Tuesday, April 1

Happy 54th Birthday

Every year April Fool's rolls around and I can't help but think of my dad.  He would have been 54 years old today.  I like to think he would be enjoying a slice of his favorite carmel cake, right about now.  I still can't eat that cake, without being reminded of him. 

 Just the other day I was trimming Penelope's finger nails and toes, just as I was about to finish, there was P's pinky toe looking right up at me.  This sounds silly, but it is the exact same toe nail as my dads.  He had these strange shaped toe nails, that he claimed were from wearing to small of shoes, but hate to break it to you dad, it's genetics.  I don't know how I have missed it so many other times.  I kissed that baby toes of her and smiled.

I cherish the little glimpses that I receive ever so often, that remind me my dad is right beside me and that he is proud of me.  Penelope and I were outside basking in the sun the other day, when I looked over at her and felt that overwhelming feeling that my dad loves that little girl of mine.  I imagined the way he would talk to her and make her feel like the princess that she is.  He always had a way of making me feel so special and I know without a doubt he would do the same for my daughter.  He defiantly was a softy when it came to his girls.

I am so grateful that I have my dad's eyes and that P has mine.  I feel like I see a little bit of my dad every time P smiles.  She also has his strong willed personality.  I have pictures down my hallway of my dad and each day as we walk by them, she likes to stop and point at his pictures.  I like to think that a little part of her still remembers him from heaven. 

Although my dad may have had his faults, he also had an amazing sense of humor, a laugh that would make your stomach hurt, a smile that could light up a room, dance moves you've never seen before, an outstanding artistic ability, a great friend, and a love for life and adventure. 

I am grateful for the lessons he has taught me and am grateful to know, that I will be able to see him again one day.
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