Tuesday, January 21

Janessa Parker Photography

I am so thrilled with my new design, on my photography blog.  Rylee Blake went above and beyond once again!  You guys, she's amazing!!!!  

This photography thing has continued to teach me patience and has really been a challenge.  Before November of 2012, I had no comprehension whatsoever of how to shoot raw or manual.  I am so grateful for all of the families that were willing to take a chance on me and have helped me learn how to use my camera, as well as the family and friends who continue to encourage me along the way. And of course, a massive thank you to Tyson for always believing in me.

I continue to remind myself that it takes practice, practice, practice.  

I hope to continue to improve and grow over this next year!

You can check out my photography blog here, or click on the button on my sidebar.

THANK YOU for all of your love and support! 
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  1. I love seeing your photos! Your talent and passion really show! Your website looks lovely. :)