Tuesday, April 22

20 Weeks, Let The Count Down Begin

I have finally hit the half way point in this pregnancy!  It is always such a momentous day and makes me all giddy inside when my pregnancy app notifies me that I only have 20 weeks left.

Craving - fruit always sounds good, Chipotle, Sonic mozzarella sticks and a diet coke, and of course Sushi (I only have it once a week and I make sure to get the cooked stuff).
Sleep -  luckily sleep as been great so far, other than the occasional bathroom trip.  I still wait in anticipation for the dreaded heartburn.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed it won't be so bad, this time around.
Movement - without fail, every time I sit down with my lap top, I can feel her moving around.  She loves my lower right side.  It's so fun having Tyson feel her kick.
Missing - still missing seafood.  I honestly could eat salmon or shrimp for every meal.
Belly Button - in
Maternity Clothes - I always told Tyson I wouldn't need to purchase any maternity clothes this time around, but we both knew I was lying.  I found some awesome maternity shirts at Target, that I live in.  Leggings are still my best friend.  I am currently on the hunt for a maternity swimsuit.  We head off to Florida in less than two weeks and if I don't find one, this mama is going to be rockin the biking and I'm not sure the others will approve.
Stretch Marks - so far so good, I'm surprised the ladies don't have any on them. They are out of control these days.
Swelling - I have started to notice a little swelling in my feet at night.  I am hoping I can avoid my feet from growing three sizes, this time around.
Morning Sickness - the nausea has finally left the building!  I can finally keep down my prenatals and my toothpaste. 
Overall Mood - I had an awful migraine after teaching Zumba on Monday.  Thankfully, I had my amazing sister-in-law come to the rescue.  I'm hoping it doesn't happen again.  Other than that I have been so happy with lots of energy.  I am totally capitalizing on this extra energy.  I have been an organizing fool, trying to get our house ready to move. 
Looking forward to - Tyson celebrating an early 30th birthday getaway with some of his friends.  They are headed to Nike in Oregon and I'm dying to see what he brings home.  Hopefully some workout clothes that will fit his pregnant wifey and new shoes always make me feel better.
Highlight of the week - purchasing our double stroller.  We made our first official purchase for baby #2 and it felt great.
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