Monday, April 14

Penelope's First Easter Egg Hunt

My house has been covered in glittered Easter eggs and bunnies for over a month now, I just can't help myself.  Easter is one of my favorite holidays and having Penelope has just increased my overall love and excitement for the season.  

P has become obsessed with carrying around her Easter basket and popping open her plastic eggs, I found at Target.  She opens them over and over again laughing each time somethings goes flying out.  When we were invited to attend a little play groups Easter egg hunt, I jumped all over the idea.  With Penelope just learning how to walk and her fascination with Easter eggs, I knew it would be the perfect match.

We enjoyed a yummy lunch and waited in anticipation for P's first Easter egg hunt!

The other kids were sweet enough to leave some eggs behind, seeing as P can't keep up, just quite yet.  Tyson was even able to sneak away from work to witness the magic!

^^^ Once she realized there was candy inside, she plopped right there on the ground to enjoy! ^^^

^^^ This was my Easter basket growing up and I'm still so in love with it.  I just need to convince my mom to remember how she made it, so baby #2 can have very her own. ^^^

^^^ These rosy cheeks kill me.  It was a lot of work chasing after those plastic eggs, filled with all that goodness. ^^^

By the end she was covered in milk chocolate and had an entirely new excitement for those plastic eggs.  I can't wait to stuff more for her Easter basket.  
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  1. I love love love her Easter basket. If you ever find out how to make it, you should post a tutorial on here. ;-)

    Easter is one of my favorites, too! Glad you guys had a fun first Easter egg hunt. She's darling!

    1. Thanks so much!!!! I will definitely post a tutorial, if I can figure it out :)

  2. That looks so fun! Wish we could've been there! Penelope is beyond gorgeous.

  3. You take THE best pictures of her. I love the one of her on the grass opening her egg... sooo cute! Holidays are so fun with kids!