Monday, December 30


After grubbing on some cheesy pizza and sweet potato fries drenched in fry sauce, my sister and I headed out to find a couple of locations to take my upcoming photo shoots.  Utah continues to blow my mind with its beauty.  The sky is vibrant blue and would you believe it, there are clouds!  I am loving the change of scenery and am looking forward to the challenge of shooting in the snow.  

I have always loved the snow.  When people find out I am from Utah, they always seem to ask if I like the snow.  I grew up snowmobiling, sledding, skiing and ice fishing every winter.  My family lives for the snow.  I really hope Penelope will develop that same love for the snow that I have.  I'm already trying to figure out how soon I can put her on some skis.  

I had so much fun showing Penelope the snow for the first time.  As usual she was mesmerized.  She loved hearing the crunch under her feet.  I can't get enough of being a mom and being able to show my daughter my favorite things.

^^^ I seriously live for these moments. ^^^

^^^ Her legs are so chunky I can't even begin to zip up her boots...... Oops! ^^^

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