Wednesday, October 7

Mini Apple Pies and Play Dates

I recently enrolled P in a cooking class at Young Chefs Academy.  She has loved being in the kitchen since I can remember.  It all started with her little apron that my mom made her.  My friend Shayna actually owns the academy and is the best instructor ever.  I feel like P is getting the royal treatment while we are there.  We went for her first mommy and me cooking class this past Friday and had so much fun.  It is now one of the highlights to my month.  There is nothing like being in the kitchen with the best helper ever.

Friday we made the cutest mini hand pies ever.  P kept calling them baby apple pies and has been sharing the recipe with all of her friends.  We had my friend Jess and her amazingly darling girls over for a play date.  P could hardly contain her excitement until they arrived.

This is a simple but tasty recipe.  It's so easy and even the tiniest of hands can help.  And let's be honest, anything that's mini size is so much cuter!

Mini Apple Hand Pies
1 box of Pillsbury Pie Crust
1 green apple
1 red apple

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
In the middle of taking these pictures, P out of no where ran right towards me and gave me the biggest hug on my leg.  I seriously live for these tender moments.
1.  Cut your apples into bitty slices.  You can give your little helper a plastic butter knife and you would be surprised at how well it gets the job done, all while protecting those precious fingers. 
 2.  Place tiny apple bits into a dish.
 3.  Place a heaping teaspoon of sugar into your apples.
 3.  Add 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon to the sugar and apples.
 4.  Use knife to mix sugar and cinnamon together.
 5.  Cut out circles from the crust.  I used a cup that we had in our cabinet.  Really any cup works great.
 6.  Spoon apple mixture onto the middle of the crust. 
 7.  Fold in half and use a fork to seal the hand pies. 
8.  Place adorable pies on a cookie sheet lined with tin foil.  Watch pies closely until brown on the edges.
 9.  Enjoy!!! They are seriously amazing and you won't be able to stop popping them.  Promise!!!!  Add some vanilla ice cream and BAM it's magic in your mouth.
I've decided play dates are the best for all parties involved.  I hope you enjoy these hand pies as much as we did!  
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Friday, October 2


Miss P started dance back up again.  It couldn't have come around any sooner.  I kept her out of classes for the summer, trying to not burn her out at such a young age.  I know how demanding dance can be and want it to be the most positive experience possible.  

When it came time to enroll her this year, I was stuck with a tough decision.  I needed to decide whether or not to keep her in the same 2-3 mommy and me class that she took last year or give her a little nudge and sign her up for the 3-5 year old tap and ballet class.  She won't be turning 3 till November, so I was really stuck as to what would be best for her.  I was so torn.  I didn't want the 2-3 year old class to not push her enough, but I was nervous the 3-5 year old class would be far over her head and I was so nervous she wouldn't be able to keep up, which might cause her to get down on herself.  

I ended up giving the 3-5 year old class a try and talked with the teacher afterwards.  She agreed that this class would a great fit for her.  She said she might be a little behind in the beginning of the year, but will catch right up as the year continues.  
Just last night I snuck my camera into her class for a split second and was amazed at how well she was doing.  I had a proud mama moment and snuck back out.  Watching her sashay across the dance floor was adorable.  She has grasped so many new concepts already and has grown so much, in these past few months. 
 I'm already dying to find out what there recital costumes and music will be!
It was one of P's classmates birthdays and she passed out the yummiest chocolate and sprinkled covered rice crispy treat.  You better believe I stole a bite or two.  It was so cute how excited all of the girls were.  P is already looking forward to passing treats out on her birthday.  It's only a month away and we have Disneyland on the agenda, next weekend to celebrate!  We are all slightly stoked!

Hope you have the best weekend!  I'll be taking some fall portrait sessions and filling my spiritual canteen with uplifting words from our Prophet and his apostles.  Conference weekend is just the best!
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Thursday, October 1

Fall Is In The Air

First off I want to thank all of you amazing women who have reached out to me on my last post.  It was difficult to write, but am so grateful for the positive outpour of support and love that I have received.  Each message touched my heart and helped me realize how many women have gone through the same struggles I have.  We can't get through this life alone and having such an incredible support system makes all the difference.  So really what I am trying to say is thank you so much, each and everyone of you!

Now onto the good stuff.  Ha!  It's October first and I'm over here jumping for joy.  I walked out of the gym this morning to the sweet smell of rain.  After loading Lucy into the car we made our way to the nearest Starbucks.  I ordered us a pumpkin scone and my first carmel apple spice of the season.  I went home put Lucy down for a nap and climbed into a warm bath.  I pulled on my comfiest pair of sweats, black and red flannel and snuggled into the couch for a much needed nap.  If you ask me it was the perfect way to kick off the first day of my favorite month.  

I just ordered this print from one of my favorite girls and it has me all sorts of excited for fall!  I've said it before and I know I will say it again, but I LOVE fall.  I have pulled out all of my favorite movies Dan In Real Life, Family Stone, You've Got Mail and Step Mom just to name a few.  I cannot wait to nuzzle into my hubs while enjoying TJ's delicious pumpkin ice cream. 

The weather has finally taken a turn for the best.  We have actually been able to go outside and not find ourselves soaked from sweat.  It has made us all a little more giddy and GiGi has finally been able to escape the house.  Luckily for P her sweet cousin lent her a bike.  We have had so much fun watching her learn how to maneuver her way around the road.  She has finally figured out how to work the pedals, but is still working on the steering motion.
^^^ And yes, she is once again in her pj's, only this time I have an excuse.  It was right before bed time. ^^^
^^^ The Fresno sunsets has to be one of my favorite things about living here.  All that pollution makes for really neat colors in the sky.  Just the other day the sky was covered in the prettiest blue and pink hues.  I told P it was cotton candy and she couldn't help but reach her little hands into the sky to grab a taste. ^^^  
^^^ Oh hey Lucy girl. ^^^
^^^ P got a little tired so on mom's back she went.  My legs were only a tad bit too long for her bike.  Thankfully all of the wheels stayed intact.  
I'm already counting down the days until we can take our girls to a pumpkin patch or two.  

Hope you are all having the BEST day! 
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