Wednesday, April 13

A Few of My Favorite Things

My sweet friend Kilean came over to our house and snapped some photos of me and my girls together.  I was able to model some of the LuLaRoe clothing, that she sells.  I have mentioned it before and I'm sure I will again in the future, but honestly LuLaRoe makes the comfiest, most versatile clothes.  I cherish every picture I have with me and my girls.  It's not too often I am able to be in front of the camera with them.
^^^ P is still so in love with her Pinkalicious book. ^^^
^^^ I am beyond thrilled she loves books.  I hope she always will and one day we can swap books. ^^^
^^^ My girls can't get enough of apples.  If you haven't tried an ambrosia apple, you are missing out.  They are so crispy and have the perfect amount of tangy and sweet.  I find little nibbles out of most of our apples.  Beware if you come to our house and ask for an apple. ^^^
^^^ My grandpa Daw used to dance around the house, with me on his feet.  He would always sing "a rumpaty, dumpity, dump."  I will never forget those sweet memories.  And if you ask me kitchens, were made to be danced in. ^^^
^^^ The girls are still obsessed with their tramp.  I just wish it was in the ground.... hint hint Tyson!  Lucy refuses to let us zip the net, which makes me a nervous nelly.  I feel like she's going to go flying off every time she crawls onto the tramp. ^^^
^^^ One of my favorite sounds is hearing my girls giggle as they jump and wrestle each other on the tramp.  Lucy loves taking down her sister.  ^^^
^^^ I haven't been very good at baking with my little ladies, lately.  I always have a blast when we make cookies.  Thank goodness this shoot forced me to make our favorite sugar cookies. ^^^
^^^ These are Killean's shoes, but after wearing them for a day, I decided it's time I invest.  Clogs are my jam. ^^^
^^^ This one rarely gives kisses, so when she does, I'm all hers. ^^^
^^^ And yes, I even give my dog smooches, every once in awhile. ^^^
It's crazy to go back and see my yucky beige walls.... We finally tackled the task of painting our downstairs WHITE!  I love it and am now trying to muster up the energy to paint the rest of the house.  Thanks to my hubby and father-in-law for putting so much time and energy into helping me.
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