Wednesday, October 8

Daddy's Girl

I woke up the other afternoon to Tyson painting P's piggies.  It was one of the cutest things I have ever witnessed.  I don't know too many guys that would dare paint their daughters nails.  I haven't even braved painting her nails since she was a baby.  I still can't get over how adorable her fingers and toes look all dressed up in crimson red.  She walks around pointing to them making sure everyone knows her dada painted them.  I'm starting to think this is going to become a Sunday tradition.  
Tyson sure knows how to make his girls happy!  Once P gets a little more hair on her head, I'm sure he will be attempting the  french braid.  I still have memories of my dad braiding my hair.  I thought I was the coolest girl in school, because my dad knew how to braid.  I hope my girls will always know how lucky they are.
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