Thursday, August 21


I am an introvert through and through and have really struggled with having people over.  I jump all over the idea when people invite us into their homes, but have not been so gracious to return the favor.  Tyson has really pushed me to get over my insecurities and have some friends over.  After being cooped up in the house all last week, due to P being sick, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and have some friends over.  We had two play dates!  This is HUGE in my book.  Sounds so simple, but really it's true.  I am so happy that my friends came by and brought their darling kids.  P had so much fun and even shared.... a little.  It was so refreshing to be able to have an adult conversation, all while enjoying the babes playing together.  

^^^ These two were obsessed with the basket.  It's the little things, I tell ya. ^^^

Thanks so much Jess & Brooke!
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  1. This post is SO me!! Tyler tells me the same thing! Thx for sharing:)