Tuesday, December 9

Penelope's First Dance Class

I grew up spending hours upon hours at the dance studio.  I may have spent more time there than my own home.  I learned how to have confidence, that hard work pays off, practice makes perfect and how to push myself harder than I thought possible.  I believe that I am who I am today because of the life lessons I learned in dance.  Dancing on a stage and feeling the warmth of the lights touch my skin, is a feeling I will never forget and miss often.  

As soon as I found out they have a dance studio in Fresno, that offers a class for two years, I jumped in the car as fast as I could and signed P up.  You can only imagine the smile that couldn't be wiped off of my face, as I watched my little girl twirling in her purple tutu and tapping her little feet.  She's a natural if you ask me.  She follows the teachers directions so well.  

They have already started working on their recital piece and I got a glimpse of her costume today.  To say I am excited is an enormous understatement.  Can you even imagine little two year olds up on stage with their little teddy bears in matching tutu's.  June couldn't come quick enough!
I was able to sneak in and grab a couple of photos.
I can't wait for the memories that will take place in that studio.  P is already asking for MORE! 

Here's to the many years of dance to come!!!!
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Monday, December 8

Lucy 3 Months

Dear Lucy,

You are growing bigger and bigger by the minute.  It seems like just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital, but then I look at the tag on the inside of your clothes and quickly realize how much you have grown.  You are now wearing 3-6 months clothes and size 2 diapers.  Your rolls are completely scrumptious.  I grit my teeth every time I pick you up.  Everyone comments on how big your eyes are.  They are so beautiful and aware.  You jibber jabber anytime someone talks to you.  I even got a little laugh out of you the other night.  Every time I run my fingers up your little chest and stop at your chin you squeal with joy.  You are such a happy easy going baby.  I don't know how we got so lucky.  You still prefer your swing to anything else.  You love to be naked and free and melt every time I put you in the bath.  Your hands are constantly in your mouth.  They have been like that since day one.  Your feet are still itty bitty.  They are one of my favorite things about you.  They are so petite but have rolls right at the top of your ankles.  We are still trying to figure out your sleep schedule.  You wake up a couple times a night still, but sleep so well during the day.  One of these days will get your scheduled turned around.  Nursing is still a struggle, but I can't seem to give it up.  I tend to pump more often times than not, but all that matters is you are getting the good stuff.  Your rolls have my cream to thank.  The fluffy hair on your head is too cute for words.  It's growing in the most sporadic places and makes for amazing bed head.  I'm pretty sure it's going to be longer than your sisters in no time.  You are a gem to take on errands.   You sleep anytime you are in the car and moving.  We are completely smitten by you and love you more and more every day.  If you get any cutter, I'm not sure what we are going to do with ourselves.

Your mama and papa
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Wednesday, December 3

Bye Bye Mullet

Although P does not have much hair, she was starting to grow a mean mullet.  It was finally time to say adios.  Lucky for all of us, Tyson's sister Cara cuts hair.  She is amazing and takes such good care of us.  She's always making sure we look our best.  

P was excited going into the hair cut, but instantly feared for her life as soon as she saw the scissors.  I think she was still a bit traumatized from the ear piercing fiasco.
^^^ Grandma pulled out what candy she could find in her purse.  It helped for a moment. ^^^
^^^ Poor baby!  Not even frozen could get her to calm down. ^^^
 Once the cape came off and P got to play with aunt Cara's makeup she was a little more calm. 
 ^^^ She loved getting her hair sprayed. ^^^
^^^ P decided Cara needed her hair styled as well. ^^^
 ^^^ The back of her hair looks so much fuller now. ^^^
Afterwards we took P to pick out a tutu and dance shoes, for Christmas.  It was honestly one of the best moments ever.  She totally forgot about the hair cut.

Thanks Cara you are the BEST!!!!
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Tuesday, December 2

Family Pics 2014

We just got back our family pics for the annual Christmas card.  My friend Kilean took them and I just love the talent she expresses through her camera lens.  She was so patient with us.  We were a hot mess.  Getting a two year old to hold still and smile is almost near impossible, but she was able to snag a few.  

I know I say it all the time, but I just adore this little family of mine.  It was also fun to get a few pics with just Ty and myself.  It has been awhile since that has happened.  
Our pictures wouldn't have been possible without this amazing woman.  Tyson's mom is a real gem.  She is constantly helping and serving our family and when I say constantly, I mean every day.  She seems to be always watching my girls, cooking us dinner, helping with little projects and teaching us through example.  We would be lost without her!  

Now to pick out a Christmas card....
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