Monday, January 23

Identity Crisis #2

Ughhh so I just have to vent for a minute.  
I don't know about you, but writing down my frustrations somehow seems to make everything better.  

Today was no different than any other day.  I woke up, went to work, checked my email/facebook/blog.... oh wait someone changed my password on all the above.  Not just one of my emails but every single email I have had since high school.  Frustrated is and understatement!!!! 

I immediately called Tyson, no answer.  I proceeded to text him.... EMERGENCY!  That was kind of rude, seeing as he was in a meeting and I about gave him a heart attack.  After his meeting he calmed me down as usual and came to my rescue.  That is what he does.  He somehow figured out how to log back into my gmail.  He attempted the Facebook account.  I guess they wanted my drivers license to secure my account..... umm thank you, but no thanks.  

So I did what any Facebook addict would do, I created a new account.  So if you are reading this and you care I have a new Facebook account and a new email,  

I guess the positive to all of this, I get a clean slate.

I swear I am not dramatic at all!

Sunday, January 22

Introvert 101

I came across this blog.  Let's just say, I love this blog.  I love blogs in general.  I especially love the ones that make you feel somewhat normal.  

I copied this list from her blog.  It is some myths that go along with introverts.  To really understand me, read below.

Myth #1 – Introverts don’t like to talk.
This is not true. Introverts just don’t talk unless they have something to say. They hate small talk. Get an introvert talking about something they are interested in, and they won’t shut up for days. 

(This is very true!  I do not like a lot of questions.  I am more into deep conversations.  Strongly dislike small chit chat).

Myth #2 – Introverts are shy.
Shyness has nothing to do with being an Introvert. Introverts are not necessarily afraid of people. What they need is a reason to interact. They don’t interact for the sake of interacting. If you want to talk to an Introvert, just start talking. Don’t worry about being polite. 

Myth #3 – Introverts are rude.
Introverts often don’t see a reason for beating around the bush with social pleasantries. They want everyone to just be real and honest. Unfortunately, this is not acceptable in most settings, so Introverts can feel a lot of pressure to fit in, which they find exhausting. 

Myth #4 – Introverts don’t like people.

On the contrary, Introverts intensely value the few friends they have. They can count their close friends on one hand. If you are lucky enough for an introvert to consider you a friend, you probably have a loyal ally for life. Once you have earned their respect as being a person of substance, you’re in. 

(I was never the girl with tons of girl friends.  I prefer small groups).

Myth #5 – Introverts don’t like to go out in public.

Nonsense. Introverts just don’t like to go out in public FOR AS LONG. They also like to avoid the complications that are involved in public activities. They take in data and experiences very quickly, and as a result, don’t need to be there for long to “get it.” They’re ready to go home, recharge, and process it all. In fact, recharging is absolutely crucial for Introverts. 

(I do enjoy going out, however I really enjoy the part when I get to go home.  I really really enjoy sitting on my couch or laying in my bed.  If you have lived with me, you know I spend the majority of my time, locked up in my room.  Some took it personal, it wasn't).

Myth #6 – Introverts always want to be alone.
Introverts are perfectly comfortable with their own thoughts. They think a lot. They daydream. They like to have problems to work on, puzzles to solve. But they can also get incredibly lonely if they don’t have anyone to share their discoveries with. They crave an authentic and sincere connection with ONE PERSON at a time. 

Myth #7 – Introverts are weird.

Introverts are often individualists. They don’t follow the crowd. They’d prefer to be valued for their novel ways of living. They think for themselves and because of that, they often challenge the norm. They don’t make most decisions based on what is popular or trendy. 

Myth #8 – Introverts are aloof nerds.
Introverts are people who primarily look inward, paying close attention to their thoughts and emotions. It’s not that they are incapable of paying attention to what is going on around them, it’s just that their inner world is much more stimulating and rewarding to them. 

Myth #9 – Introverts don’t know how to relax and have fun.
Introverts typically relax at home or in nature, not in busy public places. Introverts are not thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. If there is too much talking and noise going on, they shut down. Their brains are too sensitive to the neurotransmitter called Dopamine. Introverts and Extroverts have different dominant neuro-pathways. Just look it up. 

(This is true, minus the adrenaline junkie section.  I loved skydiving and jumping off cliffs.... small cliffs that is).

Myth #10 – Introverts can fix themselves and become Extroverts.
A world without Introverts would be a world with few scientists, musicians, artists, poets, filmmakers, doctors, mathematicians, writers, and philosophers. That being said, there are still plenty of techniques an Extrovert can learn in order to interact with Introverts. (Yes, I reversed these two terms on purpose to show you how biased our society is.) Introverts cannot “fix themselves” and deserve respect for their natural temperament and contributions to the human race. In fact, one study (Silverman, 1986) showed that the percentage of Introverts increases with IQ.

This is truly one of the characteristics I got from my father.  My family laughed when I shared this with them.  They said this was spot on.  Now don't get me wrong, I know how to put on a fake smile and shoot the breeze with folks, when needed.  However, in my perfect world, I would be home with my hubby on the couch with Gigi.  

Family Pics

Christmas Eve morning, I dragged Tyson and Gigi out into the 0 degree weather, to take some pics. 
I can honestly say, it was completely worth the shivering knees and chattering teeth.  
I of course am in love with Utah, especially Heber/Midway.  I have high hopes and dreams of moving back there one day.  In order to keep my dreams alive I wanted some family pictures in the beautiful valley where I was raised.  

My highschool friend Brynn Jolley took these fantastic pictures.  She seriously is soooo talented.   I was so impressed she was willing to drive to Midway on Christmas Eve to take my families pictures.  I will cherish these forever!  Thank you again Brynn!

Hope you enjoy!

I can't wait to get one of these printed on canvas for the new casa.  The problem is just picking one!

P.S. Thanks Mags for always getting my back and loaning me the last minute outfit!

Tuesday, January 10

Looking Back

A co-worker and I were having a conversation today about different times in our lives, where in the moment we didn't know why we were in a certain situation or why were in that particular job, etc., until the after math. There have been many ups and down in my life, but I know each one was for a reason.  Over time I have come to appreciate the harder times, because that is where I have learned the most or grown closer to who I am supposed to be.  

I had a tender moment happen tonight.  One that most may think is not important, however, for me it gave me hope and a reason to keep pushing forward.  I have been teaching ZUMBA each night after work.  Most nights I am exhausted after having just worked eight hours in a pedo office.  I get home and just as I get settled in, I am back up and at it again.  I have been debating cutting back on my teaching.  

I was rushing to get to the clubhouse tonight, to make it in time for my class.  I made it with one minute to spare.  We danced the night away and just as I was getting ready to leave, I realized I had no car.  Tyson had dropped me off, in order to get me to class on time.  One of the ladies that comes faithfully to my class every week, offered to give me a ride home.  I gladly accepted.

As we were driving home, she told me that it was a gift from God that she was able to give me a ride home, so that she could personally thank me for teaching her.  I was unaware that she has not been in good health with her liver.  She had recently went to the doctor and he asked her what she has been doing as far as physical activity goes.  She informed him that she has been coming to my class twice a week.  He then went on to tell her that her liver situation has improved and that she may no longer need a liver transplant.  She said, It is because of you Janessa.  Thank you!"

I couldn't believe my ears.  This touched me deeply.  I had no idea that my little class would have an effect on someone's life.  I cherished this little moment and am grateful I am able to have an impact on others.

I know there are many reasons unknown on why we do certain things.  I do know that there is always a reason for the uncertainty.  I love reflecting on past moments in my life where I have seen the Lords hand.  I know that he is there for me every step of the way.  

It is a true blessing to be able to be in front of a hundred different people each week.  Teaching has been so rewarding and I am grateful for that gift. I am thankful for the different people who have come in and out of my life who have made me better and stronger person.