Tuesday, January 21

Janessa Parker Photography

I am so thrilled with my new design, on my photography blog.  Rylee Blake went above and beyond once again!  You guys, she's amazing!!!!  

This photography thing has continued to teach me patience and has really been a challenge.  Before November of 2012, I had no comprehension whatsoever of how to shoot raw or manual.  I am so grateful for all of the families that were willing to take a chance on me and have helped me learn how to use my camera, as well as the family and friends who continue to encourage me along the way. And of course, a massive thank you to Tyson for always believing in me.

I continue to remind myself that it takes practice, practice, practice.  

I hope to continue to improve and grow over this next year!

You can check out my photography blog here, or click on the button on my sidebar.

THANK YOU for all of your love and support! 
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Friday, January 17

Midway Ice Castles

While we were in Utah visiting my family, we decided to take advantage of my mom living so close to the Midway Ice Castles.  This was a first for all of us.  I think we were just as excited as all of the kids there.  The Ice Castles were majestic.  We had a great time exploring each and every nock and cranny.  I will say, there were a couple moments where I thought one of the icicles was going to come crashing down on me.  Luckily we survived!  We weren't able to make it back in the evening, but think that it would be beautiful all lit up.  I guess we will just have to back next year and hopefully the hot cocoa and doughnut stand will be open..... major let down!

^^^ How did I get so lucky? ^^^

^^^ Note to self: Don't pick your eyelash extension off, it makes you look like a boy!!!! ^^^

^^^ But lets be honest, my favorite part was watching my little marshmallow try and move around in her snow outfit. ^^^


Can I just say how much I loved reading each one of your comments on the Fancy Fit Boutique Giveaway.  You are all so inspiring and have helped me make some new fitness goals for myself!

And now for the winner, drumroll please....................

Ohh! I want to win this! I follow you and my fitness goals are to get toned and drink more water. Great giveaway Janessa!

Ashley you are the winner!!!!!

Please email me your address and what size you would like!

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Tuesday, January 14

Fancy Fit Boutique Giveaway

I super excited to introduce you to my good friend Jen's new business adventure!  She is my idol in so many ways, but especially when it comes to fitness.  This girl has discipline beyond belief and happens to teach the most incredible power class.  She inspires so many and I feel so lucky to have her as a friend.  Today she launches her new fitness line.  This workout top is beyond comfortable, comes with a built in sports bra, and has the cutest chevron print.  It even comes with a matching, adjustable, no slip headband.    And lets be honest, who doesn't get that extra motivation to hit the gym, than with a new workout outfit.  I'm obsessed with mine and am so excited to be giving away a layered tank and no slip headband to one lucky reader!!!!

You can also check out jane.com for a killer deal this week.  

The duo is 46% off going for $24.99

You DON'T want to miss this deal!

To enter my GIVEAWAY:

1. Follow my blog >>>>
2. Leave a comment telling me a fitness goal you have for this New Year.

and for an extra entry:

1. Follow @fancyboutique on Instagram 

Winner will be announced Friday, January 17th!

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Wednesday, January 8

Penelope's First Birthday Party

I am beyond thrilled to finally post Penelope's first birthday party pictures.  Her party took multiple months of planning and many late nights spent crafting.  After all was said and done it was all worth it.  My mom and good friend Jessica flew into Fresno, to help me with all of the last minute touches.  Without those two, I would have been way over my head.  Tyson was also amazing through all of the madness.  He sat back and let me have my fun.  I wanted more than anything for the day to be a celebration of Penelope's first year.  It was a rough year, but what a great year it was.  I went with a heart theme, because Nellie will always be my heart baby.  I will never forget the lessons she taught all of us. 

^^^ I ordered a chocolate smash cake for miss P and an almond flavored cake for everyone else to enjoy. ^^^

^^^ My beautiful friend Jes. ^^^

^^^ I made a variety of different bows for the little girls who attended, to take home. ^^^

^^^ The candy bar was filled with every type of pink and gold candy I could find. ^^^

^^^ One of my favorite decorations was this banner, showcasing the many faces of Penelope. A huge thank you to my friend Brooke for sizing and editing all of P's faces. ^^^

^^^ I spray painted these gold picture frames with chalkboard paint, to make the perfect sized chalkboards. ^^^

Before the cake smash we watched this video.  

^^^ We laughed and cried. ^^^

^^^ Penelope with her Great Grandma Betty, who she was named after. ^^^

Tyson's parents had the brilliant idea to rent a bounce house for all of the kids.  Needless to say, it was a hit.  Between the cotton candy machine and bounce house, the kids were well occupied. 

^^^ My father-in-law was sweet and stepped up to the task of making all of the kiddos cotton candy. ^^^

And finally it was time to watch P dig into her smash cake!  I had looked forward to this moment for so long.

^^^ We couldn't leave GiGi out of the fun.  I'm don't know how she didn't get sick.  She had cotton candy on her fur for days to follow. ^^^

Penelope was beyond spoiled by all of her friends and family.  Everyone went above and beyond to make her feel so special.  She loved each and everyone of her gifts.  It was a blast watching her open each gift.  

It was an amazing day!  Most of these photos are from our friend Shaun.  I couldn't thank him enough, for documenting our little girls special day.  I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such great people.

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