Wednesday, April 20

A Day At The Ranch

A few weeks back my friend Jess invited us up to her parents ranch.  It far exceeded my expectations and was just the most gorgeous piece of land I have ever seen.  I felt like I was back in Heber and relived a bit of my childhood for a moment.  It was so much fun being able to watch my girls roam wild and free through the grass and water.  They couldn't get enough of being outdoors.  

Their excitement hit the roof when they found out they were going to be able to ride the horses.  P even rode by herself for a minute.  That girls a natural.  Lucy was a little nervous at first, but then screamed when we had to take her off.  

We ate lunch at a delicious little Mexican restaurant and to top it off Jessica's mom made the most dreamy banana bread and even let us have a bowl of the dough.  It was the perfect morning/afternoon.
^^^ We took some pics of our girls with our friends bunny, that she let us borrow.  The girls were too cute! ^^^
^^^ Lucy girl and her kitty!  She is obsessed. ^^^
^^^ I am so happy they have each other.  P is the best big sister. ^^^
^^^ These two little hams crack me up. ^^^
^^^ Isn't that the cutest bunny ever?!?!?  I may have to get myself one.... ^^^
These little girls are my everything.  Yesterday we had a close call at the pool..... it was a reality check for me.  I snuggled my little ones close and thank my Heavenly Father they are safe.  Living in California with pools is scary!  Thank heavens my phone was the only thing that didn't make it out.
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Wednesday, April 13

A Few of My Favorite Things

My sweet friend Kilean came over to our house and snapped some photos of me and my girls together.  I was able to model some of the LuLaRoe clothing, that she sells.  I have mentioned it before and I'm sure I will again in the future, but honestly LuLaRoe makes the comfiest, most versatile clothes.  I cherish every picture I have with me and my girls.  It's not too often I am able to be in front of the camera with them.
^^^ P is still so in love with her Pinkalicious book. ^^^
^^^ I am beyond thrilled she loves books.  I hope she always will and one day we can swap books. ^^^
^^^ My girls can't get enough of apples.  If you haven't tried an ambrosia apple, you are missing out.  They are so crispy and have the perfect amount of tangy and sweet.  I find little nibbles out of most of our apples.  Beware if you come to our house and ask for an apple. ^^^
^^^ My grandpa Daw used to dance around the house, with me on his feet.  He would always sing "a rumpaty, dumpity, dump."  I will never forget those sweet memories.  And if you ask me kitchens, were made to be danced in. ^^^
^^^ The girls are still obsessed with their tramp.  I just wish it was in the ground.... hint hint Tyson!  Lucy refuses to let us zip the net, which makes me a nervous nelly.  I feel like she's going to go flying off every time she crawls onto the tramp. ^^^
^^^ One of my favorite sounds is hearing my girls giggle as they jump and wrestle each other on the tramp.  Lucy loves taking down her sister.  ^^^
^^^ I haven't been very good at baking with my little ladies, lately.  I always have a blast when we make cookies.  Thank goodness this shoot forced me to make our favorite sugar cookies. ^^^
^^^ These are Killean's shoes, but after wearing them for a day, I decided it's time I invest.  Clogs are my jam. ^^^
^^^ This one rarely gives kisses, so when she does, I'm all hers. ^^^
^^^ And yes, I even give my dog smooches, every once in awhile. ^^^
It's crazy to go back and see my yucky beige walls.... We finally tackled the task of painting our downstairs WHITE!  I love it and am now trying to muster up the energy to paint the rest of the house.  Thanks to my hubby and father-in-law for putting so much time and energy into helping me.
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Tuesday, April 12

My World

I feel pretty lucky to have such talented friends.  I can't rave enough about Stephanie Ryan and the magic she does behind the camera.  She is recently wanting to broaden what she offers to her clients and my little family has gotten to be the lucky recipients of her practice.  I am a total sap when it comes to pictures, but the video below had me close to tears.  

At times I get down on myself as an individual, wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, etc. but this video helped put everything into perspective.  I am surrounding by an abundance of blessings, my family in particular.  I can't believe I get to be the mama to these beautiful little girls and the wife to my handsome hubby.  They make everything better and all that I do, have purpose.

I hope you have an amazing day and enjoy!
DSC_4787 from Stephanie Ryan on Vimeo.
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