Friday, October 3

PJ Party

My friend Kim and I couldn't resist buying our babies these matching, glow in the dark skeleton pajamas.  P would wear them every night, if I could keep up on the wash.  We couldn't help but want to try and get a picture of all of them together.  It was quite the comical attempt.  Can you imagine six kids under two all on one couch.  

I absolutely adore all of these kiddos.  The Brown family has become like family to us.  They were truly and answer to my prayers.  I couldn't have imagined being blessed with such great friends.  I love that all of our kids are so close in age and will be in the same grades growing up.  Being pregnant along side Kim was also a joy.  She's pretty much amazing!  Just to get an idea of her day to day life, you can read her schedule HERE.  I was exhausted just reading it.

Here is a look at our little PJ party!  

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