Saturday, August 30

Baking In The Kitchen With Mama

As I have been trying to kill the time waiting for this much anticipated baby, P and I have been having a blast in the kitchen.  I had always secretly hoped she would love baking as much as I do, but wondered when to right time to introduce her would be.  I figured now was the perfect time.  She loves her measuring cups in the bath and figured she would enjoy this even more.  I was not surprised at all as she lit up with excitement, realizing she was going to be able to dump the flour, sugar, etc.  After each dump she continued to yell more, more, more!  It was hard for me to keep up.  It was thrilling to watch her eyes in amusement as she watched the mixer spin round and round.  Watching her taste the batter was also a highlight.  I can still remember baking side by side with my mama and her always giving me the beater.  It is so much fun watching her grow older and becoming more inquisitive of her surroundings.  She watches EVERYTHING I do and does not miss a beat. 

I look forward to many more years in the kitchen with my little lady!
(mom I think she needs an apron for Christmas......)   

 ^^^ The kitchen was a little more messy, but I honestly did not care.  Watching her smile melted my heart. ^^^

 ^^^ Oh so proud of her masterpiece. ^^^

We made my favorite or should I say Tyson's favorite banana bread.  Recipe HERE.
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Sunday, August 24

Baby #2, 38 weeks

Craving - Sweets again!  I don't know what my deal is.  I look 
forward to my evenings, where Tyson and I cuddle up on the couch and eat some sort of goodie together.  
Sleep - Still surprisingly good.  My mind turns for a little bit before my head hits the pillow, wondering if tonights going to be THE night!
Movement - This little girls movements are sweet, but not very comfortable.  She loves to jab me in the hips and pelvis.  It's funny because P was just the opposite.  She loved getting my in the ribs.  
Missing - Being able to do the simple things around the house, without it taking everything out of me.  It is also getting really hard to hold P and snuggle her at night.  There is just no room to hold her on my lap.
Belly Button - Sticking out.  It feels so funny.  The skin is super thin and soft. 
Maternity Clothes - Oh yes!  So ready to pack up my leggings and not look at them for a really long time.
Stretch Marks - Nothing yet....
Swelling - Yes, my feet have started swelling.  I only wear my flip flops.  The tingly and itching gets to me every time.  Luckily I know the swelling does't last forever.
Symptoms - Last night I was having a ton of consecutive contractions.  I called my mom, started timing them and honestly thought I was going to have this baby.  It was bitter sweet.  These contractions are sure a tease.  I'm not sure how many more days I can handle this waiting game.  My back has really been bothering me as well.  I thought I was done teaching Zumba, but it looks like I am going to teach in the morning one last time.  Wouldn't it be fabulous if my water broke?!
Overall Mood - My anxiety isn't as bad as it has been.  I have really just tried to take every day as it comes.  P and I have had such a fun week together.  I made an effort to get her out and do fun things.  I soaked up every second with her.  I know our one on one time together is coming to a close, but I am so excited to give her a little sister.  My pain tolerance has gone out the window.  I don't know if it is my hormones or what.  
Looking forward to - I am finally getting checked on Tuesday.  It will be nice to see if I am making any progress.  I really hope this will get things moving along.  I am also getting my hair done on Wednesday.  Not too many things feel better than getting pampered.  I'm also getting the house deep cleaned!  Yipee!!!!
Highlight of the week - Saturday was pretty amazing.  I was able to get away and get my lashes filled.  I went to lunch at Panera with my sister-in-law Cara, afterwards we went and got mani/pedi's and then topped off the day with a movie.  Tyson and P met me at Riverpark where we walked around H&M and got P some fall attire, went to dinner at Five Guys and got a carmel apple at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  It was the perfect day!

Hospital bag is packed, car seat is washed, baby girls clothes are washed and folded,  & diapers are purchased.  We are about as ready as we could be.  Baby girl we can't wait to see what you look like.  I cannot wait for the moment where they will lay you on my chest.  I seriously cannot wait!!!!
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Thursday, August 21

Baby #2 Maternity Pictures

I just got my maternity photos back and couldn't be more in LOVE!

P was not having it this day, but the ever so talented Stephanie Ryan worked her magic and captured some priceless moments.

I will cherish these photos forever, as this has been such a tender time going from one baby to two.

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I am an introvert through and through and have really struggled with having people over.  I jump all over the idea when people invite us into their homes, but have not been so gracious to return the favor.  Tyson has really pushed me to get over my insecurities and have some friends over.  After being cooped up in the house all last week, due to P being sick, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and have some friends over.  We had two play dates!  This is HUGE in my book.  Sounds so simple, but really it's true.  I am so happy that my friends came by and brought their darling kids.  P had so much fun and even shared.... a little.  It was so refreshing to be able to have an adult conversation, all while enjoying the babes playing together.  

^^^ These two were obsessed with the basket.  It's the little things, I tell ya. ^^^

Thanks so much Jess & Brooke!
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Hip Hip Hooray

Well I did it!  I taught Zumba till I was full term.  I wish I could keep teaching till this baby makes her grand entrance, but my body has finally told me to stop.  Yesterday was my last time teaching until I recover.  I am definitely going to miss seeing all of these bright faces every Monday and Wednesday morning.  I truly believe that teaching Zumba has made all of the difference between this pregnancy and the last.  It kept the swelling off and allowed me to keep up with miss P.  I have to give a huge thank you to my sister-in-law Cara who stood behind me this entire pregnancy and led the class when I needed to take breaks.  I honestly could not have done it without her help.  I look forward to getting back to teaching, as soon as possible and hopefully will be getting spin certified!
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Tuesday, August 19

My WHITE Kitchen

Since the lovely world of Pinterest has been around, I have been daydreaming of having a white kitchen.  The past two homes we have lived in have had dark cabinets and dark granite.  I was ready for something new and crisp, bright and aery.  The white subway tile sealed the deal for me.  

Here is a peek into our kitchen.  As the rest of the house comes along, I will be sure to post pics.

^^^ Can I just tell you how obsessed I have become with anything and everything Rifle Paper Co. ^^^ 
 ^^^ Made good use of my DIY chalkboard.^^^
 ^^^ This little girl has a thing for telephones. ^^^
^^^ My favorite drying rack for bottles and sippy cups. ^^^
^^^ Gotta have a stash of candy available at all times.  As well as the yummiest candle that was a house warming gift from my sister-in-law. ^^^
 ^^^ My favorite owl cookie jar, from my mother-in-law. ^^^
^^^ Our itty bitty mudroom, with my mom's old deacons bench.  It was a joy to paint, let me tell you what. ^^^
 ^^^ I love the light fixtures we added for a little flare. ^^^
^^^ Gigi modeling our floor.  Whoever invented tile that looks like wood is genius, less expensive and less upkeep.  Win/win in my book! ^^^
 ^^^ Daddy came home from work mid photo shoot. ^^^

Kitchen's are one of my favorite rooms in a home.  I love my new space and cannot wait for fall to arrive so I can start baking away.
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