Monday, March 31

On The Mend

Wow! I can't tell you how happy I am to have the past week behind me.  It was one of the toughest weeks I have had since being a mom.  Penelope was sick all week.  Our house smelled of vomit and was in total disarray.  Penelope only wanted to be in my arms, which left all of my other mom duties on the way side.  I didn't mind it for the first couple of days, but then it really started to ware on me.  I was exhausted and it was killing me to see P so sick.  She stopped eating entirely for four days and started losing her chubby baby legs, wet diapers were minimal and she was turning pale and grey.  It was awful to say the least.  

Thursday night we took her to the urgent care, where the doctor said she had the beginning of an ear infection, put her on some antibiotics and sent us on our way.  Getting P to take medicine is whole other story.  She was thankfully able to keep her medicine down, but I didn't see any improvements with her fevers and being lethargic.  Saturday I couldn't take it any longer.  I called the pediatrician and he advised us to take her to the ER because of dehydration and to have her tested for a UTI.   Tyson and his dad gave P a sweet blessing and almost immediately she started to look better.  She ate some snow cone and even some crackers.  We still wanted to have her checked out, to have the reassurance that all was well. 

Tyson and I loaded her into the car and made the drive to Children's Hospital once again.  I was dreading what was about to come.  They took us into a room and started some blood work.  Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones but I was a total mess.  They had to hold P down and pricked her over and over again to try and get some blood.  I have never seen her scream so loudly.  It broke my heart.  They had three different people try, but no success.  It was the fifth time, that was the final straw.  I begged them to stop and see if she would just take a bottle.  The doctor agreed to try that.  I was relieved, but knew she still had to get catheterized.  That was a nightmare as well.  After a couple grueling hours we finally got the tests results back.  Her levels showed only a viral infection, a small trace of bacteria in her urine and still a little ear infection.  After all of that, it was finally time to take our baby home.  She was a total wreck, we all were.

It made me wonder how we ever got through her open heart surgery.  I feel like I was much stronger then.  Thankfully she was so young and couldn't scream for me.  I am grateful for the Lord's timing on that one.  

I realize this is a minimal illness, but it was a first for us.  It's difficult being a first time mom and not knowing when you are over reacting or when you have held off for too long.  Thank heavens I have my mom who has worked for a pediatrician for over twelve years.  She is always there to answer my calls and listens to me and talks me through all my worries, no matter what time of the day it may be.  Thankfully I also have a husband who is constantly taking care of me and Penelope.  He helped put our house back together and held Penelope, so I could finally wash my hair.  It was all terrible, but we got through it.  It's crazy how when we are in the midst of a trial, we can't seem to see the end of the tunnel, but it always works out and we have little blessings along the way to get us through.  My in-laws are a huge blessing and our constantly offering help.  They bring us food and put a smile on Penelope's face.  

We are all back to normal now and couldn't be more thrilled!  It's amazing the little things I take for granted.  Even though Penelope is back to her little spit fire self, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Cheers to good health!!!!
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Thursday, March 27

My Little Toddler

I had my first meltdown, that so many have warned me about.  There I was standing in the kitchen preparing dinner and it hit me like a ton of bricks, this precious time where I have been able to give P my undivided attention, is about to come to a close.  I have been able to meet all of her needs and snuggle her any chance the time has allowed.  We have laughed together, cried together and grown so much with one another.  She is my first and I have loved every second with her.  I am trying to soak up every second with her before her little sister gets here.  I know she is going to have a hard time and I think that is what scares me most.  She's a mama's girl for sure.  I worry will I love the next baby as much as I love Penelope, don't get me wrong I know I will, but it still crosses my mind.  

I always wanted my kids close in age, but now I'm being selfish of the time I have left spent with P.  She has grown up so much over this past month.  Watching her transition from baby to toddler has been so much fun!  She's finally walking and it couldn't be any cuter.  She waddles with her arms high into the sky and has the biggest grin on her face.  Her poor molars have been trying to come in for what feels like months now and it's caused her multiple fevers and an upset stomach.  It has been so sad.  The extra snuggles have made up for it though.  She's fallen asleep on my chest now a couple of times and I have been a total bowl of mush.  I stare at her chubby cheeks and her long lashes and wonder how I got so lucky.  

This post has been all over the place, but that's how I feel lately.  Blame it on the pregnancy hormones. I feel so blessed that I get to spend every day playing with Penelope.  It has been the best thing for me.  I know adding another one to the mix will be even more rewarding and I know I can't fully comprehend just how much I'm going to love this next one.  Penelope is going to be such a great big sister.  I hope I can do a good job sharing the attention and love.  

If any of you mama's out there have any advice on how you transition from one to two, it would help me heaps!

Now that I'm a total basket case, I'm going to go get my baby up from her nap and give her some more snuggles!
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Tuesday, March 25

16 weeks (4 months)

Week 16 has been magical.  The morning sickness has finally made its way out the door and left behind a boost of energy.  At times I forget I am even pregnant.  I have been deep cleaning all of the drawers and cupboards.  Our house is no longer in shambles and there is dinner on the table.  Another highlight of this week was feeling the babe move inside of me for the first time.  This is one of my all time favorite things about pregnancy.  My appetite has returned which is a major plus.  Tyson took me out to Yosemite Ranch to celebrate.  We talked about life and my worries and anxiety of having a toddler and baby.  The grilled artichokes, salad, sweet potato fries, mashed potatoes and steak really hit the spot.  

The only problem this week, is the fact that I have been craving everything I am not supposed to have.  Did anyone else have this problem?  Sushi and deli meat are constantly on my mind.  I have a hard time figuring out what to eat for lunch.  In the mean time I beg Tyson to take me to teppanyaki on a daily basis.   Speaking of food, my baby is the size of an avocado.  I live in leggings and Ty's shirts all day long.  The weather has been amazing, so I have been trying to soak it all in, before the heat wave hits.  I am not sure what the third trimester will bring, but if it is anything like my last, I will savor every moment of this trimester.  

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Monday, March 24

Gender Reveal

Last Friday Tyson and I went for our gender reveal ultrasound, only we didn't find out what we were having.  We had the tech turn the screen and put the gender in an envelope, to later give to Cara, Tyson's sister.  The suspense about did Tyson in.  Watching his face as he sat on the couch awaiting any chance for the ultrasound tech to slip up, was priceless.  He wanted to know the sex so badly.  For some reason I was not anxious, which is so unlike me.  We were able to catch a glimpse of our sweet baby.  The profile resembled Penelope to a T.  I was 100% convinced I was having a boy and couldn't wait for the final confirmation. 

The week we were to find out what we were having Cara offered to throw us a Gender Reveal Party.  I was all for it, especially because I didn't have to do any of the planning.  I am still burnt our from Penelope's first birthday party.  

The party was at my in-laws house, where we all gathered together for a delicious dinner.  My mother-in-laws cooking is fantastic.  After we ate, we all headed over to the chalkboard to cast our votes.  My side of the family was sure it was a girl.  We were able to FaceTime my mom, sister and sister-in-law for the reveal, which made it all the more fun.

We headed out to the backyard to shoot our confetti pops.  It was so neat to have all of our family and friends surrounding us and enjoying the moment with us.  We counted to three and out came PINK confetti.  Tyson and I were in disbelief.  I seriously thought I was being Punked.  It took a minute to settle in and then we were over the moon excited for another girl, most of all for Penelope to have a sister.  

We headed back in and sliced into the cutest cake ever, stuffed ourselves with cupcakes and cookies made by my mother-in-law and toasted to some sparkling cider.  It was such a fun night, topped off with some new outfits for the little one.

I can't say enough kind things about Cara.  She seriously went above and beyond, telling me she wasn't going to do anything crazy.  Everything was so thoughtful and far exceeded anything I could have done.  We are thrilled to be having another girl, so bring on the PINK!
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Thursday, March 13

Ten Things

A blogger friend of mine wrote this post the other day and it really stuck out to me.  She was informed of a link up, where you are to write 10 things you LOVE about yourself.  Her post was inspiring and I thought why not give it a shot.  I have a really hard time picking out the good in myself, just ask my husband, mom or sister.  They are the closest to me and get bothered often with the negative comments that I say about myself.  It never really mattered to me, until I had Penelope.  I have had to become so much more aware of how I speak about myself.  I always want her to not only think, but know that she is beautiful inside and out.  I want to raise a confident daughter who radiates the goodness she has inside of herself.  So here's to working on a more positive me! 

^^^ Don't mind the random selfie I took to show my little brother my longer hair. ^^^

1. I love my hair.  I was blessed to get my dads voluptuous hair.  It has the same wave and color as his.  All of my hair dressers have commented on how much they enjoy doing my hair.  It has just the right amount of curl to give it that extra bounce.  

2. I am a good baker.  I credit this to my taste buds, which are rather strong.  Once I find a recipe I like, I have the ability to tweak it just so.  I have mastered the time allotment to bake my cookies, breads and cakes, so that they are perfectly moist. 

3. I am resilient.  I had a great childhood, but had my fair share of difficulties.  I grew up with an alcoholic father who passed away when I was in my early 20's.  If I get knocked down, I have the ability to pick myself right up and start where I left off.  I look at each trial as an opportunity to learn and grow, not as a set back, but a jolt forward.

4. I have a passion for dance and it shows as I teach Zumba class each week.  I get chills at times, when I look out into my class and see the progress certain individuals have made, since I started teaching them.  Many have told me their weight loss is because of me.  Many have also commented on how I inspire them through my dancing. 

5. I am a loyal friend.  One of the biggest things I look for when finding a friend, is how trustworthy they are.  I think that is because it is so important to me.  I have the ability to keep things in and not let them fester or feel like I have to tell someone else.  I may not always remember birthdays, but I am always there for my friends.

6. I am a good mom.  This has been one of the most important roles I have ever played.  It has been the most rewarding and amazing job.  I love my baby with every fiber of my being and get teary eyed just thinking about her and the one growing inside of me.  There is nothing and I mean nothing I would't do for my children.  Every day I make sure to kiss her, squeeze her and tell her how much I love her.  

7. If I set a goal, I always follow through.  My determination is what drives me forward.  I am always striving to improve myself and learn new things.  I tend to get carried away at times, but that's what makes me, me.  Whether it was deciding to ride my bike 206 miles in one day, making a million bows and thinking I wanted to sell them, starting a photography business or putting myself through college.  

8. I love my smile.  I was always bugged at photographers growing up, who would tell me not to smile.  I knew how ridiculous those pictures would end up looking.  I promise if I am not smiling, I tend to look a little mad.  It is one of the things that I get complimented on most and love that my daughter shares the same grin, but if you ask me, hers is cuter.

9.  I have a good eye for things, whether it be through my camera lens or picking out colors for rooms in my house.  I can find unique dresses and shoes and am not afraid to be different.  People sometimes question my ideas, but once they see them fully executed, they couldn't agree more.

10. I can learn most any song, after only hearing it a few times.  It doesn't matter the radio station or person playing DJ, I will know the words to the song they play.  Music speaks to my soul and that just may be why.  

Now it's your turn!  Send me a link of yours below in my comments.   I would LOVE to read what you LOVE about yourself.  It took me awhile, but I'm happy I did it.  
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Wednesday, March 12

14 1/2 weeks

People aren't lying when they say each pregnancy is different.  This one has been more difficult in some ways, but easier in others.  Instead of working full time, I am home with my all over the place one year old.  The exhaustion my first trimester was enough to knock my flat on my face.  Penelope's nap times where greatly cherished and sacred time of the day for me.  If I didn't get a nap each day, I thought I might die.  

My sense of smell is that of a hound dog.  Even when not pregnant, I can pin point any smell, anywhere.  This pregnancy has my nose on full blown detective duty.  One whiff of my fridge or the sink, sends me running to the toilet.  Poor Tyson has had his share of providing meals for the family.  

The nausea has been rough, but as long as I have a full stomach, I can cope through it.  I get full really quickly, especially at night, which makes eating not as enjoyable.  I crave carbs and starches like no other, baked potatoes in particular.  I could eat them by the dozen.  French fries and bagels are also right up my ally, oh and did I mention mac n' cheese and non other than my childhood favorite, Top Ramen.  Other than the occasional carb, I have been craving all things healthy.  This is so not like me.  I love my sweets, but not when I am pregnant.  I would pick a nice juicy slice of pineapple over a chocolate bar any day.  

With Penelope I was so paranoid of miscarriage that I stopped working out as soon as I found out I was pregnant.  This lead to a lot of back pain and severe swelling. I have decided to take a different approach this pregnancy and see how far it gets me.  I have remained teaching my Zumba classes, three days a week.  I actually look forward to teaching and enjoy the extra boost of energy I feel from teaching.  My students have been wonderful and are patient with me, as I monitor my heart rate and take it a little more easy.  Working out has helped me keep my weight much more under control and I am hoping that this will continue through this pregnancy.  

As much as I dislike being pregnant, I look forward to the end result and all of the fun milestones in between.  Each ultrasound is something I look forward to.  Seeing that baby of mine kick and move its little hands is the most precious thing in the world.  Knowing what to expect has also made things a lot easier on me.  Tyson and I have already been out scoping out the double strollers.  I still can't believe we are going to have two babies!!!!!  

Tyson and I plan on finding out the gender this weekend.  I can't wait!!  I already have my mind stirring with ideas for the nursery.  I will have my hands full, planning a big girl room for Penelope and the nursery for baby #2, in the new house.  There are so many fun things to look forward to!!

Cheers to being in the second trimester!! 
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Tuesday, March 4

15 Months

I have been MIA for quite sometime now and feel bad about the lack of documentation on Penelope's behalf.  This little ball of spunk is almost 16 months old now.  Each month just seems to fly by more quickly than the last.  We had her 15 month check up a couple weeks ago.  I hate watching her get pricked each checkup, but look forward to hearing how much she has sprouted over the past couple of months.  

15 Month Stats

Weight: 24 pounds, 5 oz

Height: 30 7/8 inches

Head: 18 1/2 inches

She defiantly has the Parker genes going on.

Tyson and I couldn't believe how much she had grown.  She is at such a fun age right now.  She shows us her strong willed personality on a daily basis.  Her determination is evident in all that she does.  Her poor molars have been trying to break through and have caused quite an uproar in our house.  We are praying they break through any day now.  Penelope went to the dentist for the first time and did amazing.  I was a little apprehensive after working in the dental field and watching the reaction of the little ones, but much to my surprise, Penelope climbed right up into the chair and opened up big for the doc to look inside.  She loves going to the gym with me when I teach.  She has a fetish with washing her hands with hand sanitizer every time we leave the gym.  My very own little OCD girl in the making.  We have transitioned from two naps to one.  Thank heavens she stuck with two naps till I got through with my first trimester.  She still sleeps like champ and goes to bed at 7:00 PM on the dot.  Her favorite things to eat currently are strawberries, string cheese, Pirates Booty, Veggie Straws, carrots, green beans salmon and corn.  What can I say, she likes her veggies.  She surprisingly does not like ice cream and she despises meat for some reason.  She has got a texture thing going on.  She hadn't shown much interest in the tv until one day I decided to try Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and it was love at first sight.  She dances and flaps her hands as fast as she can every time she hears the opening song.  If I don't have her show on she will pick up the remote and put it into my hands, until I put her show on for her.  The great outdoors is where this little girl thrives.  She insists on going for a walk each and every day.  My favorite thing she does as of late, is when I ask her where the baby is, she lifts up my shirt and kisses my belly.  It has to be one of the cutest things I have ever experienced.  She gives the best kisses ever, opened mouth, tongue out and all.  

These past few months have been rough on all of us, with me being pregnant, but Penelope has made each day worth getting up for.  She has more energy than I know what to do with, but I am so grateful for her health and strength.  I have to keep a constant eye on her for fear she will climb up the wall.  She keeps me on my toes and makes me a much more patient and loving person.  I feel like my heart could explode from the love this little girl has brought into my life.  She radiates happiness and makes me smile even when I am feeling lousy.  

I love you my sweet Penelope and love watching you mold into a beautiful little girl!
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