Sunday, December 29

Missing Him

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I have only been away from Tyson for less than three days and I'm going through some major withdrawals.  I am realizing now how heavily I rely on him.  In most relationships the husbands don't know what to do without their wives, but in my case I don't know what to do without my husband.  It's funny how being away from someone for just a few short days can open your eyes.  I have always been appreciative of my husband, but never realized just how much I needed him.  It truly is the little things that he does for me day in and day out that make all the difference, especially when we are on vacation.  For instance, when we go on trips he is always the one to pack and unpack the car, organize our room, check and recheck making sure we have everything we need, letting me sleep all the way to Utah if I please, and just being there for me.  I really do feel like I hit the jackpot.  He is the perfect match for me.  Now if only I can survive the next week without him......  I honestly have no idea how my sister goes without seeing her husband for months at a time and stays so positive throughout.  I'm already counting down the days when I get to have him by my side again.  We have some fun things planned for our vacation in Utah.  

Hurry to Utah babe!
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