Thursday, October 30

Painting Pumpkins With P

P has been so enthralled with anything to do with arts and crafts.  I am having so much fun introducing her to new things.  I knew that painting pumpkins would be a hit, I just didn't know how much.  I only wish I had thought ahead a little more.  The poor paint brushes were so long, she had a hard time manipulating them.  I ended up breaking one in half.  The things we do for out kids..... ha!
She had fun pointing with the yellow and blue paint.  The two colors she knows.  She refused to use the others.
She kept asking for more and more pumpkins.  I couldn't turn down her little plea.  I rounded up pumpkins out on the porch and throughout the house.  Anything to keep her little mind entertained. 
 ^^^ Her little curled toes are my favorite. ^^^
 ^^^ But then I see that little belly and that might just have to be my favorite. ^^^
 ^^^ Oh wait, then there is her serious business duck face. ^^^
 Tyson couldn't believe I let her paint on her floor.  She did so good at keeping it on the paper.  I on the other hand was the one that got some paint on the floor, luckily it wiped right up.  We had so much fun.  Tyson and I have yet to carve a pumpkin in our married life.  I'm thinking it might have to just wait another year.  Painting pumpkins is so much more fun!  Tonight will be frosting pumpkin sugar cookies.  I cannot wait to let P dip into the frosting and go crazy and only one more day till Halloween.  I am seriously so giddy to see P in her costume.  We did a trial run the other day and I about died.  So many fun things to look forward to.  I just love this time of year.
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Wednesday, October 29

P's Favorite Halloween Books

 We absolutely love books at our house.  They cover almost every nook and cranny.  My mom's favorite holiday happens to be Halloween.  I'm pretty sure that's where my love for Halloween stemmed.  She always sends P a package in the mail, when October rolls around.  The past couple of years the package happened to contain the most adorable books.  P and I are equally excited to read them.  I mean who doesn't love a new read, yummy smelling pages and all.

I decided to compile a couple of P's favorite Halloween Books.

1. The Hallo-wiener:  P received this one in the mail this year.  The book is seriously adorable.  P asks me to read it to her over and over again.  It may have something to do with the wiener dog and cat characters.
 2. Where Is Baby's Pumpkin?  We are obsessed with all of the Karen Katz books.  We own almost every single one of them.  These were the first books P became interested in.  I enjoy the interaction with each page and finding out what is behind each flap.  
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Now this one isn't technically a Halloween book, but hey it has a witch in it, so that counts in my eyes.  This book is awesome because it introduces your little ones to some of the colors.  P has yellow down pact.  We still have some work on the others, but I imagine this book will help us in that department. 
4. Room on the Broom: My mom got this book for P last year and we read it all year long.  It's a really cute book with a great little story.  P meows every page, as soon as she lays eyes on the cat.
I look forward to every holiday and expanding her little collection.  I cannot wait to pull out the Christmas books. 
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Tuesday, October 28

White Chocolate Popcorn

I wanted to make something fun, festive and easy with P once she woke up from her and nap today and my mother-in-law's White Chocolate Popcorn popped into my head.  She has been making it for years.  It is always a hit at all of the bridal and baby showers that she hosts.  If I am ever in attendance, I make sure to steal a bag to take home with me.  This stuff is good for days.  It's fun because you can really adapt it to any holiday or celebration, just mix up the candies and you are golden.  

White Chocolate Popcorn

3 bags of Orville Redenbachers Gourmet White Corn
1 bag of Wilton White Chocolate Candy Melts
3/4 bag of M&M's 
3/4 bag of Candy Corn
 Pop your 3 bags of popcorn.  Make sure to pick out all of the kernels before adding your chocolate.
Pour your candy melts into a microwave safe bowl.  Microwave on high for 1 minute.  Take bowl of out of microwave and stir chocolate.  Place back into microwave for an additional 30 seconds.  Stir and repeat until all candy is melted. 
Pour chocolate over popcorn and mix until well incorporated and all popcorn is coated (I use my hands).  
Add your candies to the popcorn and enjoy!
 I will try my best to not consume the entire bowl while watching DWTS.
This popcorn also bags well and is the perfect treat to hand out for Halloween.  
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Monday, October 27

So In Love

Ever since I got my new camera, I have been looking high and low for the perfect camera bag.  All of the ones that I had seen online, where either bulky or screamed camera bag.  I wanted something unique, but also wanted to make sure my camera would be protected.  The moment I laid eyes on the Siena camera bag, I was hooked.  The quality of leather is impeccable and the style is just dreamy.  I adore the way it can double as a purse.  I am so excited to head out on all of my fall photo sessions with this bag in tow.
Make sure to check out all of jo totes camera bags.  They are all amazing and would make the perfect Christmas gift!  Yes, I just said Christmas!  Can you believe there are only seven Friday's left until Christmas!  I am making sure to get a head start this year.
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Lucy: 2 Months Old

Dear Lucy,

Another month has already come and gone.  You are getting chubbier by the second!  I seriously am obsessed with all of your squishy rolls.  You have the softest yummiest baby skin ever.  My favorite thing is slathering you in lotion and then snuggling you up close to me.  I can only imagine what the next few months will bring.  You are wearing 3 month clothes now, which is pleasing to your mama and papa.  We thought you were going to be off a season from your sissy's clothes and they were all going to go to waste.  It is so fun seeing you wear your sisters clothes.  You look just as cute and they are fun memories to relieve once again.  
You had a rough couple of weeks with your skin.  I started getting really nervous that you were well on your way to a staff infection.  Your poor head and face were covered in bright red bumps that almost started oozing.  The pediatrician said it was completely normal and that you had a bad case of eczema.  It reassured me a little, but I was still overly precocious.  I went and bought you the most gentle body wash and lotion, that I could find.  I also stocked up on cortisone cream.  After a week or so your skin started to look good as new.  I have to keep you covered in moisturizer otherwise the bumps come right back.
For a couple of weeks you were only waking up once during the night.  It was great for all of us, however lately you have gone back to waking up three times a night.  I'm hoping it's just a little hickup and we can get right back on track.
You still continue to love to be bounced in your baby seat.  You are the most content when in there or being walked around with.  Hearing your daddy's voice puts the biggest grin on your face.  You are so happy in the mornings it's to die for.  If you are every upset, I sing to you and you calm right down.  The car puts your right to sleep as long as it is moving.  If I ever have to stop, you instantly wake up.
Nursing you has become much easier.  You still only eat on one side at a time, but as long as you eat, I guess that's all that counts.  You have finally started taking a binki, but only when you are really upset.  There is only one brand in particular that works for you.  Your sister loves to try and put it in your mouth anytime I'm not looking.
I have started putting you in the bath with me and that has worked out so much better.  You completely relax and enjoy the warm water.  It has made things much easier for the both of us.  We love you so much little Lucy Marie.  You are the sweetest little addition to our family!


Mama & Papa
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Sunday, October 26

Apple Hill Adventure

As cheesy as it sounds, apple picking has always been on my bucket list.  This past weekend we decided to travel to Sacramento and cross that one off the list.  Our good friends Aaron and Angelica recently moved there and were gracious enough to allow us to stay at their apartment.  We were a bit apprehensive about our sleeping situation having both girls off their schedules, but everything turned out.  P even decided to stay in her pack n play and slept like a gem in the blacked out bathroom.  

Friday morning after we all got ready, we headed out to find Apple Hill.  The drive was breathtaking.  All of the leaves were in full fledged fall glory.  The sun was peering through the trees as though we were in a movie and the scent of fresh cut pine was all around.  All I could think about was owning a cabin there one day.  Those mountains always do something to me.

Apparently Apple Hill is not just a hill.....  We found that out the hard way.  Just in case you were wondering.  It actually consists of 50 different ranches.  We looked up a couple of farms, that offered apple picking to the public.  I was giddy beyond excitement to get my apple fix.  We pulled up to a charming little farm and followed the signs.  Tyson noticed there weren't any apples on the tree, but I still had high hopes of their being some hidden apple tree field.  We went into the gift shop and spoke with one of the owners, letting her know that we had come to pick apples.  She quickly told us all of the apples had fallen from the tree's.  I was so disappointed.  If you want to pick apples September is the time to do so.  As a constellation prize she offered us an apple turnover and apple cider.  We couldn't say no and boy were we happy that we didn't.  Seriously this apple turnover was the best thing to hit my mouth.  Tyson and I couldn't believe how perfectly they had mastered their pie crust and apple filling.  We even went back for seconds. 
After our apple picnic we decided to venture out in search of apple cider doughnuts.  The last place was a tease.  They had apple cider doughnuts on their menu, but did not have any that day.  Strike two!  We made the loop, getting a peek into each farm.  We pulled up to one, where we saw animals.  We knew P would be happy, so we parked our car and got ready for another apple hill adventure.
We couldn't have asked for better weather.  I was so worried I overdressed the girls again.  I mean who doesn't want to wear flannel when going about doing Fall things?  Luckily the weather cooperated and we had a blast. 
As soon as P spotted the goats, she went running as fast as her little legs would take her.  We handed her the goat feed in a cup and quickly learned that wasn't such a good idea.  The goat snatched it straight out of her hands.  Luckily they were so cheap, we bought a couple more.  She would have let them lick her hands all day if we had let her.
There was a pumpkin patch that I couldn't resist going into.  P was too thrilled, because that meant she had to step away from the goats.  She was excited however once she realized these ones were small enough for her to carry around. 
I of course, was in pumpkin heaven.  I swear I could go to pumpkin patches every weekend and never tire.
^^^ Lucy was an absolute gem the entire day. ^^^
^^^ Checking out the hay maze with daddy. ^^^
^^^ We purchased some apples that I had never heard of, that supposedly are wonderful to cook with. ^^^
P noticed that all of the other little girls were getting their faces painted.  She kept pointing to her face all afternoon.  We decided to give it a try.  The artist didn't think she would hold still and was almost not willing to try.  I told her her how disappointed she would be and she decided to give it a go.  Much to her surprise P did amazing.  She didn't move a muscle.  I thought it was the sweetest thing ever. 
^^^ Did not move a muscle. ^^^
^^^ We had told the lady about P's open heart surgery experience and she painted the cutest little heart on P's arm.  It's the little things people. ^^^
To top off the afternoon we had our first taste of apple cider doughnuts.  They lived up to every bit of the hype.  My only regret is not bringing a dozen home.
Although we were not able to pick apples, it still turned out to be the perfect day.  We most definitely will be hitting up Apple Hill again, come September.

The rest of the weekend was filled with more yummy food, a test at our patients with an almost two year old and a newborn, laughs, tantrums, and IKEA trip, a macaroon ice cream sandwich, tears from the said almost two year old and an overall great time.
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