Sunday, May 1

Spring Photo's and An Update

We were lucky enough to have some Spring pictures taken by my wonderfully talented friend Stephanie Ryan.  Her talent seriously blows me away and helps me strive to improve my photography each day.  Family pictures seem to always be a bit stressful.  Trying to coordinate outfits and get us all ready and out the door on time.  

This time around wasn't too bad.  I swung by Target the day of pictures and found these darling white/twirl dresses for the girls, Tyson wore what he had from work earlier that day and I luckily found a dress that afternoon on a whim.  Gigi had been perfectly groomed only a few days prior and it all seemed to come together.  It was also really fun to be able to go to the location, where I love taking my clients for pictures.  I cannot wait to print these out and plaster our walls.  I have hardly any photos around my downstairs and it's about time I change that.
I decided it might be fun to do a little family update, since I hardly get on this blog anymore.... tear.  I just can't find the time.  The girls are getting bigger each day and don't want to forget all the fun things that they are doing and saying, at this stage of the game.
Penelope is our little or should I say, big sweetheart.  I seriously cannot get enough of her tender and kind personality.  She is very aware of everyones emotions around her and always wants everyone to be happy.  She is very cautious and is always looking out for Lucy.  Anytime we cross the street to get to our car at the gym, she makes sure that Lucy stays close by.  She is an excellent eater.  She still has a texture and gag issue going on, but as long as we keep her bites small, she will eat just about anything.  She's still obsessed with her chocolate milk and mac n' cheese, but she also loves broccoli and carrots and asks for them daily.  Her speech has improved so much.  She talks all day long and sings the most random cutest songs ever.  She loves face timing her uncles and her Mimi.  Her dance recital is coming up and it's been so fun to watch her progress over the past year.  She's the youngest in her class and is constantly making faces at herself in the mirror half of the class, but manages to pick up most of the steps.  She will ONLY wear dresses, if we can somehow get her into anything else, she frowns and tells us she is not a princess anymore.  She loves everything girly.  I took her for her first pedicure the other week and it was a crack up watching her kick back and relax.  She peeled all the polish off, no joke, ten minutes later, but we had a good time nonetheless.  Target is her favorite store and chips are her new jam.  She wants to take them everywhere with her.  Before going to bed we read Matilda to her.  She's can't get enough of that book and says "THE TRUNCHBUll" in the silliest deep voice.  P is in LOVE with our missionaries.  Her favorite thing is when they come over.  Watching her blink her eyes and flash her grin at them, only gives me a taste of whats to come in the future.... She's hilarious, snuggable, and everything else in between.

Lucy bug is our wild child.  She definitely inherited more of the Brown genes than P.  She cracks us up on the daily.  We call her our chubby girl.  Her legs and belly are out of this world and I secretly hope they last forever.  She looks pregnant, the way her belly button sticks out.  She is obsessed with shoes and socks.  She begs to have the socks piled one on top of the other.  She still needs her kitty when it comes time for bed or when she is sad.  I die every time she shoves it into her mouth and walks around like it's a dog toy.  Lucy screams with excitement anytime we pull up to her grandparents house, aunts houses's or Target...... sad I know.  Each Thursday when I drop P off at speech, we head over to the swings.  She loves soaring high and screams when the time is up.  One of my favorite things is watching her rock and feed her babies.  She will shhhhh them and put them to sleep.  Each time I pull our the vacuums she follows soon after with her toy Dyson.  It's too cute.  She loves interacting with other kids.  This one has no fear.  It scares me to death anytime I think of this summer and of her out by the pool.  She is constantly on the go and has so much energy.  When she's willing, she gives the cutest kisses and snuggles.  Somehow with her picky eating habits, she still maintains her chubby frame.  I try to get her to eat, but she would rather throw her food at us or the floor.  She refuses to let us help her eat.  Her hair is getting so long.  When it's wet it goes past her shoulders.  I can't bare to cut off her curls.  Her vocabulary blows my mind.  Hearing her jabber is a music to my ears.  She's our feisty, free spirited lover girl and just can't get enough of her.

GiGi who is now no longer covered in stickers from our photo shoot, is still as sweet as can be.  She puts up with our crazy girls and my lack of getting her out.  Her favorite thing lately is to run out of the garage and make her way down to our neighbors house, who happens to have a golden doodle that looks exactly like her.  Tyson is great about getting her out on bike rides with the girls.  She still begs for food like she is a starved stray and will cuddle you and lay her head on your lap until you give into feeding her.  We love our fur baby and happy she puts up with us.

Tyson is our hard working papa.  He is such a great provider and never complains.  He loves getting off on the golf course and trying to figure out how to drive our boat.  It's a learning curve for all of us.  He recently got called to be the ward mission leader and in my opinion is a rockstar.  The Elders love working with him and I have benefited from his example.  He's dedicated to all that he does and we are so lucky to call him ours.

Me/Janessa still busy teaching zumba and taking photo's.  I recently decided to sign up for a spring triathlon and now wonder what in the world was I thinking?!?!  I have started training and can't believe how out of shape I am when it comes to swimming.  I about died the other day in the pool.... not really, but almost.  It's about five weeks away and am nervous beyond belief.  I recently got back on my bike again and have loved the way it challenges me.  I am serving in the Cub Scouts and am with the Wolfs.  I have a blast with them each week.  Next week is my first experience with the pinewood derby.  Wish me luck!  I also cooked two meals in the past two weeks.  Sounds terrible, but is awesome considering my track record.  Tyson was a happy camper.  

Life is good and busy, just the way we like it.  We are looking forward to traveling to Arizona in a couple of weeks and touring the Grand Canyon for the first time.  P starts swim lessons next week and hopefully will have a little swimmer on our hands, so we can have some extra hands for Lucy.  

^^^ I could snuggle this little bug all day long.  I am constantly telling her to not grow up, in which she replies, "But then I can't get married in the temple and have children."  Okay fine, you can grow up sweet P. ^^^
 ^^^ Her cheese is my favorite. ^^^
 ^^^ They are constantly wrestling. ^^^
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