Thursday, October 2

Snuggle Time

I am over the moon in love with these little girls that my Heavenly Father has blessed me with!  Our mornings together have started to become my favorite time of the day.  P loves to get down on the floor and snuggle with her sissy.  It is so sweet.  I caught her trying to pick her up the other day and couldn't help but laugh.  I was reminded of the times when I was younger and I shared a room with my little sister.  As soon as my mom would tuck me in for bed, I would crawl out, reach over the crib and pull my baby sister into bed with me.  I still can't believe that I did that and that she turned out okay.  

I am really learning how to multi task.  Timing everything perfectly is a task that I am trying to learn every day.  Luckily for me, P has become such a patient little girl.  It is so neat to watch her evolve for the better.  She has become more independent and wants to help me any chance she can get, even if it means pulling all the diapers out of the basket.  She brings me every blanket after I have just folded them and wants to hug her sister any chance she can get.  We are all learning this new juggling act over here, but I like to think we are all going to end up on top because of it.
^^^ I can't get over how different the coloring is between my two girls. ^^^
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