Wednesday, October 22

Just Like That

And just like that, we have made the transition from crib to BIG GIRL bed.  It all started yesterday afternoon.  I was over at Ty's parents house, because my house was getting cleaned.  It came time for P's nap and I was anxious to start editing pictures.  I put her down just like I always had.  All of a sudden I heard some noise, but figured it was my mother-in-law coming home.  Much to my surprise, it was P standing in front of me smiling from ear to ear.  I couldn't believe it and let out a laugh.  She was so proud of herself for finally figuring out how to get out of her bed.  I took her back into the room, to see if she would do it again and sure enough out she came again.  I thought it was because her porta crib was next to the guest bed, so I switched rooms hoping she would stay put.  Not long after putting her in the other room, she came out running.  I decided to not fight it and let her stay up.  We went on a drive a little while after and she got a little nap in.  I wondered how bed time would go.

Bed time rolled around and I figured she would go right down, seeing as she didn't really get a nap.  I laid her down and shut the door.  I went about my business, putting away groceries down in the kitchen, when all of a sudden I hear her flying down the stairs.  I seriously started laughing.  Ty wasn't home, but I was on the phone with my mom.  She wished me luck.  I walked her upstairs and put her back in her crib.  I tried telling her she needed to stay in bed, but I'm pretty sure she thought it was a game.  As quickly as I put her into her bed, she was out two times faster.

I figured it was time to make that transition I had been dreading for so long.  I walked her into her big girl room and laid down next to her.  She was so proud and let me snuggle right up next to her.  I sang to her and brushed the hair on her head.  I am not going to lie, I might have shed a tear while laying by her.  How did she get so big?  Not long after, Lucy started crying.  I told P I would go get sissy and be right back, but she came flying down the stairs again right after me.  We repeated this a couple more times and I figured I would just wait till Ty got home, so we could tag team our children.

As soon as Ty walked in the door around 9:00 pm, he took P up to bed.  He laid with her until she fell asleep.  He was so nervous all night that she was going to fall out.  It was rather cute.  He snuck in and loaded her bed and floors with every pillow imaginable.  He kept looking at the baby monitor all night. It was too sweet.  We figured she would be in our room for the night, but she surprised us by sleeping in till almost 8:00 am.  I still can't believe she slept in her big girl bed.
I asked for advice on keeping her in her room for nap time.  I honestly don't know what I will do if she doesn't take a nap anymore.  I'm thinking we will invest in a door lock.  Will see.....

Wish us luck!!!!
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