Wednesday, April 16

Zoo Day With Friends

My friend Jess and I decided to brave the Spring Break crowd and take our babes to the zoo.  It was well worth the mile walk to the entrance.  I have been dying to take Penelope again, since seeing her reaction the last time.  Each animal exhibit was priceless.  Seeing and hearing P squeal was too cute.  She is obsessed with the monkeys, especially the babies.  As soon as it was time to move onto the next exhibit, she cried.  She would have stayed there all day if I let her.  It's too bad my pregnant belly and back don't allow it.  I made up for it though, by letting her feed the giraffes.  I love that the Fresno Zoo allows people to feed them.  I'm pretty sure we will be doing it every time we go.  

^^^ I wish you could have heard her laugh each time the giraffe's tongue went after the lettuce. ^^^

^^^ I'm obsessed with these two chubby babes. ^^^

P and her new bestie were in pure heaven when we set them down to wander around the petting zoo.

^^^ Kisses for the billy goat. ^^^

^^^ Right before the hen nipped at P's hand. ^^^

^^^ Checking out Sea Lion Cove. ^^^

Thanks Jess for the pics!  It was the perfect day!!
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