Sunday, August 3

More Vitamin D

We made it back home from Newport yesterday afternoon.  It is always fun to look back on the photos and the fun memories that were made.  I have such a hard time leaving that vacation and immediately start counting down the days until the next year. 

 If you haven't already seen enough pictures of us at the beach here are a few.......who am I kidding...... a ton more!

 ^^^ We started a couple of the mornings out with Zumba, a three year tradition going strong. ^^^

 ^^^ Notice the sand line?! She wouldn't stop licking the sand off her face. ^^^

 ^^^ Listening to grandpa's tunes. ^^^

^^^ Our built in babysitter, a hole in the sand. ^^^ 

 ^^^ P holding her first sand crab.  She was fascinated to say the least. ^^^

 ^^^ Right before the wave took her out. ^^^

^^^ I could watch these two together all day long. ^^^

^^^ P with an even larger sand crab. ^^^ 

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