Wednesday, April 9

17 months

Dear Penelope -

Today you are 17 months old and more feisty than ever.  We seriously can't get enough of your big personality that is starting to burst out of that little frame of yours.  You are now officially walking everywhere you go now.  You are loving your new found independence and wander off, with not a care in the world.  You are currently showing a very introverted side.  Being around other kids right now is not your thing.  If anyone comes near you, you are sure to shoo them away.  This week they had to suspend you from the gym day care for biting another baby's finger.  You are very aware when you do something wrong and quickly try and turn things around.  You give the sweetest kisses and hugs to everyone, especially your mama and daddy.  Speaking of mom you love saying that word.  You use it for everyone including your daddy.  It's funny because you used to call him daddy.  Your other favorite words are wow and uh oh.  It's absolutely adorable to see your mouth open up so big and try to spit out words.  Books are your new obsession, which I am rather fond of.  Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See, Where is Baby's Belly Button and MOO, BAA LA LA LA! are your current favorites.  You never tire of me reading them over and over again to you. Daniel Tiger is your favorite tv show to watch in the mornings.  You dance and wave your hands every time you hear the introduction song.  Dancing and shaking your hips has become your way of telling us when you like something.  If you eat something you like, your quickly shake your shoulders at me.  It's too cute.  You are eating so much better now.  String cheese, strawberries, applesauce, yogurt, rice, and french fries are your favorites.  You still aren't a fan of ice cream or popsicles.  I'm not sure if it's because you may have sensitive teeth, like your daddy.  Brushing your teeth is one of the highlights of your morning along with bath time.  Water is right up there with reading books.  We recently bought you a water table to play with outside and you immediately wanted to climb into it.  You loved swimming in our community pool.  It looks like we may have to go buy you a little kiddie pool of your own.  As soon as you are done eating your breakfast, you crawl outside and climb into our big red chair.  I love looking out the window and seeing you relax there.  I wonder what is going through your little head.  You still don't have much hair, but we love each little strand on top of your adorable head.  Pretty much everything about you makes our hearts want to burst.  You are now our little toddler and are teaching us new things every day.  You challenge us and yet make us better.  We pray each night that we can do a good job at teaching you right from wrong.  We want so much to do a good job at raising you.  You are our entire world and we are loving watching you grow bigger and bigger each day.  We look forward to watching you become a big sister.  


Mama & Papa

^^^ Looking more and more like your daddy every day. ^^^

^^^ Resting your head on my leg. ^^^

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  1. So sweet!! Im glad you got the water table. I knew she would climb in it. Lol

  2. She walks!! I knew it'd be soon! You are beyond cute Penelope!