Monday, May 1

There is Sunshine In My Soul Today

It's Monday afternoon and the girls are down for their naps.  Oh how I live for nap time.  Not only is it good for them, it is GREAT for me.  It is those few hours where I can plug myself in and recharge, to ensure I have enough battery to get me through the rest of the day.  

I have a thing for Mondays.  They didn't used to be my favorite day, in fact they were almost dreaded.  I know like to look at them as a fresh start to a new week.  A new opportunity to conquer whatever tasks are at hand or picking up any shortcomings from the week prior.  And who doesn't like new beginnings?   

P usually begins every morning with asking whether it's a school day, gym day, stay at home day or church day.  She loves them all equally and is thrilled at what each day has to offer.  I love her optimistic outlook on life.

Today was a gym day, followed by her four year old physical.  I didn't realize how late in the game I was.  Apparently she was due back in November.  Better late than never, I guess.  She was so brave in anticipation for her shots.  She made sure to tell all the gym workers, what lied ahead.  

She knew she would get a sticker and a lollipop at the end, followed by a small Target trip.  I couldn't help it knowing she was getting four shots, a finger prick and took two shots in the booty only a week ago.  She bravely stepped out of the car and continued to take deep breaths the entire appointment.  I am starting to realize more and more, we can learn a lot from these little ones.  In with the good, out with the bad.

They checked her height, weight, hearing and vision.  All around she was as healthy as can be.  And seeing where this little one has come from, it was music to my ears.  The shots came and went and not a tear was shed.  Was she nervous? Oh yes, but she took them like a champ.  The MA was fantastic and even gave her a little teddy bear as a constellation prize.  

She skipped out of the office, proud it was over with and climbed into the car.  We made our way to get some lunch.  Food always makes everything better.  Especially if it includes cookies and grilled cheese.  We decided to sit outside.  We couldn't pass up the amazing sunshine and slight breeze.  Lucy enjoyed running around chasing the birds and I thoroughly enjoyed my diet coke and tuna fish sandwich.  As I was taking in this moments with my mama and my girls, P looks up at me with that cheesy grin of hers and said, "mama, this is the best day ever."  There she went again teaching me something new.  She choose to see the good in her day, she brushed the bad away and inhaled the beauty that surrounded her.  

I simply love this little girl and all that she teaches me.  Being her mother is truly one of my biggest blessings as well as Lulu's mama.  Instead of fighting the bad in the day, I am really trying to focus on the good. Acknowledging the bad and focussing on the greatness that each day has to offer.  We only get each day once and I want to make each one count.  Sure I am exhausted most days.  Lucy still has a hard time making it through the night.  Lately I take that moment when she finds herself in my bed, scoop her into my arms and inhale all that baby goodness that is left in her.  I kiss those chubby cheeks and hold her squishy hands.  Because I am the lucky one she chose to hold her tight.

I hope my little girls will always know how much I love and treasure being a mama even on those hard days and hey there is nothing food can't fix!  Especially on those days were it's a little harder to find the good.

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