Monday, October 27

Lucy: 2 Months Old

Dear Lucy,

Another month has already come and gone.  You are getting chubbier by the second!  I seriously am obsessed with all of your squishy rolls.  You have the softest yummiest baby skin ever.  My favorite thing is slathering you in lotion and then snuggling you up close to me.  I can only imagine what the next few months will bring.  You are wearing 3 month clothes now, which is pleasing to your mama and papa.  We thought you were going to be off a season from your sissy's clothes and they were all going to go to waste.  It is so fun seeing you wear your sisters clothes.  You look just as cute and they are fun memories to relieve once again.  
You had a rough couple of weeks with your skin.  I started getting really nervous that you were well on your way to a staff infection.  Your poor head and face were covered in bright red bumps that almost started oozing.  The pediatrician said it was completely normal and that you had a bad case of eczema.  It reassured me a little, but I was still overly precocious.  I went and bought you the most gentle body wash and lotion, that I could find.  I also stocked up on cortisone cream.  After a week or so your skin started to look good as new.  I have to keep you covered in moisturizer otherwise the bumps come right back.
For a couple of weeks you were only waking up once during the night.  It was great for all of us, however lately you have gone back to waking up three times a night.  I'm hoping it's just a little hickup and we can get right back on track.
You still continue to love to be bounced in your baby seat.  You are the most content when in there or being walked around with.  Hearing your daddy's voice puts the biggest grin on your face.  You are so happy in the mornings it's to die for.  If you are every upset, I sing to you and you calm right down.  The car puts your right to sleep as long as it is moving.  If I ever have to stop, you instantly wake up.
Nursing you has become much easier.  You still only eat on one side at a time, but as long as you eat, I guess that's all that counts.  You have finally started taking a binki, but only when you are really upset.  There is only one brand in particular that works for you.  Your sister loves to try and put it in your mouth anytime I'm not looking.
I have started putting you in the bath with me and that has worked out so much better.  You completely relax and enjoy the warm water.  It has made things much easier for the both of us.  We love you so much little Lucy Marie.  You are the sweetest little addition to our family!


Mama & Papa
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