Friday, January 17

Midway Ice Castles

While we were in Utah visiting my family, we decided to take advantage of my mom living so close to the Midway Ice Castles.  This was a first for all of us.  I think we were just as excited as all of the kids there.  The Ice Castles were majestic.  We had a great time exploring each and every nock and cranny.  I will say, there were a couple moments where I thought one of the icicles was going to come crashing down on me.  Luckily we survived!  We weren't able to make it back in the evening, but think that it would be beautiful all lit up.  I guess we will just have to back next year and hopefully the hot cocoa and doughnut stand will be open..... major let down!

^^^ How did I get so lucky? ^^^

^^^ Note to self: Don't pick your eyelash extension off, it makes you look like a boy!!!! ^^^

^^^ But lets be honest, my favorite part was watching my little marshmallow try and move around in her snow outfit. ^^^


Can I just say how much I loved reading each one of your comments on the Fancy Fit Boutique Giveaway.  You are all so inspiring and have helped me make some new fitness goals for myself!

And now for the winner, drumroll please....................

Ohh! I want to win this! I follow you and my fitness goals are to get toned and drink more water. Great giveaway Janessa!

Ashley you are the winner!!!!!

Please email me your address and what size you would like!

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