Sunday, October 12

Pumpkin Patchin

I had heard so many wonderful things about Avila Valley Barn and knew we had to take our girls.  The drive was only a couple hours away and went surprisingly well.  P has turned into quite the traveler, as long as she has a phone, iPad or candy she is golden.  Mother of the year award I know.  Lucy slept the entire way there and back.  Gotta love newborns!

As soon as we pulled into Avila I began to get giddy with excitement.  I saw heaps of bright orange pumpkins, fields of sunflowers and could smell the fresh apple cider brewing.  It was a little taste of heaven.  They had so many fun activities for the kids to enjoy.  P immediately noticed all of the animals and wanted to feed them.  They sell goat feed for a dollar, which brought on countless smiles and giggles from P.  They served the yummiest pumpkin ice cream and grilled corn on the cob.  I could have eaten my way through the entire farm, but luckily didn't have the arms to carry it all.  I felt a little like The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
^^^ I am a total sucker when it comes to Cinderella pumpkins.  One day I will have endless rows of these beauties in my garden. ^^^
^^^ P tried with all of her might, to pick up every pumpkin she saw. ^^^
 ^^^ We had to get our hands on one of these delicious pecan sticky buns.^^^
 ^^^ P started eating the goat feed.  It was awesome...... not. ^^^
 ^^^ This was the silliest looking goat I had ever seen.  He was a total ham. ^^^

I couldn't wait to tell P that there were going to be pony rides.  Luckily we got there pretty early because the lines started to take off.  I'm pretty sure I would have waited in line for days, just to be able to see her sweet face on that pony.  Seriously I couldn't get enough!  If I had the yard and Tyson approved, you better believe I would be buying her a pony for her second birthday.  
After the pony ride we took a hay ride down to the most gorgeous pumpkin patch I had ever seen.  We literally came up over a hill and saw countless pops of orange spread all over, as far as you could see.  P had fun exploring, but quickly got over it once she realized she couldn't pick up any of the pumpkins.  I wish there had been a smaller pumpkin patch for the kiddos.  Regardless, it was amazing!
^^^ All of us girls were sweating up a storm.  I didn't really plan on sweltering heat conditions. ^^^
Towards the end of the afternoon P started to have a slight toddler melt down.  So of course daddy came to the rescue.  She loved being tossed up and down, higher and higher, over and over again.

We wanted to stay longer, but the girls were spent.  We will definitely be making it a family tradition to come out here every year.  Apparently they do apple picking in the summer.  A dream of mine!  I loved being out with my family even if it was a little more difficult with two kids.  We were covered in dirt and sweat, but it was totally worth the memories!
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  1. P has such amazing form for lifting a pumpkin! And I have to say that I love when the husband totally rocks carrying the diaper bag.

  2. I really like your jeans! Can I ask where you got them?

    1. Thank you! They are actually J Brand Maternity Jeans. I found them at Destination Maternity :)