Tuesday, October 21

Granny & Gramps

My friends Jill and Angie threw an over the top, amazing Halloween party last weekend.  I was completely blown away at the decorations.  Their backyard was turned into a Halloween extravaganza. Everything from the music and decorations to the sugar cookies and prizes were perfection.  

Tyson and I are pretty lame when it comes to finding Halloween costumes.  We always seem to be coming up with something last minute and rushing to my friends Brittney's house to find something to wear.  This year we decided to be Granny and Grandpa Parker.  Brittney had saved all of her grandma's clothes, jewelry and slippers.  Tyson rummaged up some clothes from his parents closet and got one of his great grandparents walker/toilet seat out of storage for me.  

I couldn't even look at Ty without laughing.  His front hump about did my abs in.  He even played the part the entire night.  He fell as though to break his hip and would shake every time he tried to spoon his soup in his mouth.  He also pretended he couldn't hear what anyone was saying.  It was too good and a nice look into the future!
 All of the couples outdid themselves.  I loved seeing how creative everyone was.  My favorite being the Walmart door greeters.  There was also Great Gatsby, a cloud and lightning bolt, Despicable Me, nerds, cops, robbers and so many more.  I guess we better start planning for next years costume, so we aren't left scrambling . 
There was even a cake walk.  After the costume contest you better believe granny busted a move on the dance floor.  My incision started killing, but I was having too much fun to care.

I'm getting so excited for all of the Halloween festivities to come.  This year will be even more exciting than the last.  We have been practicing saying Trick or Trick with P and I just got her costume in the mail.  HERE is a peek at last years costumes.  I can't wait to make sugar cookies, carmel popcorn and carve pumpkins. 

What kind of Halloween traditions do you look forward to? 
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  1. Funny costumes ever. Wow, that house Halloween decor is amazing. I am looking forward to making Halloween cookies and carving pumpkins with my family this weekend.

  2. Oh my gosh you guys are hilarious!!!