Thursday, October 23

Photo Dump

Here is a quick phone photo dump of what we have been up to lately.
 ^^^ A little picnic with P while daddy mowed the lawn.  Nothing like a good old In N Out burger. ^^^
 ^^^ Poor Lucy had an awful case of eczema.  We have been slathering her in Cortisone cream and switched up her body wash.  Her skin is looking much better now. ^^^ 
 ^^^ I could never tire of seeing these two little girls together.^^^
 ^^^ P passed her dental check up.  Such a relief! ^^^
 ^^^ How everyone watches tv right? ^^^

^^^ P loves her sidewalk chalk.  While I was feeding Lucy the other day I came down to our kitchen floor covered in little scribbles.  I couldn't get mad.  It was too cute. ^^^ 
 ^^^ The explosion in my kitchen, referred to HERE. ^^^
 ^^^ I'm going to be teaching my Relief Society how to make these bows. ^^^
 ^^^ Lucy testing out her crib. ^^^
 ^^^ P loving her sweets in the morning. ^^^
^^^ P can't get enough of matching her sissy.  I see a lot of matching outfits to come. ^^^
^^^ We survived our first time back to church.  P has her duck lips down pact.  I also had my extensions taken out.  I still can't decide whether or not to put them back in.  Suggestions? ^^^
^^^ Can't get over this grin. ^^^
^^^ Someone loves their bath time. ^^^
^^^ All fresh and clean out of the bath. ^^^
And there you have it, a little roundup of the Parker clan!
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Wednesday, October 22

Just Like That

And just like that, we have made the transition from crib to BIG GIRL bed.  It all started yesterday afternoon.  I was over at Ty's parents house, because my house was getting cleaned.  It came time for P's nap and I was anxious to start editing pictures.  I put her down just like I always had.  All of a sudden I heard some noise, but figured it was my mother-in-law coming home.  Much to my surprise, it was P standing in front of me smiling from ear to ear.  I couldn't believe it and let out a laugh.  She was so proud of herself for finally figuring out how to get out of her bed.  I took her back into the room, to see if she would do it again and sure enough out she came again.  I thought it was because her porta crib was next to the guest bed, so I switched rooms hoping she would stay put.  Not long after putting her in the other room, she came out running.  I decided to not fight it and let her stay up.  We went on a drive a little while after and she got a little nap in.  I wondered how bed time would go.

Bed time rolled around and I figured she would go right down, seeing as she didn't really get a nap.  I laid her down and shut the door.  I went about my business, putting away groceries down in the kitchen, when all of a sudden I hear her flying down the stairs.  I seriously started laughing.  Ty wasn't home, but I was on the phone with my mom.  She wished me luck.  I walked her upstairs and put her back in her crib.  I tried telling her she needed to stay in bed, but I'm pretty sure she thought it was a game.  As quickly as I put her into her bed, she was out two times faster.

I figured it was time to make that transition I had been dreading for so long.  I walked her into her big girl room and laid down next to her.  She was so proud and let me snuggle right up next to her.  I sang to her and brushed the hair on her head.  I am not going to lie, I might have shed a tear while laying by her.  How did she get so big?  Not long after, Lucy started crying.  I told P I would go get sissy and be right back, but she came flying down the stairs again right after me.  We repeated this a couple more times and I figured I would just wait till Ty got home, so we could tag team our children.

As soon as Ty walked in the door around 9:00 pm, he took P up to bed.  He laid with her until she fell asleep.  He was so nervous all night that she was going to fall out.  It was rather cute.  He snuck in and loaded her bed and floors with every pillow imaginable.  He kept looking at the baby monitor all night. It was too sweet.  We figured she would be in our room for the night, but she surprised us by sleeping in till almost 8:00 am.  I still can't believe she slept in her big girl bed.
I asked for advice on keeping her in her room for nap time.  I honestly don't know what I will do if she doesn't take a nap anymore.  I'm thinking we will invest in a door lock.  Will see.....

Wish us luck!!!!
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Tuesday, October 21

Granny & Gramps

My friends Jill and Angie threw an over the top, amazing Halloween party last weekend.  I was completely blown away at the decorations.  Their backyard was turned into a Halloween extravaganza. Everything from the music and decorations to the sugar cookies and prizes were perfection.  

Tyson and I are pretty lame when it comes to finding Halloween costumes.  We always seem to be coming up with something last minute and rushing to my friends Brittney's house to find something to wear.  This year we decided to be Granny and Grandpa Parker.  Brittney had saved all of her grandma's clothes, jewelry and slippers.  Tyson rummaged up some clothes from his parents closet and got one of his great grandparents walker/toilet seat out of storage for me.  

I couldn't even look at Ty without laughing.  His front hump about did my abs in.  He even played the part the entire night.  He fell as though to break his hip and would shake every time he tried to spoon his soup in his mouth.  He also pretended he couldn't hear what anyone was saying.  It was too good and a nice look into the future!
 All of the couples outdid themselves.  I loved seeing how creative everyone was.  My favorite being the Walmart door greeters.  There was also Great Gatsby, a cloud and lightning bolt, Despicable Me, nerds, cops, robbers and so many more.  I guess we better start planning for next years costume, so we aren't left scrambling . 
There was even a cake walk.  After the costume contest you better believe granny busted a move on the dance floor.  My incision started killing, but I was having too much fun to care.

I'm getting so excited for all of the Halloween festivities to come.  This year will be even more exciting than the last.  We have been practicing saying Trick or Trick with P and I just got her costume in the mail.  HERE is a peek at last years costumes.  I can't wait to make sugar cookies, carmel popcorn and carve pumpkins. 

What kind of Halloween traditions do you look forward to? 
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Monday, October 20

My Little Indian Princess

I can't believe my sweet little Lucy has been with us for seven weeks now!  Wow how times has been flying by.  While taking my friend dinner tonight, I got to peek in on her brand new baby girl and I couldn't believe the size difference, between our two girls.  My baby looked like a giant.  It was a sweet reminder to hold my baby a little longer and to not worry so much about the mundane things.  I love this baby of mine more and more every day.  You never think it's possible to love them more than the first time you lay eyes on them, but it's totally possible.  Lucy is getting so squishy and honestly feels like a round butterball turkey.  She has started cooing and flashing her dimples at us all day long.  

We are finally getting on a schedule here, which has made a world of a difference.  There is a lot more planning that goes into each day and no matter how hard I try I seem to still be running around like a mad woman.  That mom brain thing is for real!  I finally braved taking both girls grocery shopping with me.  It actually turned out better than I could have imagined.  All I had to do was give P some Sour Patch Watermelons and we were good to go.  I have since gotten out on a couple of walks and have even taken the girls to the mall.  We may not look like we have it all together, but we are trying and that's all that matters.  I am quickly learning to never judge other mothers and their kids.  I always said that my kids would be perfectly groomed, matching and nails clipped at all times.  If you have seen me out and about lately you will know that this is not the case and that's okay.  

I laugh instead of stress now when things don't go as planned.  Because with kids no matter how much you plan ahead of time, things can always take a turn.  For example, tonight I was cooking dinner I had chicken grilling on the stove, noodles boiling in the pan and spaghetti squash in the microwave.  All of a sudden I hear the loudest boom and poof out flew my squash all over the kitchen.  My floor, stove and microwave were covered.  This happened all the while, the water started boiling over the pot, P needed to go potty, Gigi was licking up the remains of the squash and Lucy started crying because she was hungry.  I couldn't help but smile!  When life throws you lemons....

I love my crazy life!  Things are definitely different with two kids, but I wouldn't change a thing.  I have less than a week until I start teaching Zumba again and I can only imagine how much crazier our mornings are going to get.  I look forward to getting back in shape and releasing those endorphins and I'm sure P is excited to go back to the day care.  She honestly has so much fun in there.  Things have picked up with my photography, which is such a blessing.  I am having so much with each session and look forward to these next two busy months.  We are off to Sacramento this weekend for apple picking and I couldn't be more excited.  A slight dream of mine!  If it's anything like strawberry picking, P will be in heaven.

And now to the pics of Lucy girl!  I am so in love with the headband my friend got her.  It was such a thoughtful gift and a little slice of her indian heritage.  

Hope your day has been amazing!  Thanks for following along my silly little blog.
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Wednesday, October 15

Penelope's Big Girl Room Tour

I am so excited to share Penelope's BIG GIRL bedroom.  There was a lot of thought and planning that went into this room.  It might actually be my favorite room in our house.  I wanted to make sure it was a toddler friendly room, but also something that she could grow into.  I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a room and then have to turn around and make it age appropriate.  I wanted it to be bright, fun and cheery because those are all the things P is to me.  Aqua and orange are my two favorite colors, so they were well incorporated into her room.  She isn't sleeping in her bed just yet, but she is well aware that this is her room.  Any time someone new comes to visit, she loves to first show them her room.

We made sure to get her a double bed so that when we have guest come to town, they would have a comfortable bed to sleep in.  
 Most of her toys are wooden and work well for decoration and play.  A win win if you ask me.
There are books displayed all over her room, which are a favorite of hers.  She knows right where to go and where her favorites lay.  
My amazing father-in-law and husband were the masterminds behind P's golden polka dot wall.  They did some math and went to town making sure each dot was perfectly placed.  It was actually a lot of fun to watch the wall evolve into a golden girls dream.  P's dresser was a given to us by our neighbor and was also the dresser we used in her nursery.  Tyson painted it and left the original hardware.  It's one of my favorite things about her room.
I had to make sure there were multiple places to hang and display all of her bows and headbands.  One of the highlights of P's morning, is picking out what headband she is going to wear that day.
She loves her Owl backpack and takes it everywhere with her.  I had to make sure I found some way to display it properly.  This deer hook was just the thing.
Like every other child, P has a plethora of stuffed animals.  I wanted them to be easily accessible for her, as well as easy to clean up.  
As soon as I noticed that P had an opinion on her clothes, I knew that was the sign that it was time for a dress up basket.  Tyson's mom and dad spoiled P with a couple of princess dresses.  I die every time she puts one on.  She has a thing for the gloves that accompany each dress.  P is also obsessed with her yellow tutu her cousins gave her as well.  I am still kicking myself in the pants, that I sold all of my years of dance and cheer costumes at a yard sale back in the day.  What was I thinking?!?!
I fell in love with the vibrant colors in this garland.  I'm pretty sure I want one in every room of my house.  The first time P saw it hanging on the wall she screamed and pointed to it.
There have already been so many fun memories made in this room and I look forward to so many more.  I am still a little nervous to attempt the big girl bed transition.  If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear any advice.  I can only hope that I created an atmosphere where countless hours of play, dress up and reading can take place.

Jenny Lind Bed // Bedding // Cloud Pillow // Star Pillow // Yellow Pillow // Picture Ledge // Lady Bug Print // Gold Dots // Tassel Garland // Grey & White Storage Basket // Zinc Letter // Deer Hook // Bla Bla Dolls  

To view other rooms in our house see HERE & HERE.

Little by little were making progress on our house and I'm having so much fun doing so!
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