Tuesday, December 31

Lights At Temple Square

Last night my family and I bundled up and strolled around Temple Square.  It feels like ages since I have been on Temple Square.  The Temple looked so much larger than I remembered.  I am still amazed at all the work and dedication that went into building it so many years ago.  The trees were strung ever so perfectly.  I don't think there was a branch missed.  I'm not sure who's job that is, but whomever it is, feel free to make your way to the Parker's next Christmas.  

^^^ P was gifted the most adorable snow outfit in the history of ever.  She looked like a fluffy marshmallow.  It took everything inside of me to not take a bite out of her. ^^^

^^^ My sis is a beaut! ^^^

We finished up the evening with a little shopping around City Creek and root beer floats to top it all off!
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Monday, December 30


After grubbing on some cheesy pizza and sweet potato fries drenched in fry sauce, my sister and I headed out to find a couple of locations to take my upcoming photo shoots.  Utah continues to blow my mind with its beauty.  The sky is vibrant blue and would you believe it, there are clouds!  I am loving the change of scenery and am looking forward to the challenge of shooting in the snow.  

I have always loved the snow.  When people find out I am from Utah, they always seem to ask if I like the snow.  I grew up snowmobiling, sledding, skiing and ice fishing every winter.  My family lives for the snow.  I really hope Penelope will develop that same love for the snow that I have.  I'm already trying to figure out how soon I can put her on some skis.  

I had so much fun showing Penelope the snow for the first time.  As usual she was mesmerized.  She loved hearing the crunch under her feet.  I can't get enough of being a mom and being able to show my daughter my favorite things.

^^^ I seriously live for these moments. ^^^

^^^ Her legs are so chunky I can't even begin to zip up her boots...... Oops! ^^^

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Sunday, December 29

Missing Him

photo credit sunnydays photography

I have only been away from Tyson for less than three days and I'm going through some major withdrawals.  I am realizing now how heavily I rely on him.  In most relationships the husbands don't know what to do without their wives, but in my case I don't know what to do without my husband.  It's funny how being away from someone for just a few short days can open your eyes.  I have always been appreciative of my husband, but never realized just how much I needed him.  It truly is the little things that he does for me day in and day out that make all the difference, especially when we are on vacation.  For instance, when we go on trips he is always the one to pack and unpack the car, organize our room, check and recheck making sure we have everything we need, letting me sleep all the way to Utah if I please, and just being there for me.  I really do feel like I hit the jackpot.  He is the perfect match for me.  Now if only I can survive the next week without him......  I honestly have no idea how my sister goes without seeing her husband for months at a time and stays so positive throughout.  I'm already counting down the days when I get to have him by my side again.  We have some fun things planned for our vacation in Utah.  

Hurry to Utah babe!
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Saturday, December 28


This Christmas was the best to date, while each Christmas has its own special flare, this year seemed to top them all.  There was so much magic seen and felt through Penelope's eyes.  She pointed and awed at each Christmas tree and present, that she came in contact with.  She was fascinated by all the lights.  As a family we were able to squeeze in our drive down Candy Cane Lane, while sipping on Chick fil A peppermint shakes.   Which are amazing, to say the least.  We watched every ABC family Christmas movie imaginable on Netflix and got sick to our stomaches from all of the delicious friend and neighbor treats that were brought to us.  As if that wasn't enough, my baby sister flew into California to spend Christmas with us.  Her husband is deployed right now and I wanted her Christmas to be as special as possible.  It was so nice to have her here with us.  She spoiled us rotten.   

A couple nights before Christmas our friends had us over for a night with Santa.  It was wonderful to sip on hot cocoa and watch the kids be enthralled with Santa Clause. 

Christmas Eve was spent at Tyson's sisters home.  It was such a great evening, spent enjoying a scrumptious meal, talent show, sibling gifts and lots of laughs.

^^^ Penelope is so lucky to have such an amazing Grandpa. ^^^

^^^ She is obsessed with her uncle John. ^^^

^^^ We got to celebrate my wonderful father-in-law's birthday.  ^^^

^^^ Tyson surprised the family with a Christmas song that he played on the piano.  He taught himself the song.  I was so proud of him. ^^^

We finished up the evening by climbing into our new pj's.  I always look forward to that tradition.

I could barley sleep in anticipation for Christmas morning.  When I finally heard Penelope stirring I immediately jumped out of bed and headed down the hallway to pick her up.  We walked down the hallway to the living room and that's where the magic all started.  Penelope got a glimpse of her play kitchen, that Tyson and my sister stayed up all night putting together.  She made the sweetest sounds I have ever heard.  I kicked myself in the pants for not having Ty record her expression.  A definite lesson learned for the years to come.  

After opening gifts at our house we headed over to Tyson's parents house.  They always go above and beyond.  I honestly don't know how I got so lucky to have such great in laws.  The morning was perfect.  All of us got spoiled more than we deserve.  They even made my sister fill like part of the family, by spoiling her like crazy.

^^^ I swear this dog of mine. ^^^

It was honestly more than I could have ever hoped for.  I hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas as well!
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