Thursday, October 23

Photo Dump

Here is a quick phone photo dump of what we have been up to lately.
 ^^^ A little picnic with P while daddy mowed the lawn.  Nothing like a good old In N Out burger. ^^^
 ^^^ Poor Lucy had an awful case of eczema.  We have been slathering her in Cortisone cream and switched up her body wash.  Her skin is looking much better now. ^^^ 
 ^^^ I could never tire of seeing these two little girls together.^^^
 ^^^ P passed her dental check up.  Such a relief! ^^^
 ^^^ How everyone watches tv right? ^^^

^^^ P loves her sidewalk chalk.  While I was feeding Lucy the other day I came down to our kitchen floor covered in little scribbles.  I couldn't get mad.  It was too cute. ^^^ 
 ^^^ The explosion in my kitchen, referred to HERE. ^^^
 ^^^ I'm going to be teaching my Relief Society how to make these bows. ^^^
 ^^^ Lucy testing out her crib. ^^^
 ^^^ P loving her sweets in the morning. ^^^
^^^ P can't get enough of matching her sissy.  I see a lot of matching outfits to come. ^^^
^^^ We survived our first time back to church.  P has her duck lips down pact.  I also had my extensions taken out.  I still can't decide whether or not to put them back in.  Suggestions? ^^^
^^^ Can't get over this grin. ^^^
^^^ Someone loves their bath time. ^^^
^^^ All fresh and clean out of the bath. ^^^
And there you have it, a little roundup of the Parker clan!
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  1. Such beautiful little girls!!! I love your hair without the extensions! I wish mine would grow faster :( Hope you guys have a Happy Halloween coming up!

  2. Love your blog! Your sweet girls are so beautiful! Im new to blogging, do you have any tips on how to edit photos? Yours look sooooo good!!