Monday, February 1

Valentine's Day Tissue Ball Wreath Tutuorial

Happy first day of February!  I know most people are not fans of January and I for one am usually not either, but this year was different.  I took advantage of a new year and decided to wipe my slate clean.  I started with decluttering my closet and bathroom drawers.  I finally took down all of my girls clothes that they have grown out of and put them into storage.  It has been liberating.  Who needs spring cleaning, when you have the month of January!

Ha! Anyways moving on now.  I have started to get itch for crafting again lately.  I helped throw a baby shower for Tyson's sister.  The theme was "sweetheart" with gold, pink, red and white being the colors.  My sister-in-law made the cutest tissue ball wreath to put on the front door.  I fell in love instantly and knew I had to make one for my home.

She warned me how time consuming it was, but I decided it was worth the extra time and I am so happy I did.  It turned and super fun and I love the way it  brightens my front porch.

I had a few people ask how it was made after I posted it on my Instagram, so here is a quick iPhone tutorial.  I'm sure you can find a more in depth one on Pinterest, if needs be.

Tissue Ball Wreath

tissue paper
twist ties 
wire wreath frame

I purchased my tissue paper at Target.  They came in packs of 8.  Each pack makes 4 tissue balls.  So I used a total of 7 packs.  (I seriously hope my math is right).  I used 27 tissue balls total, so you may have a little left over.

1. Take a stack of 4 pieces of tissue paper, fold it in half (hamburger style) cut it in half and then put them on top of each other.  You should then have a stack of 8 pieces of tissue paper.

*I liked to do my poms assembly line style.  Repeat step #1 until you have 14 stacks of tissue paper.(Each one having 8 sheets of tissue paper)
 2. Fold your stack of tissue paper accordion style.

3. Fold your according stack in half making a crease.  Take your scissors and cut down the crease.  You will now have two smaller accordions. 
 4. Take you first twist tie and wrap it around your tissue accordion.  Lay the other twist tie in-between going the opposite direction.  Twist the first tie around the the other, making sure it will stay in place.  Leave the other one open, because you will be needing it later, to attach your pom to the wreath.
 5. Now the fun begins!  Start pulling the tissue paper sheet by sheet towards the center.  Before you know it you will have a perfect little tissue ball.
 6. Once your poms are all complete you can lay them all out on the floor to see how you would like to arrange the colors.  One by one start twisting them onto your wire wreath.  Make sure to attach them to at least two of the wires at a time.  It will hold your pom in place much better.

7. And before you know it you will have the perfect Valentine's wreath.  

I cannot wait to make more of these for every holiday!  I tend to get carried away when I like something.

Good Luck and hopefully this made any sense at all!!!!
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Saturday, January 2

A Look Back At 2015

This past year had so many amazing memories!  I loved looking back through all of our pictures and reminiscing on the good times.  I still can't get over how much my babies have grown.  This year was definitely a year of growth and change.  It started out a little rocky with my postpartum depression but ended wonderfully.  I am so grateful I can look back now and appreciate the hard time because the made the good times that much sweeter.  I feel so blessed to be able to call this little family of mine my own.  

2015 brought some fun trips to Florida, Utah, Arizona, Newport, Indiana, Las Vegas and Chicago.  I experienced Disney World for the first time with my girls.  We celebrated many of Lucy's first milestones.  Crawling, walking, talking, teething and her first birthday, just to name a few.  Penelope started speech her second year of dance and finished her last week in nursery..... insert the tear emoji!  My little brother came home from serving a 2 year mission.  I turned the big 3-0 and got back on my bike!  Tyson worked hard and continues to be the rock of our family.

I can't wait to see what 2016 has to offer!  
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Sunday, December 27

Christmas Morning Magic

Oh my goodness, Christmas was everything I could have imagined it to be and then some.  I want to replay Christmas morning over and over again.  This year was extra special because not only we were able to have Tyson's parents over to enjoy the fun, but we were also blessed to have Grandma Betty in our home.  I could hardly contain my excitement and even woke up around 4:00am.  I had trouble going back to sleep.  It was like reliving my childhood all over again.

The girls woke up a little after seven and it was all up hill from there on out.  I had to sneak down and take some pictures before the madness began.  I loved playing Santa and being able to lay everything out.  Tyson and I go back and forth every year and how to display the gifts.  My santa didn't wrap our gifts.  We all had our own individual piles and the presents under the tree were from santa.  Tyson grew up with the santa gifts all wrapped and the big gift was always hidden.  Thankfully we are able to combine the two.
^^^ None of my wrapping paper matched this year, but I couldn't resist some of the prints. ^^^
^^^ Gigi waiting patiently to rip into her new toys and treats. ^^^
^^^ Peanut butters first look at her loot. ^^^
 ^^^ Lucy refused to get out of the car.  It worked out perfectly because P was able to unwrap all of the gifts and pull things from her stocking, without any interruptions. ^^^
^^^ I'm slightly obsessed with the girls matching nightgowns.  I first spotted them back in September, at Swiss Days and just knew they would be perfect for Christmas morning.  I am so happy my mom was able to pick them up for me.  I think they might go down in the books as my all time favorites. ^^^
 ^^^ I could not wait to give Lucy her doll pram. ^^^
 I surprised Tyson with some new family photos for his office.
^^^ Turns out we had a bit of a musical theme going on. ^^^
^^^ Thank heavens for technology, we were able to facetime with my mom for a bit and the girls were able to unwrap their presents in front of her.  P named her flamingo "Mango." ^^^
^^^ After ten years, I finally got a new pair of Uggs. ^^^
 ^^^ After all the gifts were unwrapped the girls got to go outside and see their "BIG" gift from grandma and grandpa, a "twamp."  The girls were in heaven to say the least. ^^^
It was such an amazing morning and the day continued like so.  We had German pancakes for breakfast, covered in homemade syrup and strawberries and then went over to Tyson's parents house to open MORE gifts.  They always go above and beyond and totally spoil us rotten.  We went home and cleaned up a bit and then returned to his parents later that evening for a delicious tri-tip dinner with the missionaries and the entire Cleveland side of the family.  We sang Christmas songs and read the birth of the Savior, followed by more gifts from grandma Betty.  After we finally put the kiddos to bed, we snuggled up and watched a movie.  It was seriously the most perfect day.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas spent with loved ones.  I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and his perfect example!
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