Wednesday, October 29

P's Favorite Halloween Books

 We absolutely love books at our house.  They cover almost every nook and cranny.  My mom's favorite holiday happens to be Halloween.  I'm pretty sure that's where my love for Halloween stemmed.  She always sends P a package in the mail, when October rolls around.  The past couple of years the package happened to contain the most adorable books.  P and I are equally excited to read them.  I mean who doesn't love a new read, yummy smelling pages and all.

I decided to compile a couple of P's favorite Halloween Books.

1. The Hallo-wiener:  P received this one in the mail this year.  The book is seriously adorable.  P asks me to read it to her over and over again.  It may have something to do with the wiener dog and cat characters.
 2. Where Is Baby's Pumpkin?  We are obsessed with all of the Karen Katz books.  We own almost every single one of them.  These were the first books P became interested in.  I enjoy the interaction with each page and finding out what is behind each flap.  
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Now this one isn't technically a Halloween book, but hey it has a witch in it, so that counts in my eyes.  This book is awesome because it introduces your little ones to some of the colors.  P has yellow down pact.  We still have some work on the others, but I imagine this book will help us in that department. 
4. Room on the Broom: My mom got this book for P last year and we read it all year long.  It's a really cute book with a great little story.  P meows every page, as soon as she lays eyes on the cat.
I look forward to every holiday and expanding her little collection.  I cannot wait to pull out the Christmas books. 
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  1. I decided today as I stared at the first picture of P and how much I miss her, and how much her and Bear look a like especially with her hair. It makes this aunty super sad that I cant see them grow up. I love you guys!