that this girl needed swim lessons.  She showed absolutely no fear of the water and would run in head first if I let her.  

She was so excited for her first class, that she started banging on the windows for me to let her in.  When it came time for the class to start, I couldn't get my cover up quick enough, before she was headed off to the water.

The water is thankfully warm and I am able to be with her in the water the entire time.  Tyson came and watched her through the glass.  I'm pretty sure I was more nervous than her.  We were both so proud of her and couldn't stop smiling.  

I am already looking forward to next weeks class, oh and not to mention there is a Sonic right next door.  You know what that means!  Mozzarella stick and Diet Coke for me!  Win, Win!!!!

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20 Weeks, Let The Count Down Begin

I have finally hit the half way point in this pregnancy!  It is always such a momentous day and makes me all giddy inside when my pregnancy app notifies me that I only have 20 weeks left.

Craving - fruit always sounds good, Chipotle, Sonic mozzarella sticks and a diet coke, and of course Sushi (I only have it once a week and I make sure to get the cooked stuff).
Sleep -  luckily sleep as been great so far, other than the occasional bathroom trip.  I still wait in anticipation for the dreaded heartburn.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed it won't be so bad, this time around.
Movement - without fail, every time I sit down with my lap top, I can feel her moving around.  She loves my lower right side.  It's so fun having Tyson feel her kick.
Missing - still missing seafood.  I honestly could eat salmon or shrimp for every meal.
Belly Button - in
Maternity Clothes - I always told Tyson I wouldn't need to purchase any maternity clothes this time around, but we both knew I was lying.  I found some awesome maternity shirts at Target, that I live in.  Leggings are still my best friend.  I am currently on the hunt for a maternity swimsuit.  We head off to Florida in less than two weeks and if I don't find one, this mama is going to be rockin the biking and I'm not sure the others will approve.
Stretch Marks - so far so good, I'm surprised the ladies don't have any on them. They are out of control these days.
Swelling - I have started to notice a little swelling in my feet at night.  I am hoping I can avoid my feet from growing three sizes, this time around.
Morning Sickness - the nausea has finally left the building!  I can finally keep down my prenatals and my toothpaste. 
Overall Mood - I had an awful migraine after teaching Zumba on Monday.  Thankfully, I had my amazing sister-in-law come to the rescue.  I'm hoping it doesn't happen again.  Other than that I have been so happy with lots of energy.  I am totally capitalizing on this extra energy.  I have been an organizing fool, trying to get our house ready to move. 
Looking forward to - Tyson celebrating an early 30th birthday getaway with some of his friends.  They are headed to Nike in Oregon and I'm dying to see what he brings home.  Hopefully some workout clothes that will fit his pregnant wifey and new shoes always make me feel better.
Highlight of the week - purchasing our double stroller.  We made our first official purchase for baby #2 and it felt great.
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Monday, April 21

Easter Morning

We had such an incredible day celebrating Easter.  We started off the morning by letting Penelope look for her Easter basket.  With a little help, she discovered it behind her chair.  She immediately went for her matryoshka doll and gave it the biggest smooch.  Just watching her excitement, made me want to hide her basket all over again.

Tyson quickly hid some of the eggs, that we had dyed the night before.  P anxiously found each egg and piled them up on the couch, to dote over her accomplishment. 

^^^ GiGi even shared in the fun. ^^^

^^^ I couldn't wait for her to try on her backpack.  ^^^

^^^ My second year at attempting the bunny cake. ^^^

After our morning festivities, we headed off to church as a family and enjoyed the uplifting words spoken.

Each holiday continues to get more and more fun, as Penelope gets older.  I am seriously so in love with being her mom.  I feel so blessed for my eternal family and am grateful to celebrate everything this holiday represents.
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Dying Easter Eggs

We invited Grandma and Grandpa Parker over this past weekend, to dye Easter eggs with us.  Penelope was in heaven, being in her grandpa's arms.  

It didn't take her long to discover the thrill of throwing egg after egg into the color filled cups.

She got a little carried away the dye and covered her legs from top to  bottom.  I don't think she liked the feeling of the vinegar all over her legs.  Luckily, we had our handy dandy sink close by.

^^^ Those buns. ^^^

^^^ Mom seriously... ^^^

^^^ My favorite picture of all time. ^^^

We topped off the evening with Me-N-Ed's Pizza and lemonade.  The one dinner we know P will eat.

I'm already looking forward to next year!
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Friday, April 18

Location Hunting

I loaded P into the car bright and early this morning and together we hit the road, ready to find the perfect location for tomorrows shoot.  We had a lot of fun exploring the great outdoors and soaked up the amazing weather, we have been having lately. 

^^^ I spy beef jerky (P's new favorite snack). ^^^

^^^ The infamous underbite....^^^

^^^ Don't worry she still has the death grip on her jerky. ^^^

^^^ I guess grass doesn't taste as good as jerky. ^^^

Needless to say, it was a memorable morning together.  I am soaking up every last minute, with her before the new baby arrives.  
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