Wednesday, May 13

LuLaRoe: Incredible Business Opportunity

I am so excited to introduce all of you to my newest and most favorite clothing line LuLaRoe, along with an incredible business opportunity for you stay at home mama's or anyone looking for the perfect side job.  

I just recently started wearing their clothes and have been hooked ever since trying on my first piece of clothing.  I'm either in LuLaRoe's buttery soft leggings, comfortable but flattering Julia dress or pretty much living in my Irma tops.

  When purchasing clothes I first look for comfort, second fun prints and bright colors and above all else they must be able to be worn while chasing around my two girls.  LuLaRoe's clothing offers all of the above and so much more.  I also can't emphasize how much I love that their dresses are long enough for me to wear and I don't have to worry when bending over.
I currently have a couple of friends that are independent business owners for LuLaRoe and have loved watching them grow and develop personally.  They are always wearing the cutest clothes and looked put together without even trying.  
I support this company 100% for so many reasons.  Not only are all of their products manufactured in the USA, but they help support so many women in a variety of different ways.  They offer the opportunity for their consultants to be in charge of their own schedules, which allows them to be at all of the different activities that this busy life entails.  

You too could have the chance to not only make a few hundred dollars a month, but be able to make your mortgage payment, car payment and so much more.  LuLaRoe business owners that do one pop-up boutique per week, make an average of $1400/month.  Those that do 3-4 boutiques per week average $5600 a month.  It's crazy to think of the endless possibilities.   
Think how amazing it would be to be able to have a girls night out every week and have the chance to help women of all different shapes and sizes feel confident and beautiful.  

The pop up shop that I hosted a couple months back was seriously so much fun.  It made me want to spread the word about this awesome company even more!
^^^ These are just a taste of my favorite LuLaRoe items! ^^^ 
If you would like to receive more information about owning your own LuLaRoe company please contact Sadi Thompson at and let her know that I sent you her way! You can also follow her on Instagram @lulagirlsblog.
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  1. My ONLY issue is that not ALL of their products are made in the U.S. I have 3 pairs of LuLa Leggings and all three were made in China :-/ I heard they are looking into manufacturers for the leggings in the U.S, but as it stands, you cannot say 100% of their products are made in the States.

    1. The way I heard it, is that the fabric for the leggings receives some specialized brushing treatment in China to make them that buttery texture.

    2. The way I heard it, is that the fabric for the leggings receives some specialized brushing treatment in China to make them that buttery texture.

  2. When you are speaking about monthly income of $1400 is that after you use capital to replenish what you sold? thanks