Sunday, August 10

21 Months

Dear Penelope -

Wow how you have grown over these past couple of months.  Your hair has even started to make progress.  It's actually pretty adorable!  Your little personality is constantly bursting out of your little body.  I call you my fierce little girl.  When you want something you make it known to all and when you don't want something you make it even more evident.  We love your ever growing vocabulary.  WaWa (water) Mooor (more) Bebee (baby) this one being your favorite!  

You absolutely adore and are beyond obsessed with babies.  As soon as you saw and held your new little friend Trey, your obsession has grown insurmountably.  Your eyes filled with tears because of the immense love you have.  It melted our hearts and made us even more excited to see you step into the big sister role.

You still dance with excitement when we tell you you are going to the gym or swim lessons.  I am so grateful for the one on one time we have been able to spend with you from going to these classes.  Watching you learn and develop has been such a joy.

We never would have thought, but you dance even now when we tell you that you are going nursery.  You finally made the hurdle and love going.  I love peeking through the peep hole and seeing you on your very own chair coloring or eating snacks.  I still can't believe how much you are turning into a big girl.

Just recently, you have become fascinated with the phone and in particular the app lunchbox.  You can figure out where you need to go to get to the games or pictures or even videos on the phone.  It is hilarious to watch you navigate your way to whatever you want.  When you want the phone you say hello and hold your hand to your ear.  I like to think the apps are helping you learn and identify your colors and shapes.

Each time you see your cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents you light up.  You love your family so much and I am so grateful that you get to be surrounded by so many great examples.  We all love hearing you say their names.  You can say Jana perfectly and try so hard to say John.  It's the cutest thing ever!  The other names are a little too difficult for the time being.  You are beyond obsessed with you aunt Cara's purse because of the endless amounts of gum and lipstick.  We owe her at least ten packs of gum by now.

I would have never thought, but you are not as fond of the tub as you once were.  I used to be able to put you in there for long periods of time and you would cry whenever we had to take you out.  The only way we can coerce you to get in now is if we put loads of bubbles in or I get in with you.  You have gotten so good at blowing bubbles in the water.  Those swim lessons are sure paying off.

You are also not a fan of sitting in the cart at the grocery store or in your stroller or car seat for long periods of time.  This has made if rather difficult on your pregnant mama.  I have found stickers and snacks are the only thing I can use to keep you put.  The cashiers always laugh because half of our food is already opened or eaten, by the time we make it to the check out stand.  Please forgive me of the bad habits I am allowing you to form.

Your favorite animals are cows, horses, dogs and particularly monkeys.  You have started your own entourage of stuffed animals and books.  You pat your little hand next to you on the floor when you want us to sit by you.  I can never resist, even though it's hard for me to get down on the floor with you.  You will bring us book after book and never tire of us reading them to you.  Pinkalicious is your new favorite.  Each time you see the cupcakes on the page you say, "yum."

We have been working on your big girl room and it is finally starting to come together.  I can't believe that in just a few short months you will no longer be sleeping in your crib.  I am looking forward to cuddling next to you and reading you bed time stories.

And last but not least, you love putting on other peoples shoes, especially your dads.  I crack up each time I see you trying to walk around in them.  If you see that someone doesn't have their shoes on, you will quickly try and find them and bring them to us until we put them on.  I have to hide my shoes when I am at home, otherwise you would constantly be bringing them to me.

You are the light in our world and bring us so much joy and happiness each and every day.  Your sweet spirit adds so much to our family.  I can't wait for you to become a big sister in just a few weeks. I know you will be so helpful and loving.  She will be lucky to have you, just as we are.


Mama & Papa

 ^^^ Baby wedgie! ^^^
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  1. I loooove the Pinkalicious books! P you are such a sweet girl- we loved seeing you yesterday!