Friday, August 8

Baby #2, 35 weeks

Craving - peanut butter M&M's, cereal, turkey sandwiches and of course salmon
Sleep - sleep has been rough this week with the ever so frequent trips to the toilet.  My lower abdomen felt like it was being ripped into two a couple times during the night.  This happened after quick movements to roll over.  I'm hoping it didn't do any permanent damage.
Movement - this baby is an active one.  Her head is getting mighty comfy down by my bladder. 
Missing - being able to carry P anytime she wants.  Carrying her up and down the stairs is painful and even laying her into her crib.  I however try and snuggle her any chance I can get.
Belly Button - still half in half out.
Maternity Clothes - I managed to slip into the first pair of maternity pants, I ever bought when I was pregnant with P.  It was a tight squeeze, but made me feel good that I could still get them on.  Last pregnancy I couldn't even fit into them after I delivered.
Stretch Marks - so far so good.
Swelling - just at night and if I sit anywhere for too long.  I went this last week to try and get a foot massage to help the pain in my feet and they turned me away.  I was so excited, but as soon as they saw me they gave me the denial.  Apparently they were afraid they would put me into labor.  I don't think they realize, I wouldn't have minded. 
Symptoms - what I thought to be sciatic pain, turns out to be pelvic girdle pain.  It is beyond painful to say the least.  Just the past couple of days it has gotten excruciating, especially when I try to walk.  The hardest part has been upsetting Penelope.  She can see the expression in my face when the pain hits and hears me yelp and immediately breaks into tears.  It is the saddest thing ever.
Overall Mood - I have finally gotten to that uncomfortable stage of pregnancy and am ready to have this little baby in my arms.  I know it could still be a couple more weeks, but I am so excited.  There is something so sweet and spiritual about having a newborn in the house.  I have been going through P's old baby clothes and it has made me a bit emotional, just realizing how quickly my time with her has gone by.  I love that we are having another girl though and she will be able to wear some of my favorite things of P's again.
Looking forward to - getting checked next week to see if I am progressing at all.  
Highlight of the week - my sister-in-law's and girlfriends got together to celebrate baby girl and my birthday at BJ's.  They all truly went above and beyond to make me and this little one feel loved and special.  Everyone was beyond generous.  I cannot wait to dress my little doll up in her new outfits.  Also, if you go to BJ's you must try their new peanut butter s'mores pazooki.  It was AMAZING!!!! 
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