Friday, July 23

Puppy Watch

The hubby and I have been busy these past two weeks. Tyson past his last insurance exam! I am so proud of him. He will start work when we return from Newport the following week. I have been working away at an investment company. I am not going to lie having more than a month off work has had its ups and downs. It sure has made it difficult to go back. But I can't complain. It is nice to have some dinero.

Tyson and I were able to go out with our friends Danny and Ali. Danny was Tyson's roommate back in Utah and Ali and I were in the same ward. They were recently married and made the move to California. We are so happy they are here.

We were offered a pretty sweet deal that Tyson and I have been embracing for the past week. We were asked to house sit while the Garcia's went on an Alaskan Cruise. We thought why not, a house to ourselves a fridge fully stocked and not to mention a pretty sweet paycheck..... were in!

Did I mention they have two dogs. I have never been a big fan of little/indoor dogs, but I have to say these two pups have grown on me.

I found myself at work worrying if the dogs were ok or feeling guilty if I was anywhere but home. If you know me I have had my fair share of bad luck with animals.

It has been hilarious to watch Tyson interact with the dogs. He has been so sweet to clean up after all of their not so little accidents. (Babe I promise when it comes to our children I will clean up their messes)

It has been a fun week, although I may be a little more hesitant when it comes to wanting a dog. All of the worrying gets to me.

We are getting packed and excited for Newport. I look forward to the many days of relaxing on the beach and enjoying the delicious food.

Monday, July 12

Words of Wisdom

I am an absolute sponge for quotes. If only you could see my email. One day when I get around to it I will compile all of my quotes into a book. I find power in words. It is fascinating to me how one sentence can inspire me to make a change or make a difference in my life. Many quotes have given me encouragement and given me inspiration just at the moment I needed it. I decided that I am going to start posting some of my favorite quotes in hopes that they may inspire or touch others as they did me.

"Sometimes in the winds of change we find our true direction."

"Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow."

Norman Vincent Peale

"Courage does not always roar. Sometimes it is a quiet voice at the end of the day, saying...."I'll try again tomorrow." - Mary Ann Radmacher

"Go back a little to leap further."

John Clarke

"Our greatest glory consist not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

Oliver Goldsmith

"To win without risk is to triumph without glory."


Wednesday, July 7

Let Freedom Ring

This Independence day was GREAT! We were able to celebrate it all weekend long, and not to mention I enjoyed having a day off of work. We celebrated grandpa Parker's Birthday. He is such a sweet man and a great example to all.

The Parker side of the family came over for a BBQ. We all enjoyed the new putting and chipping area that was put in the back yard. Who knew living with the in-laws would improve my golf game.

Side note: I braved getting my hair done here in California. This was a difficult step for me to take. My friend Jessica has been doing my hair for the past four years and she has done a most excellent job. I had nightmares about getting my hair cut and dyed by someone new. It ended up turning out great. My sister-in-law Cara did a fantastic job dying it and my new hair dresser Jenny did a good job as well.

And now back to the good stuff. I attempted my culinary skills again in making grandpa Parker a birthday cake. It was actually very easy and a lot of fun. I figured with the holiday why not make him a flag cake.

Sunday night we went over to our uncle Steve and aunt Kip's for fireworks and homemade ice cream. Tyson and I decided it is a must to invest in an ice cream maker.

It was hilarious watching the boys light fireworks. They enjoyed being pyromaniacs and I enjoyed the entertainment. We decided since we weren't at the Stadium of Fire this year we would make our own right here in Clovis, music and all. Angie popped open the back of the van and we danced all night to the YMCA, Macarena, Who Let The Dogs Out, Shout, and much more. It took us back to the good old cheer days.

It was a great weekend. I feel so blessed to live in a country where we can enjoy so many freedoms. Anytime I have gone out of the country I enjoy being there but there is nothing like coming home to the land of the free and the home of the brave. It is wonderful to be able to enjoy the freedom of religion. What can I say.... I love my country!

Saturday, July 3


We finally got our wedding pictures back from our photographer. It was so fun to look at our pictures and remember the day that changed our lives forever.

We were married on May 19th in the Draper Temple. All of the madness of planning a wedding could finally be put to an end. The day could not have been more perfect. It was absolutely amazing to walk into the sealing room and look around at all the wonderful friends and family that have had such a great impact on our lives.

It was so much fun to walk out of the temple to be greeted by the rest of our loved ones. We had many family members on both sides that traveled a great distance to share in the fun. It meant a lot to both of us!

I was so happy that my friends could all be there to share in our day. My friend Jessica stayed an entire month away from her husband so she could be there for me. I appreciated all that she did for us in helping with the wedding.

I love this picture with my family. Everyone is smiling, which is a rare occasion in the Brown family.

We had our luncheon at the Hidden Valley Country Club. The food was great. There were toasts given and our wedding video was played that my sister made.

We had our wedding reception at Cactus and Tropicals. So many friends and family came. It was fun to be in a room with all of the people that we love.

I had to have this wedding cake. It was made by Carrie's Cakes. It was delicious..... even though I was only able to get a nibble of it, thanks to Mags.

There was a lot of dancing. We got our DJ last minute, who ended up doing a perfect job!

I was laughing so hard I was crying when our DJ had Tyson and his groomsmen do the YMCA. I have never seen my brothers act like this. It was hilarious.

It was pretty funny, right after we drove off I realized that I didn't have my mom unhook my wedding dress. We had to call and have my uncle bring us the crochet hook.

This will be a day that I will never forget. I loved every minute of it. It all went by so fast, but I wouldn't have changed a thing. I feel so blessed to be able to be married to the most amazing man who makes me want to be better daily. None of this would have been possible without our parents help. We love and appreciate you more than you know!