Tuesday, October 28

White Chocolate Popcorn

I wanted to make something fun, festive and easy with P once she woke up from her and nap today and my mother-in-law's White Chocolate Popcorn popped into my head.  She has been making it for years.  It is always a hit at all of the bridal and baby showers that she hosts.  If I am ever in attendance, I make sure to steal a bag to take home with me.  This stuff is good for days.  It's fun because you can really adapt it to any holiday or celebration, just mix up the candies and you are golden.  

White Chocolate Popcorn

3 bags of Orville Redenbachers Gourmet White Corn
1 bag of Wilton White Chocolate Candy Melts
3/4 bag of M&M's 
3/4 bag of Candy Corn
 Pop your 3 bags of popcorn.  Make sure to pick out all of the kernels before adding your chocolate.
Pour your candy melts into a microwave safe bowl.  Microwave on high for 1 minute.  Take bowl of out of microwave and stir chocolate.  Place back into microwave for an additional 30 seconds.  Stir and repeat until all candy is melted. 
Pour chocolate over popcorn and mix until well incorporated and all popcorn is coated (I use my hands).  
Add your candies to the popcorn and enjoy!
 I will try my best to not consume the entire bowl while watching DWTS.
This popcorn also bags well and is the perfect treat to hand out for Halloween.  
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